Pickle Juice – A Secret Technique to Get Relief from Muscle Cramps

Updated on January 6th, 2020
pickle juice for muscle cramps

Many people might not be aware, but pickle juice offers instant relief from muscle cramps!

Anecdotal studies suggest that pickle juice for muscle cramps takes a mere 35 to 40 seconds to provide relief. No wonder it has gained great popularity among the athletes and fitness freaks.

However, the specific reason is still under investigation. Some cite this phenomenon as a placebo effect, but the exact reality is still left to be discovered. Various experiments conducted so far claim that pickle juice owes this to its sodium content. The presence of salt and water helps in replenishing the electrolytes and restores muscle toning. Many other studies also suggest that the vinegar content in pickle juice is what soothes muscle cramps.

Now, is this actually true or just another rumor? Does pickle juice help with cramps? Let us find out here.

Why Drink Pickle Juice for Muscle Cramps

Pickle Juice

Research findings suggest that technically pickle juice(1) is brine or salty water, so perhaps it is the salt which helps in treating the cramps.

The sodium of the salt is the all-powerful mineral that the body craves after a tiring workout. After strenuous exercises, dehydration creeps in which causes a loss of salts like potassium and sodium. It has been seen that the majority of the individuals experience cramps due to dehydration, and in such cases, pickle juice can be quite helpful.

How to Use Pickle Juice for Cramps

Leg cramps

For those who experience muscle cramps regularly and want to get rid of it naturally, then here is the best way to take pickle juice for some muscle cramps relief.

  • Take 2 or 3 ounces of the juice and gulp it down. Even if the taste seems too disagreeable, take a rough shot at it.
  • It is better to avoid diluting pickle juice with water. Instead, drinking water a while after having the juice can fetch more effective results.
  • According to some users, after being benefited by pickle juice, they have switched over from other sports drinks to this juice!

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Possible Side Effects

There are no studies that indicate any side effects. However, there are some conditions to remember here.

Drinking pickle juice to cure cramps(2) might not be recommended for individuals who suffer from hypertension since it would add high volumes of a combination of sodium salt into the system. However, you can first consult a doctor before adhering to this regime.

Also, if you are suffering from any digestive ailments, then it is better to consult your doctor as some pickle juices contain acetic acids which can aggravate your condition.

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Evidence to Support This Claim

To understand the action of pickle juice on muscle cramps clearly, here are some details of a survey that was conducted a few years back. This survey was carried out on individuals who were suffering from cramps.

Out of all the participants, some were provided with pickle juice, and others were given plain water. The results of the survey showed that individuals who drank pickle juice had cramps that lasted less than 50 seconds when compared to the ones who had just water.

So considering the insights from this survey, pickle juice did lower the time. Therefore, it can be suggested that pickle juice can help the body fight dehydration after long hours of rigorous sports and workout.

Well, pickle juice is surely an effective way to treat muscle cramps. And it is a reliable option to get instant relief. However, it is not known whether it can help all sorts of muscle cramps or just one in particular, apart from the type that results due to intense workout or sports activities. However, pickle juice for muscle cramps is a handy option that you can definitely try to ease out muscle cramps.

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1. Is Pickle Juice from the Local Store Also Effective?

If you do not have the time to prepare pickle juice at home, then you can also try out the pickle juices that are available at local stores. But make sure that you read the ingredients and check whether the salts and the natural vinegar acids are present in it.

2. Is It True That Drinking Pickle Juice Can Lead to Dehydration?

After a strenuous workout, you must not be living on pickle juices only. You need to drink plenty of water too. Otherwise, there is a high chance of experiencing dehydration. To be on the safe side, you should gulp down small portions of it along with moderate volumes of water to avoid dehydration.

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