Top 6 Reasons to Include Black Currant in Your Diet

Updated on December 12th, 2019
Black Currant Oil

Preventing and protecting your body against multiple ailments, black currant, in its different forms should be consumed on a regular basis to build the immune system of your body. One of the best sources of vitamins in different forms, the fruit from Europe and Asia, has wonderful effects on your skin by reducing any form of inflation on the skin. Black currant seed oil, with its anti-oxidation property, helps to mitigate the effect of poor environment on the skin, by moisturizing the skin and is helpful to prevent acne.

 Nutritional composition of Black Currant Oil

112 grams of black currants provide the following nutrients at desired proportion:

Elements Quantity (in grams)
Carbohydrate 17.2
Fiber 0
Sugar 15
Fat 0.5
Protein 1.6
Sodium 2 mg
Calories 71

Benefits of Black Currant

1. Control of the cholesterol level

Black currant helps in reducing the triglycerides of the body, which are the bad cholesterols in the body. Medical tests have been conducted on over 2000 patients which have proven the black currant oil benefits in the reduction of the bad cholesterol. It has shown to have greater efficiency compared to the fish oil upon consumption of the black currant over more than a month. Consumption leads to a rise in the HDL which is good for liver health.

2. Combats glaucoma effectively


Black currant juice has proven to combat glaucoma in one of the experiments which were conducted by a Japanese scientist (1). In the experiment, two groups of people suffering from glaucoma were made, such that one of them was the control group who was not exposed to the black currant dosage while the other group was exposed to the same. Within a span of two years, the responsiveness of the optic nerve for the group which consumed berries seemed to improve. This reinstated the black currant benefits on the glaucoma patients, thus making black currant a potential cure for the same.

3. Keep irritability of the skin under control

Black currant leaves have an adequate amount of vitamin C present in them. The presence of ascorbic acid in them helps to remove the itchiness and dryness of the skin. With the use of vitamin C, more collagen fibers are generated on the surface of the skin. It has also shown results of reducing pain from insect bites due to the ant-microbial action. Black currant oil skin products have also shown excellent results when it comes to antimicrobial effects.

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4. Healing of skin ailments

Black currant oil has shown excellent potential in treating various kinds of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis due to omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in them, they serve as an excellent source for healing (2) the skin ailments. Induces the moisturizing of the skin, the black currant oil keeps the skin young and protects against aging too.

5. For a stronger heart

Black currant fruit, with a high quantity of potassium and GLA, helps in reducing the pressure of the blood and cardiovascular health is maintained. The therapeutic effects of anthocyanins help to regulate cardiovascular functions.

6. Say goodbye to constipation


With the rich content of fibers in the black currant, it is often suggested as one of the best home remedies for constipation.

 How to use

  • Using black currant in wonderful cuisines like jelly and jams can be a wonderful appetizer with toasted bread or chapati which can be consumed daily. You can even have black currant jam with chips and replace the mayonnaise with black currant jams.
  • Black currant seeds can also be directly used on the surface of the skin since they increase the moisture content of the skin as well as increase the openings of the pores of the skin. Being an antiseptic, it helps to reduce the inflammatory effects of insect bites on the skin.
  • The oil from the black currant seeds is used to treat the pain of the joints or the knees. Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is one of the black currant seed oil benefits which must be taken into account.

Myths and side effects

It is often considered that black currants would reduce the level of blood pressure to a large extent. But, proper consumption under the supervision of the medical profession is suggested from our end which would help in reducing the blood pressure to an optimal level. If you have a surgery lined up or have recently come through one, it is suggested to avoid black currants since it reduces the clotting of the blood due to the presence of GLA.

It is ensured that black currant is the must-have fruit in your diet which helps to increase the metabolism of the body in multiple ways. Black currant, when consumed under the guidance of a medical professional can help in keeping your health sound and improve the metabolism of the body.


1. What Is the Percentage of Caffeine Present in Black Currant Tea?

Black currant tea is free from any source of caffeine as it is a completely herbal source of multivitamins. Made out of the rich and freshly crushed berries, the black currant tea is made of the extract from the plant and the leaves of the black currant plant.

2. Do Black Currant Oil Hair Products Cause Any Harmful Effects on the Hair?

No, on the contrary, the application of black currant oil on the hair has proven to increase the hair growth of more than 60% for women.

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