Salt Water Gargle Benefits For Cough

Updated on March 18th, 2020
salt water gargle for cough

Do you know that coughs play an important role in clearing irritants and infections from the body? A cough is a natural mechanism of the human body to expel irritants and mucus out. But when you have a persistent cough, it can be a great discomfort. Use salt water gargle for cough to give you instant relief.

Cough disrupts your work during the day and sleeps during nights. The feeling of irritation, burning sensations, and pain caused due to constant cough keeps you down and away from normal life.

There are various ways of getting rid of these symptoms easily at home. One such easiest and the best remedy is a saltwater gargle. This is a method that is being followed since ages.

Let’s find out, why is this one of the best remedies for treating the symptoms of cough, its benefits and how to do it properly for maximum outcome.

A saltwater gargle is generally done not only when you have a cough but also to treat a sore throat, other respiratory infections or when you have a sinus infection. Saltwater gargle is done to prevent infections and protect against further damage.

Preparing a saltwater gargle solution at home is very easy. The only 2 ingredients that are used are water and salt. It takes very little time in preparation and is very easy to use. It can be used by people of all ages but above the age of 6.

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Benefits of Salt Water Gargle

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  • Modern science supports the use of saltwater gargle as an effective remedy for mild health conditions like a cough, common cold, and sore throat.
  • Doctors recommend saltwater gargle as a remedy for throat pain in clinical settings. (1)
  • Salt helps in drawing water from oral tissues and creates a barrier against pathogens and prevents water from getting back. Thus, the virus and bacteria are blocked, thereby reducing the chances of mouth and throat infections. It also provides relief from inflammation. (2).
  • A 2013 study Trusted Source on nonmedical flu prevention methods found that saltwater gargles were perhaps even more effective in preventing reinfection than flu vaccinations. (3)

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Why Should You Use A Salt Water Gargle

  • Helps in maintaining the natural pH level of the mouth
  • It clears the mucus and relieves you from nasal congestion.
  • It treats dry cough very effectively.
  • It prevents upper respiratory tract infections.
  • It provides a soothing effect to the tonsillitis
  • It gets rid of sore throat and prevents bad breath.
  • It treats bleeding and swollen gums.
  • It prevents Gingivitis and treats dental plaque.
  • It gets rid of canker sores.
  • It provides relief from toothaches.
  • Protects the tooth enamel
  • Helps in healing of wounds in the mouth caused by gingivitis
  • It fights against Candidiasis
  • Acts as a mouth cleanser

Saltwater acts on the mucous lining of the throat. The mucus present in the throat contains irritants, allergens, bacteria and viruses which are the main cause of infection.

Salt kills and removes all these infection-causing agents and helps to mobilize the thick mucus lining which provides relief. Saltwater creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria and prevents it from growing again.

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How to Make a Salt Water Gargle for Cough at Home

Preparing a saltwater gargle at home is very easy. People of all ages but below the age of 6 can use it. People who are below 6 years of age and people who have difficulty in gargling, should not use it.

How to Prepare

  • ½ liter of warm distilled water
  • 1 teaspoon of Salt
  1. Take a ½ liter of warm distilled water in a glass
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of salt to it.
  3. Stir until the salt dissolves completely in the water.

Use this solution and gargle it at the back of your throat for maximum time. After gargling, spit out the water. Gargle with the water, swishing around the teeth and inside the mouth. Repeat this process until all the water in the glass is over.

Usually, gargling 2 times a day with salt water is recommended but you can go beyond that too. If you have any kind of mouth or throat infections, ensure that you spit out the saltwater completely after gargling, otherwise, it may lead to the spread of infections to your stomach. Drinking too much of saltwater might lead to high blood pressure and calcium deficiency.

You can even add other ingredients like ginger juice, garlic juice, lemon juice or even honey to enhance the taste and benefits.

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Bottom Line

Saltwater gargle is a time-tested and easy and natural remedy to treat a  cough and a sore throat. It works on the simple chemical process of osmosis in which the liquid moves from the concentrated form to the diluted form of the solution.

This principle enables the warm water to draw out the fluids from the infected tissues in your throat area. And this helps in treating a cough and relieves a sore throat very effectively.

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