Benefits of Using Clove Oil for Toothache

Updated on April 17th, 2020
Clove Oil for Toothache

If you notice that your toothache is severe, it’s significant to know what will be the primary cause of your uneasiness. You can then decide the best ways to let go of any swelling, pain, or other indications. There are natural remedies available which can provide relief from the intense pain till the time a dentist examines your tooth. One such natural treatment is clove oil for toothache.

Clove oil can work as a medicine for a slight frustration. Nonetheless, severe pains might need a dentist’s interference.

Why Use Clove Oil for Toothache?

clove essential oil

When we talk about natural remedies, clove oil for toothache(1) is considered to be highly effective as it numbs the pain. This is because clove oil contains Eugenol. Eugenol acts as an anesthetic and reduces pain by numbing the nerves around the tooth. Eugenol also has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling around the tooth. Furthermore, Eugenol is also antibacterial and is effective against oral bacteria.

Eugenol found in clove oil is widely used in dental treatment. Temporary cement filling for teeth is Zinc Oxide Eugenol(2). Dry socket paste which is used to provide relief from post-extraction pain also contains Eugenol. Eugenol is also used in many dental procedures such as root canal therapy, periodontal therapy, etc. There are many medicines used in dentistry which contain Eugenol. It is also effective in reducing pain, infection, and inflammation.

Methods to Use Clove Oil for a Toothache?

Cloves are not only a delightful addition to curries and baking; it is also suitable for soothing the pain.

To use clove oil for toothache, you need a clove oil bottle, a cotton swab, carrier oil like almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil, and a bowl. First, pour some drops of clove oil in a bowl. After that, pour a tablespoon of carrier oil and mix with clove oil. Soak the cotton swab in this clove oil. You can apply the clove oil on the affected area by placing the swab over the area. The clove oil takes about 5-10 minutes to show effects.

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Is Clove Oil Easily Available?

Clove oil bottles are readily available in pharmacies, and you can buy clove oil in the medical section of a superstore. It is always important to dilute essential oils mixed with conventional oil. These oils are fragrant oils.

Do not use swallow undiluted clove oil as it could cause an upset stomach.

How Long Does the Effect Clove Oil Last for a Toothache?


Clove oil does not treat the cause of toothache but reduces the symptoms. Thus, clove oil provides immediate relief from toothache temporarily. Clove oil needs to be applied straight away to the gums to comfort toothache. Reapply every 2 to 3 hours for relief.

However, cavities could be an underlying dental problem to your toothache. Thus a periodical visit to a dentist is highly recommended.

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What Are the Side Effects of Clove Oil?

Continuously using clove can lead to several side effects. The clove oil for toothache and its side effects include damage to the tooth pulp, the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, skin of the oral cavity, and gums. Swallowing clove oil can lead to diarrhea, breathing problems, and a burning sensation in the throat and nose.

It is better to mix clove oil with a carrier oil, for example, olive oil to reduce the side effects. Clove oil without a carrier oil should never be applied in the oral cavity of children. This is because swallowing undiluted clove oil can lead to liver damage and cause seizures in children. Expecting mothers should not use clove oil for toothache because it is yet unknown whether clove oil is safe for the fetus or not.

A toothache is not something that you have to worry about. A toothache could be an indication of an underlying tooth infection, which may require an intervention by a dentist. However, some natural remedies like using clove oil for toothache can give you enough relief, and the right time.

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1. How to Use Clove Oil for a Toothache?

Clove oil in toothpaste has a strong, deep, and zesty taste. To use you must dip a spotless tissue, cotton ball mixing it to the oil and smear it all over the gums, especially where the pain is severe.

2. Is Clove Oil Good for a Toothache?

Clove oil is harmless; it has a chemical named as Eugenol, which works as an anesthetic and antiseptic agent.

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