Tea Tree Oil For BV; The New Age Medicine for Your Infection

Updated on February 3rd, 2020
tea tree oil for bv

Study shows that two in every five women experience bacterial vaginosis (BV) at least once before they reach the mid-40s. But not many consult their doctors due to obvious reasons.

However, the fact that we cannot afford to ignore here is that if untreated or not treated properly, BV can cause some major complications to your vaginal health.

In cases like these, women tend to use antibiotics pretty quickly without understanding the implications of the usage on their body. When it comes to BV, there are many known natural home remedies that you can try, and one of them is tea tree oil.

Using tea tree oil for BV has been around, and women around the country have been using it for many years. There’s also a study(1) that shows tea tree oil has proven to be one of the effective ways to treat BV.

Why Does it Work?

tea tree oil benefits

Tea tree oil is known for its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help to treat BV. Even in the scientific community, there have been several studies that tend to support the fact that the efficacy of this essential oil is on par with antibiotics that are used for this condition.

Additionally, using this oil doesn’t come attached with any side effects, unlike the antibiotics, which pose serious side effects. Also, there’s a study that shows tea tree oil has been extremely effective in treating women who have bacterial vaginosis(2).

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How to Use?

Since tea tree oil is highly concentrated essential oil, it should not be used directly. 

The use of carrier oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil to apply on the affected area. It is recommended that you mix tea tree oil and any of the above carrier oil for BV and apply at the site of infection using a cotton swab.

Ideally, take 5 drops of tea tree oil and one ounce of carrier oil. Mix well and then apply softly on the affected area. Make sure not to use tea tree oil directly as it can burn your skin and cause irritations.

On the other hand, mix tea tree oil and a carrier oil and then dip a tampon in it. Now, insert the tampon slowly into your vagina. Let it sit there for an hour and then remove it. In case of irritation or burning sensation, remove it immediately.

You can repeat this 2 to 4 times a day. But do not go to bed with a soaked tampon in your vagina. Alternatively, you can use tea tree oil suppositories.

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How to Use Tea Tree Oil Suppositories?

There are numerous tea tree oil suppositories that are available in the market. However, consult your doctor once to get an appropriate diagnosis. Also, you can create your own suppository at home.

Take two drops of tea tree oil and mix it with 5 drops of good quality lavender oil and 4 teaspoons of unrefined coconut oil. Mix them well and pour it into a mold. Let it sit for a few hours or until it becomes firm.

Steps to Insert the Suppository into Your Vagina:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with a good handwash.
  2.  Now, carefully remove the suppository from the package or the one you made from the mold.
  3. Carefully insert the suppository using your fingers or the applicator into your vagina as farther as you can.

Do not go to the washroom immediately as it could leak. Now, repeat these steps 2 to 3 times a day for a week.

Either use store-bought or homemade suppositories.  if you do not see improvement even after 10 days, immediately consult your doctor.

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Side Effects

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

There are no known side effects of tea tree oil. However, some people are allergic to tea tree oil. So make sure to test a small amount of tea tree oil on your hand and wait for 24-48 hours. If there’s no reaction, then you are good to use it anywhere you want but make sure to mix it with a carrier oil.

While there are studies that show tea tree oil works effectively for BV, there are also some reviews that say tea tree oil is not as effective as they thought it would be. Nevertheless, every woman is different. So until and unless you try, you’d never know whether tea tree oil works in your case of BV or not. But also make sure to take precautions whenever you try.

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1. Can tea tree oil be used by women of any age?

Yes, it can be used by women of all ages. But make sure to test it on your hand by mixing a drop of it with a carrier oil before you try it on your private parts.

2. How long can we use tea tree oil?

Well, there isn’t any specific timeframe. But when using it to treat BV, you can wait for up to 10 days. If there’s no improvement, then consult your doctor immediately.

3. What kind of tea tree oil for BV should you use?

You can use any brand of tea tree oil. But make sure to purchase it from a reputable source.

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