Why Do Celebs Consider Their Diet Incomplete Without These Nuts and Seeds?

Updated on April 17th, 2020
nuts and seeds for diet

Are you wondering how your favorite celebrities have flawless skin and a physique to die for? Do you think they only follow diets that are impossible for you to follow but don’t be surprised if we tell you that many of them have a stronger affinity for nuts! Yes! You read it right. Nuts and seeds are the secret munching delicacies of your desired celebs that they indulge in now and then. Be it fox nuts or roasted almonds; their sin secrets are many. But do you know why?

Nuts are wholesome goodness of nature’s best gifts to humankind. These little goodies of extraordinary health benefits come in small packages. Nuts are rich sources of many vital nutrients and minerals including vitamins, omega-3 acids which help to protect your body against different diseases. This article provides you with an in-depth knowledge of these foods which are full of taste and healthiness.

 Nuts and Seeds for Diet

  1. Almonds
  2. Pistachios
  3. Walnuts
  4. Cashews
  5. Pecans
  6. Peanuts

Say Yes-Yes to Nutritious Goodness of Nuts

Nuts are small in size. But as the saying goes ‘looks can be deceptive’ too. Hence, do not judge these nuts on their size as they are bombs of nutrition and health. You cannot surpass the excellence of nuts depending on their tiny size.

These tiny nuts store within themselves large quantities of calories, monounsaturated and unsaturated fats including essential amino acids and linoleic acid.

People who eat nuts as part of a daily routine bear lower risks of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke heart attacks, and cancer.

Nuts contain a shallow glycemic index owing to high unsaturated fat and protein content. Moreover, nuts are also low in carbohydrate concentration.

You can indulge in the ingestion of nuts as they boast of vital nutrients like fat, fiber, and protein. A large variety of nuts are excellent sources of vitamins E and B2 along with crucial minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, copper, selenium, and potassium.

Nuts are at their best in their raw and unroasted form as roasting notably destroys and damages the essential fats in the process.

As per the studies conducted on nuts and their benefits, the reports say that a diet rich in nuts does not remarkably affect weight- gain or loss. Also, as they do not hamper your weight in any way, people who eat nuts stay healthier than those who don’t.

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Do you know about the health benefits of these incredible nuts and seeds?

You must have munched on a lot of nuts and seeds. Their impeccable taste must have tickled your taste buds. But do you know about the multiple benefits these nuts impose on your body?

1. Almonds


Crunchy, munchy, healthy, and wholesome- almonds are bite-sized treats that Mother Nature bestows upon us. The benefits of almonds(1) are known to the world for the time infinity. Almonds are a versatile and satisfying nut with ample benefits. Consumption of nuts and seeds makes you healthy by bestowing multiple benefits upon your heart and health.

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A pack of 28 grams of almonds includes:

  • Calories- 161
  • Fat- 14 grams
  • Protein- 6 grams
  • Fiber- 3.5 grams

Multiple benefits of almonds:

  • By consuming almonds, you can help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. It helps to keep a check on the cholesterol levels of your body.
  • You can improve your heart health by consuming almonds. Intake of almonds fosters an increase in the levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream. It also helps to boost your blood flow.
  • High consumption of almonds protects women the risk of breast cancer by two to three times.
  • People, suffering from Type 2 diabetes, boast of a deficiency of magnesium. As per the researches, almonds are good sources of magnesium. It makes almonds an excellent remedial solution to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • As almonds are rich in fiber, they serve as a terrific solution for improving digestion and bowel movement. Almonds show prebiotic effects on the body which help to stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your gut.
  • Almonds help to foster your metabolism. These nuts are rich in fiber and protein which helps to reduce your calorie intake.

2. Pistachios


Wonderfully delicious pistachio nuts are healthy and full of nutrients. Pistachios are renowned for their extraordinary, sweet flavor, not to mention their stunning viridescent hues. These beneficial nuts find their mention in the Old Testament of the Bible too. The versatility of pistachios makes it a favorite snack, salad toppings, in baked goods, and as a coating for fish or meat.

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A serving of 28 grams of pistachios include:

  • Calories: 156
  • Fat: 12.5 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
  • Carbs: 8 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams

Multiple benefits of pistachios

  • Pistachios help to improve the cholesterol levels of your body.
  • These nuts are rich sources of omega-3 fatty seeds.
  • Pistachios are a tremendous source of antioxidants including beta-carotene and lutein.
  • Phosphorus is a vital nutrient that ensures proper physiological functioning. Pistachios are a great source of phosphorus, and so it helps to provide strength to your bones.

Pistachios are rich in Vitamin B6. This crucial vitamin is an excellent source of multiple health benefits. Vitamin B6 helps to improve your cardiovascular health and also keeps your brain active.

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3. Walnuts


These tiny nuts not only have a crunchy texture but are also famous for their unique brain-like appearance.

28 grams of walnuts include:

  • Calories: 182
  • Fat: 18 grams
  • Proteins: 4 grams
  • Carbs: 4 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams

Multiple benefits of walnuts

  • Walnuts are rich in antioxidants owing to the presence of vitamin E, melatonin, and polyphenols. The polyphenols benefit your body by reducing the risk of many cancers too.
  • Eating a walnut-rich meal helps to prevent the oxidative damage of bad LDL cholesterol after eating.
  • These excellent nuts are a good source of the plant form of omega-3 fatty acids. These, in turn, help to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Also, walnuts have many nutrients and plant compounds that help reduce inflammation. This feature, in turn, protects your body from several chronic diseases.
  • Walnuts help to keep your gut happy and healthy. It benefits the good bacteria in your stomach and reduces the risk of an attack of any disease.

4. Cashews


How can you not fall for a bowl of cashews? A perfect culinary ingredient, cashews are a packed bundle of impressive health benefits.

An ounce of cashews contain (about 18):

  • Calories: 155
  • Fat: 12 grams
  • Protein: 5 grams
  • Carbs: 9 grams
  • Fiber: 1 gram

Multiple benefits of cashews

  • Including cashews as a snack in your daily routine will help your body fight the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cashews reduce blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels of your body.
  • Cashews are rich in copper and iron which increase the level of red blood cells in your body. This property fosters the proper functioning of the nervous system and the immune system of your body.
  • To your surprise, cashews work tremendously well in keeping your eyes healthy. These white nuts contain high levels of antioxidant elements. These nuts decrease the risk of cataract too.
  • Cashews are known to be effective in preventing Type 2 diabetes. Also, cashews comprise of good fat which guards your body against heart diseases and heart stroke.

5. Pecans


A favorite dessert ingredient, pecans store nutritious health for you.

One ounce of pecans comprise of:

  • Calories: 193
  • Fat: 20 grams
  • Protein: 3 grams
  • Carbs: 4 grams
  • Fiber: 2.5 grams

Multiple benefits of pecan:

  • Pecans are an exemplary source of zinc which helps in immune-cell development.
  • It also boasts of phytonutrients that serve as powerful antioxidants.
  • Pecans are full of flavonoids. People who intake right amounts of flavonoids in their diet are less prone to chronic diseases like heart issues, diabetes, and some types of cancers.
  • These vital nuts come tucked with monounsaturated fatty acids. These acids are responsible for improving the cholesterol levels in your body.
  • Also, pecans are full of beta-carotene and vitamin E. These nutrients help the body cells to protect themselves against any chronic inflammation.
  • The delicious nuts foster an improvement in the blood sugar levels. Also, they contain a meager amount of sugar in them.

Chewing pecans will give a boost to your brain activity as well. The presence of vitamin E helps in the reduction of oxidative stress which results owing to inflammation. It also protects cells and tissues of vital organs including the brain.

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6. Peanuts


Peanuts are legumes which are full of health benefits.

One ounce of peanuts comprises of:

  • Calories: 176
  • Fat: 17 grams
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Carbs: 5 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams

Multiple benefits of consuming peanuts

  • Peanuts keep you full for an extended period and so help in weight loss.
  • These crunchy nuts contain essential vitamins like vitamin B6, niacin, folate, choline, and vitamin E. It is also rich in minerals including magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, etc.
  • By eating peanuts five times a week, you kick off the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. from your life.
  • It also boasts of anti-aging compound resveratrol which fights the development of fat cells and also improves the uptake of sugar from the blood.

Best time to indulge in some nutty goodness

diet women

Here is a guide to extract the most of the benefits and nutrition from the nuts.

A kick-start morning- The effectiveness of almonds increases several times when eaten during the morning. Almonds are full of wholesome goodness for your health. These nutrients will turn out to be your perfect companion to start your day

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A heavenly evening- During evening most of your energy of the body is exhausted after the long day’s work. To get back the lost energy of your body and smile on your face munch on some pistachios, cashews, and pine nuts. They will help you get rid of your hunger pants and that too in a healthy way.

A peaceful night- A tasty dinner platter might force you to eat some extra. These cravings often lead to indigestion and constipation. To help you prevent bloating and constipation you can grab a handful of walnuts, prunes, and dates. These nuts are high in soluble fiber and will you relief.

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How many nuts should you consume in a day?

Now that you are well aware of the timings of nuts, it is also crucial to understand the importance of the number of nuts you are consuming.

You can ingest a handful of nuts on a daily basis. You can eat approximately 20-25 nuts per day. It depends on you how to divide this intake of nuts into different intervals.

By the end of this article, you must be munching on some tasty nuts from the bowl kept beside you. You want to have them once you see them. It’s good to indulge in some nutty happiness as your body loves nuts too!!! Not only they satiate your taste buds but also enrich your body with a whole bunch of essential nutrients. You can choose from the wide variety of nuts available in the market. Add them to your morning routine or make them your snack partners.

The article gives you a detailed analysis of some of the best nuts and seeds. You can choose your favorite nut by comparing the nutritional value of different nuts. It will help you understand each nut in a better way. So, make it a ritual to have a handful of nuts every day to make your body happy and healthy forever.

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