Top 3 Beneficial Massages to Get Rid of Your Neck Pain

Updated on April 16th, 2020
Massages For Neck Pain

Your neck has nerves, vessels, some important connecting structures, and so on. It has a lot of essential functions in your body. In the case of excess stress, the neck suffers pain. With the change in lifestyle and work culture, the neck is subject to more and more pressure. As a result neck pain, often chronic is a common occurrence.

In extreme cases of chronic neck pain(1), people opt for surgeries, else opt for medications regularly to get rid of the pain. However, there are a few natural home remedies that could save you from these. You could easily benefit from relaxing massages for neck pain.

Did You Know!

  • Approximately 30 to 50 percent of middle-aged people complain of neck pain once in a year.
  • Around 1 to 11 percent experience problems in day to day activities due to the neck pain.

Best Massages For Neck Pain

1. Massage Using Rollers

Massage Rollers

A review was conducted by a professor at Ohio State University on nine pieces of research on self-massage(2) by handheld or foam rollers. The professor and his co-author found the rollers, to a certain extent, fulfill some beneficial effects of massage therapy by targeting tight muscles.

Foam rollers are quite helpful but using lacrosse balls would help you get the best massage for neck pain. You could either place it on the floor and lie across it or lean on it against a wall. Now, put pressure on the trigger points.

Do not make rapid movements; instead, let the steady pressure stay on the position for some time. You might feel a little uncomfortable, but this would help relieve tension in your muscles and pressure points. You could do this for 3 to 5 minutes, around 5 to 6 times a day. Avoid doing this immediately before a workout. Instead, one of the best time is just before going to sleep.

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2. Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the best massages for neck pain. Typically, this massage involves long slow strokes with kneading gestures and various motions using oil or lotion and has five basic strokes. The Swedish massage is known to be a very relaxing massage for neck pain. According to research, massage therapy has many benefits for back pain.

It decreases anxiety, soreness, tightness, boosts circulation, and hinders the build-up of toxins. It also benefits the spine by reducing the chance of nerve compression and improving spine stiffness. You could consult your therapist regarding the type and schedule of your Swedish massage.

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3. Trigger Point Massage

trigger point massage
Image: ShutterStock

Firstly you need to know what a trigger point is. The point of pain where the muscles are tightened is your trigger point. You can have one or more trigger points that feel like knots. Identify these tight and painful trigger points.

You could loosen this tight knot by massaging the trigger points. Slowly massage by applying pressure or rub on these points. After applying pressure for some time, the muscles might soften and loosen up.

You could also use an anti-inflammatory oil or ointment with massage for neck pain. Even hot or cold therapy can be used to release the tension on these points.

However, you should start with short durations of applying pressure on these knots. Start with 30 seconds of steady pressure on one particular point. Slowly you could increase this to around 4 to 5 minutes for each point. You should immediately consult a doctor if the pain in the trigger points increases after a massage.

How Massage Helps Relieve Neck Pain?

In the USA, massage therapy is sometimes considered part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Some studies indicate its usefulness not only alleviates pain but also reduces depression, anxiety, boost immunity, improve joint flexibility, circulation, skin condition. It also improves sleep, concentration, energy level, and decreases fatigue.

When you regularly use massages for neck pain, it will help reduce your discomfort and improve movements. You will notice that your pain has decreased as well as the tightness and muscle knots have loosened up. Massage is one of the most natural ways to ease your pain.

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Massage therapy is increasingly becoming popular. It can help cure your neck pain without injections or surgery. However, if the pain is persistent, you can opt for a thorough checkup. It is safe to take a doctor’s advice before trying any home remedies.

You should take a few precautions when using a massage for neck pain, especially people with bleeding disorders, pregnant women, and cancer patients.

You could choose any one of the above massages for neck pain. Apart from choosing the best massage for neck pain, you should also maintain a good posture, do moderate exercises, sleep well, practice yoga, and meditation, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Physical and mental stress has become a part of modern lives. It is essential that you learn to manage this stress.

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1. How often should you use massage for neck pain?

To get relief from massage for neck pain, you should do it various times in a day. Massage your neck 5 to 6 times every day, and each massage session should be around 3 to 5 minutes. However, you can start with less and then gradually increase it to this level.

2. How do lacrosse balls help relieve neck pain?

It might be difficult to use a roller for a neck massage. Rubber lacrosse balls are a better option for massage for neck pain as it is convenient. You could place it on the wall and lean against it to get a massage.

3. What are some sleeping tips to relieve neck pain?

Sleeping posture is quite crucial for body pain. You should sleep either on your back or on any sides to deal with neck pain. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it is a bad posture for your neck. Use a unique neck pillow or sleep without a pillow on a firm mattress to deal with neck pain.

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