Braces Pain Relief – 4 Effective Tips to Cure

Updated on March 19th, 2020
Reduces Braces Pain

Most of us did visit a dentist at some point in our lives. Isn’t it the most painful and tragic experience? You are sitting in that waiting hall, anxious with restlessness. It is a terrifying feeling for anyone. You may collect all your courage and sit down on that dental chair, ‘the man’ with the mask says “ You need braces for your teeth.” These words have hurt more than your date declining you for a dinner date!

The thing that people who have or had braces know that it is not scary to get them on, the real braces pain starts when you have them on! Those first few months, Gosh! They tend to be such a pain in the teeth!  But don’t worry here you will get a complete list of hacks for how to get rid of braces pain.

Have you tried chewing with braces on? Speaking? Do anything that you would earlier not think about, now has you thinking about why you have got teeth, in the first place! Patients and non-specialists commonly use the term braces. It is typically called as brackets or orthodontic cases.

Most people experience mild soreness for four to seven days after their braces have been applied. Seldom the pain may reach a ‘moderate’ level which can be translated into ‘you questioning your existence and asking for existence to come to take you away!’

  • You may notice several things in the beginning phase of your journey with braces.
  • Extreme discomfort along the inside of your cheeks from the braces and the archwire
  • Tooth and gum soreness, especially when chewing
  • Tongue soreness as you run it over your newly placed brackets.

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Why Do We Have This Brace Pain?

The question may seem like it may have an obvious answer, but as the old proverb says knowing is half the problem solved.

Firstly one has to understand why do you get your braces; it could be to change the alignment your teeth, close the gaps. Braces pain tremendously because they shift the position of your teeth.

Each adjustment, every single sigh of pain, everything you experience as part of this journey of having braces, do remember why you are doing it! To get those pearly whites to look beautiful so you wouldn’t have any health problems as well as the need to hide your mouth when you smile.

How to Ease Braces Pain Naturally

You can get rid of this brace pain, make it a completely painless ordeal to get braces. It is strongly recommended that you follow the advice of your orthodontist and hand-in-hand use these simple remedies to get rid of that unbearable braces pain!

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Home Remedies for Braces Pain

1. Icepack

Ice packs is the best braces pain remedy.  This is very obvious. Cold temperatures can reduce inflammation and numb the nerve endings in your oral cavity, thereby allowing you not to feel pain anymore. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well with a heartbreak!

It is strongly recommended to have an ice pack or a gel ice pack handy with you. These can be bought at your nearest convenience store/medical store.

You can use this method very easily, fill your ice pack with ice cold water, it is preferred that you break the ice cubes, add them in as well to make your pain numb down very coolly!!

2. Gargling Coconut Oil

Image: ShutterStock

Swishing in some coconut oil(1) into your mouth and rinsing it for a while can help you ways you may not know! Yes, it may be strange however this has been an age-old practice in India. This is a new trend that has been embraced by the ‘hipsters.’

This practice of swishing coconut oil or for the matter of fact any oil such as sunflower or sesame is called as oil pulling.

To get that quick braces pain relief, it is recommended that you use ½ tablespoon to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (or any oil of your choice) swish it around in your oral cavity gently for about 5-7 minutes. It has been observed that some people do it for 20 minutes!

If you are one of them, you can use coconut oil as a supplementary mouthwash a few times a week. However, it is to be noted that this practice cannot replace your regular brushing and flossing.

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3. A Gum Massage

Yes, you read that right! If a shoulder massage could help you with a sore shoulder, why not the same for your gums? It is straightforward to do, very effective as well.

  • Firstly use a dry piece of cloth, to swab all over the mouth and try to dry it up as much as you can.
  • Now apply a little pressure, in circular motion massage your gums with your fingers.
  • For full effect, you could also use an ice cube wrapped in a cloth to do your daily regimen of massage.
  • Do this 3-4 times a day for the best results.

4. A Drop of Clove Oil

clove oil
Image: ShutterStock

Clove oil is proven to be one of the most beneficial essential oils for braces pain. It has been used since ages to ease the pain.

The oil consists of eugenol which not only numbs your gums and nerves, it also acts as a bactericidal agent keeping your mouth fresh and bacteria-free(2).

Depending on the purity of the oil, there are several methods you could approach this. It is advised to use a drop or two on your gums after it’s been diluted and massage the area in a circular pattern.

If you are using clove essential oil, place a drop on a cotton ball or an earbud and slide it into your mouth against the sore area and massage properly.

Alternatively, you could also use your finger, provided it is cleaned and sanitized, you could apply one drop of oil on it and directly massage the area of soreness.

You Can Buy Clove Essential Oil Online

5. Consuming Soft Foods

Your teeth are likely to be very sensitive, and even the slightest crunch at those peanuts you love could cause you a screeching brace pain! Consult with your orthodontist and prepare a diet that works for you.

  • It is strongly recommended to avoid hard, crunchy or difficult foods to masticate.
  • Shifting to soups, semi-solid foods at least for a few days could monumentally help you reduce that brace pain.

6. Cold Foods and Drinks

Yes, you have the right idea! Icecreams, milkshakes and every beautifully crafted food are what you’d be consuming for the first few days of getting your braces.

  • The upside of braces, unlimited ICECREAM!
  • The coldness will help reduce your inflammation and soreness in your mouth while producing a pleasant numbing sensation in your mouth.
  • It also has an added benefit of eating/drinking ice cream or thick shake!
  • It is strongly advised not to chew on any of these items, take it slow and savor every moment of that melting deliciousness, yummy!

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7. Rinse With Saltwater

New braces in an oral cavity can irritate the skin, that constant rubbing of the archwires against your cheeks and gums can result in new sores, which can only amplify your brace pain.

  • Rinsing with saltwater has a lot of benefits not only would it alleviate the pain it also decreases the risk of infection. Even According to d
  • You could easily purchase a saltwater solution from the nearest pharmacy, or you could make one in your house.
  • To make it, dip a half a tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water and stir until mixed well. Once it turns lukewarm, you could use this and swish it in your mouth.

8. Apply Orthodontic Wax

orthodontic wax
Image: ShutterStock

You may not know what this is, but most would have it handy. Your orthodontist would have sent you home after your appointment with this. This is called orthodontic wax.

  • It is a special wax that protects all your oral cavity from the arch wires of the braces.
  • The wax creates a barrier between the wire and your mouth, eliminating most of the opportunities to develop brace pain.
  • To use this, ask your orthodontist for instructions however the basic idea is that you mold the wax over your bracket to block the sites of irritation.
  • It is a non-toxic wax, so you don’t have to worry if you or your kid swallow it by mistake!

Shop for Orthodontic Wax

9. Patience, Patient!

  • Envision a healthy and beautiful smile in your mind. This is the ultimate goal of having those braces on.
  • Being patient throughout this period is the most important tip that you can implement.
  • The most important thing to bear in your mind is that ‘pain is temporary, that wide beautiful smile; priceless.’

The critical take away from that sentence is ‘least painful,’ it is not like there wouldn’t be any pain, You would have pain, surmountable amount of pain.

Pain that you could manage, pain that will disappear in time.

One piece of advice would be to envision to that beautiful smile, all this trouble and pain is for something that will be with you for a long time!


1. How Long Will My Teeth Hurt After Braces Are Put On?

Braces aren’t easy on your teeth, and you will experience sore teeth, discomfort, and pressure in and around the oral cavity. It takes about a week to adjust to the new situation in your mouth

2. What Can I Eat with Braces Pain?

You can have soft foods such as cheese, milk-based drinks, yogurt, eggs and pasta. You could also have vegetables that are mashed into a softly chewable texture. It is strongly recommended that you steer far away from the solid foods for a while until your pain resides.

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