Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects of Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla Essential Oil

In addition to its use as a flavoring agent in several organic foods, beverages, and pharmaceutical industries, the vanilla essential oil has extensive use in the world of natural medicine as well. The antioxidant properties of vanilla essential oil neutralize free radicals and protect the body from damage and infections (1). It also repairs the oxidative injuries already done to the body cells reducing the chances for nervous malfunctioning, gradual loss of vision, hearing loss, and mental instability.

Vanilla essential oil benefits include acting as an aphrodisiac helping the patients suffering from impotence, erectile dysfunction, or loss of libido.  This oil stimulates the release of hormones like testosterone and estrogen that help regulate sexual behavior and promotes sexual arousal. Vanillin present in the oil has potential anti-mutagenic properties and decreases the chances for colon cancer (2).

The essential oil contains eugenol, which fights infections and has sedative properties.


  • Vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde is also an effective antidepressant and mood lifter.  This oil has relaxing effects on the brain and the nerves that provide relief from anxiety and restlessness.
  • It soothes inflammation and hyperactivity in the systems of the body, including the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and excretory systems.
  • Vanilla essential oil helps you get a good sleep due to its sedative and relaxing properties. It lowers blood pressure.
  • It helps regulate the menstrual cycle by activating certain hormones like progesterone.
  • Vanilla prevents and reverses skin damage and helps slow down signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.


  • Did you know that there is no such thing as “pure vanilla essential oil,” and it is usually vanilla Carbon dioxide extract?
  • Did you know that in Mexico, the native hummingbird picks the vanilla flower used for making the oil?

How to Make Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla oil is very effective against multiple skin and body problems. It is widely used in nebulizers, oil burners, and for baths or inhalation. It’s important to know that most of the cheaper vanilla oils available at stores contain a lot of synthetic ingredients and are heavily processed. So to find high-quality oil keep in mind that the higher the vanillin content, the more premium quality aroma you get. You need to look for vanilla Co2 total extract, which is used in aromatherapy. It contains 26 percent vanillin, while the vanilla extract used for cooking contains only 2 percent.  Young living vanilla essential oil is a great option if you want to use pure vanilla oil.

You can also prepare vanilla essential oil at home in the form of an infusion or tincture. To make an infusion,

  • Add three to five vanilla pods sliced thin to a 16-ounce canning jar.
  • Pour 16 ounces of coconut, safflower, or jojoba oil into the pot.
  • Set the jar with oil and vanilla pods on a shelf in the sunlight.
  • Wait for two months for the infusion to work.

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1. Vanilla Essential Oil Tincture

  • Soak some vanilla pods in a jar of 151-proof rum for at least two weeks.
  • Use a strainer to remove all the solid particles from the mixture.
  • Store the tincture in an airtight container.

It is being used for different purposes. To yield a specific benefit, it must be applied using different techniques.

  • Massage 10 drops of vanilla oil infusion on your neck, feet, chest, and stomach to relax. It relieves muscle pains, PMS cramps, etc.
  • To improve the quality of sleep, inhale 3–5 drops of this oil before bed or take a bath by adding 5–10 drops of the oil to warm water.
  • To use it as a DIY perfume, add 10–20 drops to a spray bottle and mix with equal parts of carrier oil (like jojoba oil) and water. You may spray this vanilla oil mixture on the sheets, furniture, and hair.
  • For internal body benefits, add five drops of vanilla oil or an infusion to your daily tea or coffee.
  • To soothe burns, rub 2–3 drops of pure vanilla oil to the affected area.

2. Vanilla Essential Oil for Skin and Face Care.

Fare Face

Follow these steps

  • Add a drop of essential oil to one dollop of your face cream or lotion.
  • Apply it on your face every one to two days.
  • Do not get tempted to add more oil because higher doses do not work better than regular applications.
  • For body care, use 4 to 5 drops for every 5ml of body lotion or moisturizing oil.
  • Apply the mixture all over the skin.
  • Pat dry or allow it to be completely absorbed.

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The side effects of using vanilla oil(3) could be mild irritation, inflammation, or swelling. It is always a good idea to start with small doses and work your way up from there. If you use vanilla oil on your skin, apply it to a small patch first. Pregnant or nursing women must consult their doctors before using it.

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Vanilla essential oil is an incredible oil with various health and beauty advantages. It prevents colon cancer, anxiety, and sleep problems. It gives you glowing skin. Also, it acts as an aphrodisiac. This oil also has relaxing effects on the brain that provide relief from anxiety and restlessness. However, as said earlier, It can cause irritation, inflammation, or swelling.


1. Can You Mix Vanilla Essential Oil with Alcohol to Make DIY Perfume?

Yes, you can. But it depends on how much alcohol you are using. In most of the perfumes, 60% of ethanol alcohol is used.

2. What Carrier Oil Do I Have to Use to Mix with Vanilla Oil?

From almond, jojoba, to olive oil, you can mix vanilla oil with any carrier oil you like.

3. Where Can I Find the Best Vanilla Essential Oil?

Usually, the cheaper products available in the market are very low in quality. However, vanilla essential oil young living is your best bet when looking for high-quality oil.

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