How Is Sassafras Tea Right for Your Health?

Sassafras Tea

Do you know that Sassafras tea can do serious health diseases rather than offering you only with potential benefits? Sassafras tea is one of the famous beverages that are favored for its variant flavor as well as aroma, which are reminiscent of the root beer. Despite the strong reputation of Sassafras tea as a medicinal herb, some researchers have found that it can do side-effects like cancer.

Sassafras tea includes some of the efficient nutrients such as alpha-pinene, tannins, safrole, and asarone. It contains around 32.5 calories, 0 g fat, and 1 mg cholesterol. Along with it, potassium is present as 10.8 mg, sodium as 1 mg, and sugars as 8.6 g. It is preferred to drink Sassafras tea in a limited amount to take the practical medicinal benefits.

How Is It Prepared?

Ingredients to use:

  • 4 pieces of Sassafras tea roots
  • Raw honey (optional)
  • 2 quarts water

Procedure to follow:

  • At first, take dried Sassafras roots or leaves which are properly crushed.
  • Brew the leaves or roots of Sassafras in water. Start boiling it.
  • Boil it for 15 minutes and then add sugar for taste. To spruce up the taste of Sassafras tea, you can ass a few drops of lemon juice.

Health Benefits of Sassafras tea

If one is taking Sassafras tea as per the prescribed measure, then they can enjoy the benefits of present components. Among the list of several Sassafras tea benefits, let us study the first benefits:

1. Good for Liver

Sassafras tea helps in cleansing your liver and maintains a proper hormonal balance in the body. It lowers the congestion plus urinary system problems efficiently.

2. Cures cold and flu

Cold & flu
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Sassafras tea contains Sassafras oil, which helps in healing the symptoms of cold and flu(1). It helps in curing the fever caused by cold. By removing nasal congestion, Sassafras tea controls cough.

3. Treats kidney ailments

Along with the diuretic properties, Sassafras tea helps to treat problems related to kidneys. It helps in reducing the irritation and healing the kidney infections.

4. Treats bronchitis

Sassafras tea helps in lowering down the symptoms of bronchitis. It helps in keeping the lungs healthy with the therapeutic benefits.

5. Relives adrenal stress

Adrenal stress can become the cause of menopause symptoms. To solve this problem, you can start taking Sassafras tea in a limited amount regularly.

6. Fights rheumatism and arthritis


If one is suffering from arthritis, then they can begin drinking Sassafras tea. It helps in easing the pain by eliminating the toxins from your body.

7. Treats skins diseases

Sassafras tea possesses some of the antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Consumption of Sassafras tea inefficient amount can help in healing many skin problems like irritation, eczema, and insect bites.

8. Diuretic problems

It is preferred to drink Sassafras tea, which helps in strengthening your immune system. Besides, it helps in controlling the blood pressure level. Due to the excellent medicinal benefits, Sassafras tea cancer gets treated effectively.

9. Good for digestion

Sassafras tea consumption is good for the health system. It helps in lowering down the issues of constipation(2), gastro intestine problems, and diarrhea.

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10. Used as a blood thinner

Sassafras tea acts as an anticoagulant agent, which helps in purifying the blood when taken in a small amount. It is one of the metabolic processes which keep your body in healthy condition.

Medicinal Uses for Sassafras tea

Along with the valuable health benefits, Sassafras tea is used as a proper remedy for the medicinal uses:

1. Sassafras root spring tonic

Sassafras tea is recognized as the “spring tonic” or “blood thinning” herb. For such purpose, it gets used in the springs. It helps in promoting clear thinning from good circulation to the brain in the old age.

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2. Blood and circulatory system

Sassafras tea functions as a tonic for the liver along with its medicinal uses. It has an effective action on the blood and circulatory system, which enhances the functioning of the body. However, if it is taken in a high dosage, then it can promote the Sassafras tea cancer.

3. Cooling and demulcent lead

Sassafras tea is demulcent and cooling, which gets used as a demulcent for soothing or coating dry throats.

Side Effects of Sassafras Tea

Sassafras tea is mainly considered as the traditional medicinal herb; however, it may trigger the development of liver cancer. It was eventually banned due to the conducted study, which sassafras tea

Consuming Sassafras tea in the excess amount can become the reason for following side-effects:

  • Vomiting
  • Stupor
  • Excessive sweating
  • Hot flashes
  • Skin rashes
  • High blood pressure
  • Hallucinations

Along with the practical medicinal benefits, Sassafras root tea is an effective herbal remedy that helps treat several diseases. However, it is crucial to keep a check on its dosage for getting the practical benefits of Sassafras tea.

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1. How to make Sassafras tea?

Gather the Sassafras roots and then wash them. After that, cut off the saplings which have a greenish hue. Boil it by adding water. Simmer the gas until the water gets a brownish-red color. After straining the water, add honey to taste.

2. What is Sassafras tea good for?

Sassafras tea helps strengthen up the immune system. It helps in enhancing detoxification plus increasing sweating. It helps in assisting the body of people who are suffering from cold and flu.

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