7 Must Know Remedies To Relieve Braces Pain

remedies for braces pain

For many kids and teenagers, braces are a fact of life that they cannot do away with. It is the only option to get cooked teeth straightened or to cure rampant carries an over bite or an underbite.

While some actually wait to get their braces on, for some it might actually be a things that they worry about. For kids, just crossing their adolescent mark, braces might mean that they have to work extra hard at their appearances which is why, a variety of braces are available in the market today that are mostly of the unnoticeable side.

While metal braces is the traditional form of the brace, there are other varieties available today such as the Ceramic braces as well as Lingual braces and Invisalign braces  that are used for different problems of the teeth sensitivity sets.

But no matter what type you use, the first time is always the difficult one and is rather painful until you can get used to them.

Since the teeth are made to shift and settle down in the position that the braces are designed in, there might be pain both in the dentures as well as the gums and it can get difficult to eat or even to open the mouth fully at times, till they have has time to settle in and you have had time to practice with using them.

Tips to Cure Braces Pain:

Most doctors suggest a number of steps that the patient needs to follow in order to get used to the new addition. These will ensure that the wearer experiences as little discomfort and has time to get used to the feeling of something alien inside their mouths at all times, a little quicker.

These steps include:

Warm Water Rinse

Warm water helps with loosening the gum to some extent and give you relief from the pain as well as makes sure to deal with any stray bacteria have that might end up causing an infection.

Make a warm water rinse with half a tea spoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with it twice daily to get rid of any kind of irritation that you might be feeling because of your new braces.

Ice Pack

Placing an ice pack on the pain has also been known to help with the pain temporarily since they numb out the area for a while and that takes the pain away for a small period of time. Alternatively, you can also swish your mouth with plain cold water if an ice pack is not available, every time the pain increases.

Cold Foods

Eat cold food stuff for a while since they have the ability to numb the pain for a while and alleviate the pain albeit temporarily.

Popsicles, ice creams, slushes, smoothies, and juices are an excellent choice of food right after you have had your braces put but try and avoid any kind of sticky stuff as well as stuff that are too sugary as they have been known to leave behind stains on the teeth.

Soft Foods

Eat food that is soft in texture. Avoid crunchy or any kind of challenging food since that will only heighten the pain.

Soups, mashes potatoes or other mashed vegetables are an excellent choice since they do not hurt your teeth or even the braces to much thereby helping relieve the pain to a certain extent.

Dental Wax

Dental wax strip are known to help with the constant rubbing of the braces with the inside of your mouth and as such helps take away some of the discomfort.

Since they are mostly on the costlier side, you can consider using them before you go to sleep at night; they will help with the metal poking by giving a cushioning effect to them.

Pain Killers

Pain killers are of course a great way to alleviate the pain which is why, it is always suggested that you take one an hour before you visit the orthodontist to get your braces fixed.

For the soreness that you feel inside your mouth, you can try a brace relief gel to numb the pain and discomfort.

Change Eating Habits

Changing your food habits is necessary so that you do not unknowingly it may cause more pain to your teeth while the braces are on.

  • Eat in smaller bites and make sure to cut the food into small bite size pieces.
  • Stay away from foods that are chewy or sticky as they are hard on the teeth, the first few days that the braces go in.
  • Try eating slowly, carefully and make sure to eat as gently as possible.
  • Also make sure that your braces or your teeth are not struck with hard surfaces such as spoons since that would worsen the pain.
  • Drink enough water since braces have been known to make your mouth quite dry.


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