Bid Stress a Good-Bye with 5 Best Teas

Updated on November 15th, 2019
Tea for stress

Who doesn’t suffer from stress these days? Stress has become a lifestyle companion. Lack of activities, emotional problems, loss of a dear one, etc,  could bring about stress or worsen an existing one. Stress can be very damaging, for the mind, body, and soul!

If not eliminated from our lives, it can also lead to the conception of many dangerous diseases or disorders. There are a lot of ways to reduce stress, but do you know the quickest way to remove stress? Tea it is! Yes. That’s correct.

Drink tea for stress and change your life.

Tea is readily available in stores, with variants to choose from, each having its flavor, aroma, and benefits.

Did You Know!

  • There are more than 1500 types of tea in the market
  • A cup of warm tea can alleviate your symptoms of stress and help you take the day forward with positivity!
  • Did you know Green Tea and Black Tea are made from one single plant?
  • Tea is the most popular drink all over the world.
  • Turkey has the highest consumption of tea in the world.

How Does Tea Work on Your Stress Level?

The most common ritual every morning for most people is to resort to a cup of tea. You can reap the benefits of the herbs in the tea through its concoction. Some of the herbal teas are more relaxing; for instance, you are bound to feel relaxed after a cup of chamomile tea. It improves your sleep, calms the anxiety symptoms in you and thus helps in removing the stress(1) out of your life.

A component called L-theanine present in tea leaves is known to affect your mental well-being, leaving you less sad, depressed, or stressed. Thus, it is best to switch to tea for stress. Try out some of these, which seem the most viable options.

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Stress-Busting Teas That You Could Try

Not all types of teas can treat stress. If you have a cup of milk tea every day, it is a gastronomical treat but with minimal benefits. Tea for stress works if you pick the right tea. Here’s a list of our recommendations from the list of best tea for stress and depression.

1. Green Tea

We have all heard of it, haven’t we? It became prevalent when people considered it as a drink to “lose weight”. Well, green tea does more. It filters out toxins from your body, aids in improving metabolism. Also, the amino acid found in Green Tea leaves is said to relax the mind. Green tea leaves contain an amino acid called theanine, which is often used in tablets prescribed for stress, anxiety, and depression.

You can opt for two cups of Green tea every day to get rid of stress and depression.

2. Chamomile Tea

benefits of Chamomile Tea
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Chamomile tea is easily available in the stores. Chamomile tea(2) has a soothing and relaxing flavor and aroma. that helps in getting good sleep. This tea calms your nerves and gives you a good sound sleep. So, with adequate hours of sleep, stress is less likely to strike you.  So, Chamomile is the best tea for stress and depression.  You can consume one to four cups of chamomile tea every day.

3. Tulsi Tea

Tulsi plant is known for its anti-viral properties. From ancient times, it is being used in multiple ways. Tulsi is known to relax your mind and treat any form of anxiety disorder. The procedure to make this tea is simple – Boil Tulsi leaves with tea leaves, strain, and drink. The combination of both makes it great to fight stress.

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4. Catnip Tea

Catnip belongs to the mint family and has its benefits. Its commonly used to calm cats, but when taken in the form of tea, it has specific sedative-like effects that work best on humans struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. You can add catnip leaves to boiling water, add honey and sip onto it when required.

5. Rosemary Tea

tea tree oil for flu
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Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and omega-three fatty acids. It stimulates brain activity and helps in improving mood. Having it twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening, will give you the best results.

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It is essential to deal with stress and not let it become a part of your life. These teas can help evade stress. Since there are no side effects associated with it, it is safer to opt for teas for stress-related issues. It’s readily available in most of the stores. Medication and exercising also relax the mind and improve concentration. Simultaneously, you can consider lifestyle changes to reap the maximum benefits of these teas. If these teas don’t seem effective, consult your doctor.


What is the best tea for stress and depression?

Chamomile tea works best for stress and depression. One major cause of stress is lack of sleep. Chamomile helps in promoting good quality sleep and calms your nerves.

What kind of tea is calming?


Chamomile tea helps the body to calm down, preparing it for sleep. You could also try passionflower, valerian to soothe and calm the nervous system.

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