8 Foods That You Need to Avoid With Braces

Updated on January 8th, 2020
foods to avoid with braces

Today braces are not just for kids and teenagers. It is estimated that about 1/4th of the global population that wears braces is comprised of adults over the age of 18. To have those perfect teeth, wearing braces seems like a viable solution. However, braces come along with their downfalls, and even the slightest of negligence could prove problematic.

Having discussed this, you need to avoid certain foods to avoid breakage, which even include your favorite treats. So here’s a list of foods you can’t eat with braces.


  • The first iteration of the modern braces that we use today came to be in 1915 and was made from either 14 or 18 karat gold, so it was not widely used due to the expense.
  • It was NASA that came up with a cheaper yet malleable alternative and developed a metal alloy called nickel-titanium. Though used to built space shuttles, they could be used to make flexible dental wires.

Foods to Avoid with Braces in Your Teeth

1. Chewing Gum

Why Should You Avoid This?

While chewing gum, it is a big no when it comes to braces. Not only can the gum get stuck to the braces, but it can also wrap around the wires and in some cases, even break them. So chewing gum is one of the foods to avoid with braces.

What Can You Have Instead?

There are other natural and safe alternatives that you can try for that minty fresh feeling, including home-made candy prepared from sugar, peppermint, and cream cheese.

2. Popcorn


Why Should You Avoid This?

Popcorns are not an ideal treat for your braces. The hard bits of the kernel could lead to breakage of wires and brackets on your braces. Popcorn could also get stuck between your teeth, and getting it out can be tricky.

What Can You Have Instead?

hull-less popcorn is an excellent substitute for regular popcorn and is easy to chew on as well.

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3. Chewy Bread

Why Should You Avoid This?

Bread delicacies like bagels and pizza will give your jaw a hard time and in the process, will wear out the braces quickly.

What Can You Have Instead?

Cutting your bread up into smaller pieces and chewing with your back teeth is often a good option if you are craving for it. You can also try softer wheat delicacies and variants such as Spaghetti(1) or macaroni.

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4. Whole Apple

Why Should You Avoid This?

Primarily when you use your front teeth to chomp down on the fruit, there are chances that your braces may break from the pressure exerted. Also, cleaning the apple skin from your teeth and braces is not an activity you’ll enjoy. So best, avoid it.

What Can You Have Instead?

You can always cut the apple into smaller pieces, maybe even peel the skin off, and cook it to make it softer.

5. Nuts

Image: ShutterStock

Why Should You Avoid This?

Nuts are the easiest way to wear out and bend your braces. Bent wires slow down the straightening process and give you a hard time. So nut is one of the foods you can’t eat with braces.

What Can You Have Instead?

Peanut butter is an excellent substitute. It can also be used with other softer fruits to get that chunky nutty flavor.

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6. Toffee

Why Should You Avoid This?

Toffee is probably the worst food you can have while wearing braces. It is chewy and can stick to your braces and won’t come off that easily. Forcing it out could even lead to pulling out the brackets from your teeth. So, toffee is a food to avoid while wearing braces.

What Can You Have Instead?

A sweet tooth can be satisfied by opting for puddings, smoothies, and ice cream.

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7. Beef Jerky

Why Should You Avoid This?

Beef jerky is one of the toughest foods to chew on even without braces. So, it is best to avoid partially cooked meat, especially beef and pork, which can damage your braces.

What Can You Have Instead?

Softer meats such as chicken and turkey as well as seafood and meatloaf are great alternatives to tough jerky meats. You can also explore dairy foods such as yogurt and cheese, and of course, eggs are always a safe bet for those with allergies.

8. Artificially Colored Foods

Why Should You Avoid This?

Artificial Color in food(2) tends to stick to the bands in your braces, which could cause problems in the long run apart from leaving a permanent discoloring in your mouth as long as you are wearing them. So colored food is something that you should not eat with braces.

What Can You Have Instead?

Preparing dishes without coloring at home, as well as fresh juice, can be a good alternative.

You should restrict your food palette while wearing braces. You need to avoid these foods. Additionally, you can explore other brace-safe food options, especially with different recipe combinations to find out what satisfies your taste buds and your nutritional needs. So as your braces do its job, you need to stay away from tough foods and take care of your oral hygiene.

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1. What Food Do I Eat When I First Get My Braces?

Easy to chew foods such as pudding, yogurt, pasta, soups are all good choices of foods you can eat during the early days.

2. What Kind of Snacks Can I Chew with Braces?

Foods that don’t involve the use of your front teeth are a good start when wearing braces. You can also cut foods such as bread and cookies into smaller, easy to chew pieces. Dunking cookies in milk is also a good idea to soften them up.

3. Can I Have Ice Creams While Wearing Braces?

All cold food can relieve pain while wearing braces and tend to numb your mouth. Ice creams and frozen yogurt, and all such frozen treats are great choices to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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