Vinegar: A Natural Lice Treatment That Really Works

Updated on December 4th, 2019
Vinegar for Lice

Lice in the head are little insects, which live on the scalp of the human and they feed themselves through human blood. Lice cannot fly but can crawl, so they get spread from one person to another through very close contact. It is the reason that hair lice are mostly present in children’s head because they play close together. The lice problem is most common among children who are between 3 and 11 years.

A million infestation cases develop every year in the United States. Vinegar is the perfect old home remedy that is useful to fight with head lice and do not allow their eggs or nits to get stick to hair.

When it comes to other treatments, whether it is natural or pharmaceutical, both are capable of targeting and killing head lice directly. Using the remedies and natural treatments are preferable as they bear no have side effects.

Methods of using Vinegar for Lice

1. Using Vinegar

White Vinegar

Vinegar considered as an effective treatment for head lice, but people usually misinterpret it. Because they get to know that it will remove both head lice eggs and adult lice. White vinegar for lice is considered to be the best method for head lice(1).

The fact is vinegar is not capable of killing adult head lice due to its lacking properties. When you apply vinegar, it will help in loosening the glue, so that nits will not stick to the hair anymore and can get easily removed with a good nit comb.

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2. Vinegar with Water

Apply a mixture of vinegar and water (both in equal quantity) especially near the scalp, behind the ears and even on the neck area for removing the glue through which nits get stick to the hair shaft. Then left it for a few minutes. Later on, rinse off the mixture with water and do proper combing to remove all nits out. Do this process for a few days until there are no head lice eggs left in the hair.

3. Vinegar with Salt

Vinegar with Salt

Salt is useful for eradicating head lice by intense drying. Add 1/4 cup of salt into 1/4 cup of vinegar and mix both thoroughly. Gently spray the mixture onto the hair so that hair becomes slightly wet. Wear a shower cap and let it be for around 2 hours. Then wash the hair and condition it. Do this procedure every three days for positive results.

4. Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil considered as the most effective over all other essential oils for treating the head lice. The research found that 1% of the tea tree oil solution can kill 100% of head lice that too within half an hour. Before using any essential oil, apply some drops on your hand’s backside to see any allergic reactions.

In case, there is no rash or itchy reaction, that means you can use it easily. You can mix tea tree oil with lavender oil for better results and use it when you are combing your hair.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil

First, clean your hair with apple cider vinegar for loosening the glue due to which nits hold the hair shaft. Let the vinegar to settle down in hair until it gets fully dry, then coat the entire scalp and hair with coconut oil(2) for suffocating the lice. Wear a shower cap and allow the oil to settle for a minimum of 8 hours.

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Why Use Vinegar for Lice?


Vinegar consists of approximately 5% of an acetic concentration. Due to vinegar’s acidic property, it has become the best natural choice to remove lice and nits. The characteristics of vinegar are capable of dissolving the substance that helps nits to get stuck to the hair, and it can also suffocate the lice and kill it. It is the reason vinegar has become an extremely effective natural treatment to kill hair lice.

When you want to treat your hair lice, it is vital to follow appropriate directions and do same as recommended. In case you fail to follow instructions accurately to treat with medication, it becomes one of the leading causes of re-infestation. You can opt for various home remedies for treating the hair lice. There are chances that few treatments are not suitable for an individual, so it is better to take recommendation from your doctor.


1. Why Should You Use Vinegar for Lice?

Vinegar has become an effective treatment of head lice. The fact is vinegar cannot kill adult head lice. However, it can help to get rid of head lice eggs or nits. Vinegar has germ killing or antiseptic properties. It has 5% of acetic acid concentration and secures for the treatment of head lice.

2. How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Lice?

Combination of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar may sound strange, but the combination works well to get rid of lice. The reason is that apple cider vinegar can dissolve the glue that hair lice secrete for sticking to the hair shaft.

3. What Are Other Home Remedies Used for Treating Lice?

You can treat the hair lice by taking the help of essential oils including tea tree oil, lavender oil, clove oil, neem oil, aniseed oil, red thyme oil, nutmeg oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon leaf oil, etc.

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