Use Herbs Instead! Try 6 Natural Herbs That Heal Ulcers

Updated on November 14th, 2019
herbs for ulcers

An ulcer is an inflammation that can affect various parts of the body, like mouth, stomach, genitals, feet, etc. Though various medications are available for the treatment of ulcers, these strong medications might have some side effects, often resulting in diarrhea and headache.  However, herbs for ulcers have been proclaimed as effective solutions too(1). There are a few beneficial home remedies which include a list of herbs that you could try.

Here is a list of some natural herbs for ulcers.

Herbs for Ulcers

1. Garlic

garlic for ulcer

Garlic(2) has many curative properties. So, it can be used not only as a herb for the ulcer but also for several health issues. It helps to cure ulcers as it has antibiotic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties. Interestingly, it might also help in preventing the growth of H.pylori, a bacterium which is one of the most common and primary causes of stomach ulcers.

The best way to use garlic as a herb for ulcer is to include it in your daily diet. You could use it as a seasoning to your meals, which will also enhance the taste. You could roast garlic and consume it directly or grind to a paste use it as a spread on the bread. It is a tasty solution to your ulcer problem.

You could add two cloves of garlic each to two meals every day. When you are using it as a spread, you could use one small bulb of garlic.

2. Red Clover

Red clover is a plant that is used to make medicines. It adds flavor to food and beverages. You can use red clover to heal indigestion, cough, bronchitis, asthma, and sexually transmitted diseases. Red clover is also used by women to help them deal with the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

Red clover is a natural herb for ulcer. You can apply red clover paste on the skin.

The quantity depends on your age, gender, and health condition. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid using it. It might also interfere with a few medications, so, you should take the advice of a doctor before trying red clover for sores. Alternatively, you could drink turmeric milk or use a paste of turmeric for ulcers.

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3. Licorice Root

The licorice root is one of the oldest herbs known for its medicinal value. It has been in use for hundreds of years as traditional medicine. It is quite a beneficial herb for ulcer. Due to its constituents, it not only helps in curing ulcers but also in preventing them.

Water infused with the dried licorice roots can be used as a tea. You could consume this licorice root tea to get relief from ulcers. However, do not use licorice candy as a substitute as it has high sugar content. You could take licorice supplements as a substitute for licorice tea instead.

Consume 1-2 cups of licorice root tea every day as a preventive measure against stomach ulcers. Licorice tea could interfere with other medicines. Thus, do not have it simultaneously with other medications. Seek consultation with the doctor before adhering to the regime.

4. Mastic


Mastic is an age-old herb for ulcers. It is in use as a cure for stomach ulcers and other gut disorders since ages. Mastic is more commonly known as Arabic gum, Yemen gum, or tears of Chios. Mastic is believed to have antibacterial properties that help against Helicobacter pylori. Thus, it helps in getting relief from the associated symptoms of ulcers and aids in quick recovery.

Mastic is a safe herb for ulcers. When eaten it turns into a gum which tastes like pine. Mastic is generally available as gum or as a supplement.

Generally, mastic has a speedy effect on ulcers, though results may be different from person to person. 1 mg of mastic gum every day, if taken for two weeks, will help cure your peptic ulcer.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is fast gaining popularity as a natural cure in the field of cosmetics and medicines. A study conducted on 60 patients suffering from chronic ulcers observed the effect of aloe Vera along with conventional treatment. This study found aloe vera gel to be a more beneficial and a cheaper option.

Aloe Vera is generally considered safe to use. There are two ways of using aloe vera for ulcers.  You could use it as a drink or as a gel.

Aloe Vera gel can be applied twice daily for a few weeks to get relief from ulcers. Alternatively, you could intake aloe vera drink.

6. Ginger


Ginger has many curative properties. It can cure stomach ulcers due to its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties. It also helps to relieve pain and acts as a natural sedative. You can also use it as a home remedy for various digestive problems such as bloating and constipation.

You could chew a small slice of ginger for ulcers. You can also opt for ginger tea. You could prepare ginger tea by infusing a little slice of ginger in hot water. Apart from its curative effect, ginger tea has a strong aroma. You could add honey to it.

Chew a small piece of ginger to get relief from an ulcer. You might find the taste too strong and spicy. Soak crushed ginger in eight ounces of water for five minutes. Strain and enjoy as tea. Do not consume more than six grams of ginger day. Overdoses may cause side effects.

Ulcers are painful. But thankfully, apart from medications, there are many natural home remedies which can be used to cure ulcers. Since you are now aware of the useful herbs for ulcers, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s advice regarding the suitability and correct dosage of these herbs. Also, follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, drink enough water, stay away from alcohol, smoking, and stress.  All these together could help you deal with your ulcer more effectively.


1. Which are the most effective home remedies for an ulcer?

The most effective home remedies for ulcers are:

  1. Herbs
  2. Honey
  3. Saltwater
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Clove oil
  6. Tulsi leaves
  7. Essential oils

2. How licorice helps in treating ulcer?

Licorice is a useful herb for stomach ulcers. Drinking licorice root tea every day not only helps to cure stomach ulcers but also prevents the occurrence of such ulcers. Apart from licorice, there are various other herbs for stomach ulcers like garlic, ginger, mastic, etc.

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