Using Tea tree oil for Toothache, Benefits, Uses and more

tooth ache

Teeth are one of the most important parts of the body. They help in chewing and gives the face a defined shape. Sometimes people don’t take care of their teeth by not brushing twice or breaking hard things with teeth or eating too many sweets. It might cause a toothache. A toothache is a pain caused in a tooth or teeth. The irritation can cause it in the root of the tooth.

About a Toothache

Toothaches are frequent in children as well as adults. They sound normal but can prove severe in most cases. Eating food is one of the primary activities of day to day life. Due to a toothache even, this activity suffers a lot. Apart from that in severe cases, it can lead to toothache headaches as the nerves in your face join with the brain. So, when nerves cause a toothache, a headache occurs too.

Types, symptoms and causes with risk factors

There are three types of a toothache:

  • Pain due to the sensitivity which occurs when a person eats something too hot or too cold. It is a sharp and momentary pain.
  • Severe and constant pain caused by an infection in the innermost layer of the tooth.
  • Acute pain in gums when the infection spreads from tooth to gums.

There is a sinus toothache too where the pain is caused due to a sinus problem. Symptoms of a toothache might include sharp, momentary pain, swelling, throbbing and pain in gums, bad breath or taste (due to infection), headaches, temperature sensitivity, bleeding gums etc. A toothache might cause due to harmful bacteria attacking the tooth and nerves.

There can be various risk factors including:

  • Diabetes
  • Eating disorder
  • Smoking
  • Weak immune system
  • Not taking proper care of teeth
  • Ageing
  • Wisdom teeth

Tea tree oils for a toothache

There are two types of tea tree oils used for toothaches. They both have similar properties but can have different effects. The two types of tea tree oils used are:

Tea tree oil

Organic tea tree oil

Organic tea tree oil is extracted from Australian plant Melaleuca alter nifolia. It has anti-bacterial properties and helps cure an infection caused in teeth. It is readily available online and in the market.

Pure tea tree oil

Pure tea tree oil is more concentrated than organic tea tree oil and can be used by diluting it with some other edible oil. It has anti-viral and anti-fungal qualities. It helps relieve a severe toothache.

Why use tea tree oil for a toothache?

There can be a variety of treatments used for curing toothache. Going to a dentist can be the most common one. As easy as it sounds, sometimes even health care experts can’t cure certain toothaches. They keep on doing a variety of treatments, and you’ll be going for many sittings for a long time paying so much money, but still, you might not get the result.

Some treatments might even have adverse effects like cleaning treatment done to remove infection can lead to loosening of teeth. Various essential oils like clove oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil can be used to relieve the pain. Using natural remedies especially using tea tree oil can be very beneficial. Tea tree oil is beneficial in curing many other things like skin and hair.

It helps reduce the pain. It also has some anti-bacterial properties which help cure infections caused by tooth or gum. It causes relief within a day or two.

How to use tea tree oil for a toothache?

Tea tree oil and coconut oil

This mixture is beneficial in the cure of a toothache.


Tea tree oil, coconut oil.


Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in coconut oil and apply on the affected tooth for 2-3 days regularly.

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Tea tree oil mouth spray

It can be used directly and is very useful.


Tea tree oil, aloe Vera, water.


Make a spray by adding 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in aloe vera juice or with aloe vera and water and spray on the affected region.

You can also use tea tree oil by dabbing a little bit on your toothbrush. It can also be used by mixing in water and then rinsing your mouth with it. It is very beneficial for toothache pain.

Risk and side effects associated with tea tree oils

Tea tree oil is very beneficial in various problemsrelated to skin and teeth. It is natural, so it is considered to have natural properties. But while using it should be handled properly. It is powerful and should always be diluted. The various risks are as follows:

  • Tea tree oil should be mixed with some other oil because it is very concentrated and can cause damage.
  • It should not be ingested as it can be toxic.
  • It can be harmful to pets as well as should be kept out of reach of children.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Tea tree oil should not be swallowed.
  • It should be stored in the dark, glass containers instead of plastic ones.
  • Always make sure the product is genuine before buying.

Other home remedies

Various other methods can be used for curing toothache:

salt water
  • Rinsing with salt water: Add half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and rinse your mouth properly. It removes remains of food if stuck in teeth.
  • Cold pack: For a swollen toothache, put an ice pack on your cheek for relief and reducing the swelling.
  • Using clove oil, garlic, peppermint tea bags, vanilla extract, wheat grass, thyme are some other ways to get rid of a toothache with natural methods.

Tea tree oil is beneficial in curing various health problems like skin diseases, dandruff etc. A toothache is one of these problems which can be treated using tea tree oil. It helps ease the pain, cure the infection and also make teeth healthy. It should be handled with utmost care and keeping in mind the various precautions. If appropriately used, tea tree oil is harmless especially rather than using non-natural ways

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