Fight Adrenal Fatigue with These 6 Supplements

Updated on March 24th, 2020
Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

No one likes to feel tired all the time. You may feel tired frequently, have disturbed sleep, and often experience anxiousness, muscle soreness, body pain, disturbed sleep, and unexplained weight gain. This tiredness can be a symptom of some internal or hormonal imbalance.

Adrenal fatigue is triggered when the adrenal glands are fatigued and unable to match up the demands of the body. This condition exists due to long-term stress that causes these glands to drain you out.

This problem may seem perennial, but can be addressed with simple dietary changes, you can try the best supplements for adrenal fatigue. But before diving into the whole supplement thing, let’s check some facts about Adrenal Fatigue.

This adrenal fatigue syndrome is also known as Addison’s disease. A few people believe that it is a myth. Women are more prone to adrenal fatigue, and it usually occurs in people between the age group of 30-50 years(1).

Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

1. B Vitamins

vitamin b12

Our adrenal glands produce several hormones. A few of those hormones are aldosterone, cortisol, estrogen, adrenaline, and testosterone.

These hormones regulate many complicated processes in our body and maintain the body-mind balance. Vitamin B complex comprises of eight different types of Vitamin B, and this plays a significant role in the adrenal cascade. It also regulates our mood and energy production as well.

If you want to take vitamin B for fatigue, then there are a lot of options available in the market. You can choose any one from amongst them. You can also opt for herbal or Ayurveda supplements.

The typical common supplement of vitamin B12 is 1-25 mcg/day.

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2. Minerals

The most significant mineral to treat adrenal fatigue is magnesium. A list of best supplements for adrenal fatigue can never be completed without talking about magnesium.

Minerals play a vital role in our body’s biochemistry and tissue structure. Magnesium acts as a stimulus for the adrenal glands. It triggers the adrenal cascade and balances the energy system in the body.

If you are willing to depend on herbal supplements for adrenal fatigue, then include organic health drinks and supplements. It is always good to choose the multi-mineral supplements for better result.

An adult needs approximately 400mg minerals to maintain organ functions and enzyme secretion.

3. Vitamin C

benefits of vitamin c

Vitamin C is a necessary component and antioxidant required for balanced adrenal function, repair of bone, cardiovascular health, carbohydrate metabolism, immunity, production of hormones, restoration of skin, and tissues.

Organic sources of Vitamin C are the best supplements for adrenal fatigue. Vitamin C in dietary supplements is usually is based on the form of ascorbic acid. A few supplements have other forms, such as calcium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate, and ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids.

Adrenal fatigue can be chronic, and you may feel that overconsumption of these supplements can be helpful. But this is nothing but a myth. The suggested daily dose of vitamin C supplements for men is 90 mg, and for women is 75 mg.

4. Ginseng Root

Ginseng has an extensive kind of activities that revitalize adrenal function, enhances stress resistance, and normalizes neurotransmitters. It counters psychological fatigue and is acknowledged for increasing energy levels, and endurance.

With its antidepressant components, ginseng has proved its capability to calm restlessness, induce sleep, reduce fatigue, and make you feel healthy. It is known for diminution of the adrenal stress hormones.

Ginseng root can be taken as a daily supplement. It is not easy to get raw and original Ginseng root. But supplements are readily available.

If you choose powdered root supplements, then taking 1-2 gms of ginseng supplement will be enough.

5. Ashwagandha Root


Ashwagandha(2) is an ancient oriental herb with an antiquity of therapeutic usage dating back to 1,000 BC, and Ashwagandha is a beneficial herb for adrenal fatigue. Conventionally, Ashwagandha has been recommended as an energizer for weaknesses. Ayurvedic physicians have been prescribing it for adrenal fatigue.

You can try ashwagandha supplements if you are unable to get the herb. Try taking ashwagandha supplement with milk. Milk helps absorb ashwagandha nutrients and helps get better outcomes.

500 to 600 mg of ashwagandha per day may decrease anxiety and help treat insomnia in people.

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6. Licorice Root

The list of best supplements for adrenal fatigue cannot be complete without talking about licorice. This anti-depression herb is famed for making you feel energized. Licorice is considered as one of the most effective herbal supplements for adrenal fatigue.

Licorice root is not readily available in the market. Hence, It is always a good idea to go for the licorice supplements. These supplements are readily available and easy to use, as well.

You can take approximately 800mg to 2 g of supplements to treat adrenal fatigue.

Bottom Line

Chronic fatigue can disrupt the natural rhythm of your daily life. You will not be interested in doing anything if you are always feeling down.  In our stressful and fast feeling, it is natural to feel fatigued.

But if the fatigue is due to hormonal imbalance, then you need to include these supplements for adrenal fatigue in your daily diet. These herbal supplements for adrenal fatigue will restore your energy and give you the stamina to be active again.

You do not need to consume all the supplements. Choose any one or two from the options mentioned above and feel the change.

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1. How is Vitamin C helpful in treating adrenal fatigue?

Vitamin C enhances your capacity to cope with adrenal fatigue and stress. If you do not include vitamin C in your diet, adrenal hormone production can be disrupted. When there’s an inadequate hormonal secretion, you may feel stressed and worn out.

2. What Food Should You Avoid to get rid of Adrenal Fatigue?

To get rid of adrenal fatigue, you need to balance your diet and avoid a few foods. These foods may worsen the condition. These foods are sugar, soy, alcohol, gluten, and caffeine. Caffeine can make you feel energized temporarily, but in the long term, it can make you feel mentally exhausted.

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