9 Mind-Blowing Essential Oils For Toothache That You Need To Give A Try

Updated on February 19th, 2020
essential oils For toothache

With so many types of eatables and beverages present in our diets, it is quite common to get a toothache, but this common problem does cause a lot of pain and peace. With great discomfort, it takes time to go away and makes conditions worse in some cases if left untreated.

Hygiene is also one of the leading causes of toothaches, and it can influence it reoccurrences too. Good health is a must for staying away from toothaches. Here, let us help you to understand the importance of using essential oils for a toothache.

There are many types of essential oils with their spectrum of properties for fighting toothache and making those aches go away. Essential oils for toothache are of great help without any adverse side effects on their users. Read further to know how to get rid of pain with the help of essential oils and home remedies.

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Types, Symptoms And Causes Of Toothache

Thought it might look like a simple medical condition of feeling pain near the tooth, but it is much more complicated and severe than that. Toothaches need proper care and immediately so that worst case scenarios can be avoided.


1. Sensitivity to hot or cold food items: It occurs when the enamel covering the teeth gets thinner or when a recession happens which left the underlying surface uncovered.

2. Pain after dental treatment: Sometimes dental procedures may inflame the pulp inside the tooth which causes sensitivity for some duration. It takes 8-10 days for teeth to settle after a dental process.

3. A sinus toothache: Sometimes a sinus infection can cause a toothache(1). Pain in the upper teeth is a common symptom.


  • Throbbing and constant pain
  • Pain while eating
  • Swelling
  • Painful gums
  • A headache
  • Fever
  • Blood from gums while brushing or eating
  • Irritation while chewing food


  • Decay at the gum line
  • Broken cusp
  • Grinding
  • Clenching
  • Cold temperature
  • Simultaneously eating something hot and cold
  • Infection
  • Pregnancy
  • Improper brushing/flossing
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Why one should Use Essential Oils For Toothache?

It is necessary to take proper care of teeth because not only they are our first impression with a smile, but they are an asset which needs to be taken care of for lifetime use. Toothaches are usual to appear, but it is when they don’t go after a certain amount of time that they start to create a lot of problems.

With the use of some essential oils for a toothache, this situation can be taken care of very effectively and in some cases very immediately. You need to make a good choice among so many oils for fighting against a toothache.

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What Essential Oils are good for a Toothache

It is certainly true that a hygienic lifestyle is an integral part of getting rid of a toothache. But in many cases, toothache might continue to be where it was and might require all the efforts from your side to keep it at bay. Here you should surely use essential oils for a toothache if you are looking for a long-term relief from the problem.

How To Use Essential Oils For a Toothache?

Following are the top essential oils for a toothache with other significant benefits for your dental health.

1. Clove Oil For Toothache

clove oil for toothache

As clove oil contains eugenol which helps in fighting against many bacteria. It helps with easing the pain.

Why one should Use Clove Oil For Toothache?

Many healthcare experts suggest applying clove oil directly to the gums for easing toothache. In some cases, clove oil is inserted into the infected tooth or cavity because it contains an active ingredient which numbs the skin which is in physical contact with it.

How To Use Clove Oil For Toothache?

Take a few drops of clove oil with one tablespoon of olive oil in a container, soak a clean cotton ball with the clove oil and then gently swipe all around the area which is bothering. Leave the application for 10-15 minutes it will start doing the needful for you and then reapply after every 2-3 hours to get relief.

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2. Tea Tree Oil For Toothache

tea tree oil for toothache

Tea tree oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory(2), antiviral, and antifungal which is an overall package for excellent dental health.

Why one should Use Tea Tree Oil For Toothache?

As it is anti-inflammatory, it will help with inflammation of gums which causes sensitivity and toothache. Tea tree oil also cleanses the targeted area of all the bacteria and fungus present there with high accuracy.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Toothache?

Use tea tree oil by directly applying 2-4 drops onto the gums surrounding the infected tooth twice or thrice in case of a severe toothache daily.

Take 4-5 drops of tea tree oil and add it to a glass of water, swish your mouth for a minute or two and expel every night before going to bed. Use of organic tea tree oil mouth sprays twice a day for fighting against the infections.

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3. Peppermint Oil For Toothache

Peppermint oil is carminative and causes uneasy sensations to go away. It helps with the soreness of teeth and swelling issues as well.

Why one should Use Peppermint Oil For Toothache?

It makes sore gums and teeth to easy a bit, and this causes relief from pain and irritation due to tightness present. It cleans up and freshens the mouth. Helping bad breath with gentle, minty flavor peppermint is highly useful for dental wellbeing.

How To Use Peppermint Oil For Toothache?

Take a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, six drops of tea tree essential oil, 4-6 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil, 2-4 drops of myrrh essential oils and two drops of peppermint essential oil.

Blend all these ingredients, blend them. Apply a single drop a single drop of this mixture to the aching tooth and the surrounding gum area. Store this mixture in an airtight container and use daily after brushing your teeth.

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4. Oregano Oil For Toothache

oregano oil for toothache

Oregano oil is proved to be best for infections and then reduce pain due to an infection. It is used for diseased gums for being too strong it works very convincingly over diseases.

Why one should Use Oregano Oil For Toothache?

Being a natural antimicrobial and antispasmodic oregano oil is a beneficial essential oil For Toothache. Oregano oil can be used for tooth decay and helps with the underlying reason for tooth decay which is mainly due to trapped food items and sugary items present in the cavities.

How To Use Oregano Oil For Toothache

Dip a cotton swab in oregano oil and apply to your gums. It is mostly advised to use oregano oil secularly and should be simply applied to the infected and targeted gums and tooth.

5. Cinnamon Oil For Toothache

Cinnamon oil is an antioxidant and a great mouth freshener. It can be used to kill bacteria that cause periodical diseases. The best thing is that healthcare experts’ states that cinnamon is considered tasty why going through cavity treatments.

Why one should Use Cinnamon Oil For Toothache?

Cinnamon oil kills fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms, including those that cause botulism, aflatoxin, staph, and infections. A bacterium which is responsible for gum disease which is called Lactobacillus plantarum can be useful immediately killed with the use of cinnamon oil.

How To Use Cinnamon Oil For Toothache?

Rinse a brush diluted with cinnamon oil and using it with any regular toothpaste, thought non-flavored toothpaste is recommended, but this works just fine with flavored ones too. After brushing rinse using cinnamon oil and gently brush after brushing.

6. Frankincense Oil For Toothache

frankincense oil for toothache

Frankincense oil is an excellent antiseptic and helps with sore gums and tight skin near gums and teeth. It kills harmful germs and bacteria and decreases inflammation and pain

Why one should Use Frankincense Oil For Toothache?

Frankincense oil will help you with swelling and pain arising due to tooth decay or diseases related to tooth or gums.

How To Use Frankincense Oil For Toothache?

Apply frankincense oil on a cotton swab and touch your gums and teeth with it. Let it be for 10-18 minutes and then rinse appropriately with fresh and lukewarm water.

7. Lavender Oil For Toothache

Lavender oil will help you with pain by reducing swelling and inflammation. It relaxes your sore gums within minutes. Being an antimicrobial this oil will fight germs, especially those kinds which are common causes of tooth and gum infections.

Why one should Use Lavender For Toothache?

Lavender is nontoxic and soothing oil and being a sedative, it has calming effects, which helps with muscle pain. Lavender oil is an antibacterial and a disinfectant.

How To Use Lavender For Toothache?

One way is to spray the oil on the infected area directly. The second would be to take a couple of drops of the oil on a cotton ball and mixing a small amount of olive oil with it, applying the mixture on the infected area.

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8. Ginger Oil For Toothache

ginger oil for toothache

Ginger essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic(3) which reduces swelling and makes oral hygiene better. As it reduces swelling, the pain caused due to swelling.

Why one should Use Ginger Oil For Toothache?

Healthcare experts do recommend ginger essential oils for whitening the teeth. With properties of fighting with germs and bacteria ginger oil helps you with potential threats to your dental health and keeps them at bay.

How To Use Ginger Oil For Toothache?

Take some ginger oil on a cotton swab and apply it directly to the gum or teeth to bothering areas and let it be for 10-16 minutes. Rinse your mouth with fresh, clean water; ginger oil might take a bit so make sure you use it regularly and give it a chance to help you get rid of that severe toothache.

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9. Fennel Oil For Toothache

Fennel oil is an antiseptic and soothes mouth tissues; fennel has been proven as the answer to how to get rid of a toothache. Being an antiseptic makes fennel oil best to fight against germs with prevents ulcers. Fennel oil is an all-rounder and assists in all kind of oral healings.

Why one should Use Fennel Oil For Toothache?

Fennel oil was used for healing wounds in ancient times, no wonder it had to make its way to oral help too. You should know that fennel oil is an antimicrobial and antioxidant which fight against germs and helps you with decay and many other oral problems.

How To Use Fennel Oil For Toothache?

Take 4-6 drops of fennel oil and mix it with a tablespoon of water, rinse your mouth with it for a couple of minutes and drink it afterward. In a severe toothache, you could directly apply fennel oil drop-by-drop to the infected cavity, gums or teeth with the help of a neat and clean cotton swab. Repeat the application daily before going to bed and then after waking up. On the bonus column, you can tick mark for a great breath always.

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Risks And Precautions

An essential oil is ready to help you with whatever you may ask for, but you must consult a health care expert before you start the use of any oil. You might be allergic to certain essential oils, or your body might not accept some oils in some cases. So, it is necessary to take a preventive approach. Otherwise, situations can get worse.

Other Home Remedies For Toothache

In addition to the useful toothache fighting techniques mentioned above involving essential oils, you can also try the following home remedies to assist your efforts for getting rid of a severe toothache.

1. Clove, saline solution, and garlic: A toothache in pregnancy can be very irritating and, in many cases, disrupt eating and drinking too. Clove can be kept between your teeth for as long as you can bear the sensation and then let it out. Mix one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with this, it will not only fight bacteria but dislodge stuck food particles with soothing effects on the side.

2. Hydrogen peroxide rinse: A hydrogen peroxide rinse may help you with pain and inflammation. Keeping bacteria and bleeding gums at bay.

3. Cold compress: Constricting the blood vessels of the infected area with the help of a cold compress helps with a severe toothache. It will help you with the swelling and pain caused with it by making the area numb for a certain amount of time.

4. Vanilla extract: Vanilla extract contains alcohol, and this helps you in numbing the pain. Being an antioxidant, vanilla extract is also an effective healer in the eyes of healthcare experts.


1. Can a toothache cause a headache?

Response: Yes, in many cases it has been observed that a toothache can cause a kind of a headache and is known to be a toothache headache. This will happen when you have an infection in your gums or sinus infection.

2. Can aspirin be placed in between tooth For a Toothache?

Response: No, in any situation you should place an aspirin in any such way. Aspirin will burn your gums and may lead to even more damages. You should swallow it.

Toothaches are very hard to be lived with. You need to be careful while dealing with them, check eating habits like eating too cold or too hot which might cause damage to the enamel and lead to severe toothaches. Proper oral hygiene must be maintained to stay away from toothaches because they are hard to get rid of but if you have them to act wisely and use certified and genuine products.

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