4 Reasons Why you should Not Refuse Green Tea for Weight Loss (+DIYs)

Updated on December 18th, 2019
green tea leaves with greentea

You too never paid heed to when people warned against those stubborn belly rolls and hip fat right! And now you mostly sigh and think as for why you didn’t! Well, shedding the extra pounds and cutting down on flab and belly rolls can be quite challenging but a cup of green tea can make your weight loss reveries materialize. About 40% of people in the United States suffer from obesity which is a very significant number, to begin with.

From burning fats to getting rid of excess weight, green tea is indispensable for health and weight loss. But isn’t it just a hot cup of tea that you can make out of green tea and water? There you have a little less knowledge as we tell you some innovative and delicious green tea recipes. Read on to find out more about how to use green tea for weight loss, detoxification, fat reduction, and more.

Four Compelling Reasons to Not Refuse Green

Top 3 Innovative DIY Recipes

Some Interesting facts about the Exotic Green Tea

  • Green tea is a particular variety of tea that comes from the Camellia sinensis leaves without subjecting them to the processes of withering followed by oxidation.
  • The origin of green tea lies in China. But it is now cultivated throughout Asia and other parts of the world as well.
  • The freshly plucked leaves of green tea steamed and then roasted to delay the process of fermentation by halting the oxidizing action of the enzymes upon the tea leaves.
  • Green tea is rich in polyphenolic compounds like epigallocatechin gallate, epicatechins, flavonols, epicatechin gallate, myricetin, quercetin, kaempferol, and more which lend the tea its potent antioxidant nature and host of health benefits.

Four Compelling Reasons to Not Refuse Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is remarkably effective in the treatment of obesity and promotion of weight loss.(1) The reasons for using green tea for weight loss and obesity home remedies include.

1. Green tea is rich in essential bioactive compounds

  • Green tea contains the right amount of caffeine that is essential for the stimulation of fat burning and weight loss. A cup of green tea possesses 24-40mg of caffeine that significantly contributes to the cure for obesity.
  • Green tea is rich in potent antioxidants like flavonols and catechins that work to boost metabolism and thereby promote weight loss.

2. Green tea is excellent for the disintegration of fat cells

  • Green tea possesses a host of bio-active compounds which work to boost the effects of the hormone noradrenaline that is essential for accelerating the fat-burning process.
  • Green tea contains EGCG which helps in the inhibition of the enzyme that breaks down and prevents the functioning of the noradrenaline hormone.
  • The consumption of green tea helps in the disintegration of fats which enter the bloodstream in the form of energy.

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3. Green tea enhances the rate of metabolism

  • Drinking green tea on a daily basis can improve the speed of metabolism in the body which is essential for weight loss and cure for obesity.
  • Taking green tea helps in burning 4% more calories with its metabolism-boosting effects.

4. Green tea helps in the loss of abdominal fat

  • Visceral fat or belly fat is extremely harmful. The excessive presence of abdominal fat leads to intestinal inflammation, insulin resistance, diabetes, and other grave health risks.
  • The catechin compounds of green tea work effectively in the elimination of visceral fats.

Top 3 Innovative DIY Recipes to Shed Excess Weight off your Body

1. Lavender and green tea

Lavender and greetea

Drinking a concoction of lavender and green tea is one of the most effective ways of using green tea for weight loss.

How to use?

  • For the preparation of this recipe, you need a tablespoon of sun-dried lavender blossoms, green tea, water, and a little honey.
  • Heat a cup of water over a low flame.
  • Remove the water from the flame and then add the green tea to the hot water. Add the dried lavender to the green tea and then let it steep for about 5-7 minutes.
  • Strain the tea out into a glass and let it simmer down for some time.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey and toss in a couple of ice cubes.
  • Garnish the iced lavender and green tea with lavender sprigs and serve cold.

Benefits of using lavender and green tea for weight loss

  • The lavender and green tea are incredibly beneficial for weight loss and treatment of obesity at home. Lavender contains an essential oil that helps to induce sleep and do away with anxiety and stress which are the primary causes of weight gain. Drink lavender green tea to cure anxiety and promote weight loss.
  • Green tea helps in the disintegration and elimination of fats from the body which helps to shed the excess body weight effectively.

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2. Cranberry and green tea

carberry and green tea

A spritzer of cranberry and green tea is not only delicious but also incredibly beneficial for weight loss.

How to use?

  • To prepare the refreshing spritzer, you need the ingredients that include two tea bags of green tea, half a cup of fresh cranberry juice, three cups of seltzer, four tablespoons of honey, and half a cup of water.
  • Fill a saucepan with a cup of water and heat it over a low fire.
  • Add the honey to the water and stir slightly until the honey dissolves completely.
  • Take the water off the flame and pour it into a glass.
  • Now add the green tea to the hot water and let it steep for a couple of minutes.
  • Strain the tea out into a glass and let it simmer down for a few minutes.
  • Pour in the cranberry juice to the tea and add a couple of ice cubes.
  • Garnish the cranberry and green tea spritzer with seltzer and serve.
  • Drink this concoction on a daily basis for the natural treatment of obesity and weight loss.

Benefits of using cranberry and green tea for weight loss

  • Cranberry juice is excellent for weight loss. Drink the cranberry and green tea during meal times to curb the appetite and prevent overeating.
  • The cranberry and green tea spritzer is very low in calories and rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants like catechins, flavonoids, and other polyphenolic compounds work to fight against oxidative stress by protecting the body against the action of toxic free radicals.
  • The tea is also good for the cure of urinary tract infection and internal inflammation.

3. Blueberry, almond, and green tea

Quench your soul and work on your weight loss with the exotic and delectable blueberry, almond, and green tea smoothie.

How to use?

  • Zap up the delicious smoothie of blueberries, almonds, and green tea with these few ingredients that include two tea bags of green tea, two cups of fresh blueberry pulp, half a cup of fresh yogurt, two tablespoons of almonds, two tablespoons of flax seeds, and half a cup of water, and a few ice cubes.
  • Put a cup of water on the boil and then dunk the tea bags in hot water to prepare the green tea.
  • Refrigerate the green tea for about eight hours or the entire night. In the meantime, chop the almonds, pound the blueberries into a fresh pulp if you are using fresh blueberries, and grind the flax seeds into a powder.
  • In the next morning, pour the chilled green tea into the blender, followed by the blueberry pulp, yogurt, almonds, flax seeds, and water. Blend for a few minutes until the contents of the blender become smooth.
  • Pour the smooth mixture into a glass and toss in a couple of ice cubes.
  • Drink the smoothie once a day before going to the gym or before doing yoga for implementing the maximum health

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Benefits of using blueberry, almonds, and green tea for weight loss

berrys ,a almond and green tea
  • Blueberry pulp is remarkably useful for weight loss and obesity treatment at home. Blueberry is rich in soluble fibrous content that is good for digestion and healthy bowel movement. Metabolism and regulation of bowel movement are the key factors that contribute to weight loss effectively.
  • Almonds are rich in dietary fiber that works incredibly for weight loss. Choose raw almonds over honey-roasted and oil-roasted almonds as the former is low in calories.
  • Green tea possesses antioxidants that work in the natural decomposition and elimination of fats.

A few words of caution

  • Excessive consumption of green tea like 3-4 cups in a day can trigger side effects like constipation, diarrhea, higher frequency of urination, headache, stomach upset, dizziness, and more.
  • Do not drink green tea if it makes you feel jittery and dizzy.

Green tea is a remarkable concoction for weight loss and treatment of obesity, and other health risks associated with a gain in weight. But drinking green tea for weight loss is indeed not enough. Begin your day with green tea and hit the gym or the yoga mat. Drink plenty of water and swap the junk foods and trashy beverages with nutritious and low-calorie foods and fruit smoothies. Focus on your health and drink green tea on a daily basis to stay fit and healthy.

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