Role of Mushrooms in Cancer Treatment

Updated on March 21st, 2020
Mushroom for cancer

Mushroom is nothing but a kind of fungus. There is a wide variety of mushroom across the globe. Including those, which are poisonous for humans. But, they are many edible varieties that are delicious and healthy. The mushroom family is very extensive and complicated. Hence, for simplicity’s sake, let’s discuss only a few healthy ones.

In history, the application of mushroom goes back to centuries, although there is no fixed record of a specific time period. Although the terminology came into existence somewhere between 1400-1600 AD.

What is striking about most mushrooms is its richness in Vitamin D. The beneficial mushrooms have two categories, the edible mushrooms, and the medicinal mushrooms.

The medicinal mushrooms are often used for alternative cancer therapy. Among the edible mushrooms, the most popular ones are -Shiitake, porcini, golden oyster, pioppino and Lion’s Mane.

The beneficial properties of mushrooms for cancer remedy

mushrooms for cancer remedy

Several mushrooms have anti-tumor, immunomodulating and anti-metastasis properties. These three together are a strong shield against cancer. Hence, the mushroom can even provide an alternative treatment to cancer. Mushroom(1) extracts also contain antimutagenic activities.

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Such activities further induce quinone oxidoreductase and glutathione S-transferase activities. Hispolon, a phenolic compound found in certain mushrooms help to induce apoptosis of bladder-cancer and breast-cancer cells.

A protein-based polysaccharide in mushrooms, induce apoptosis and G2/M phase arrest in colon cancer cells. Finally, certain mushrooms can have an anti-proliferative effect on lung cancer, colon adenocarcinoma, and hepatocellular liver carcinoma.

The above-mentioned properties provide a direct therapeutic application on cancer. Although, the general nutrition value of mushroom is quite impressive as well. A nutrition value on its own can provide strong support to cancer treatment.

Mushroom is concentrated with potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6. The cancer therapies like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy can take a huge toll on your physiology.

Often a cancer treatment fails because the body organs give up. Hence, for cancer treatment to succeed your body organs needs sufficient micronutrients. Important of such micronutrients are the minerals.

Potassium as a mineral builds your body’s overall strength which will come handy in combating cancer(2). Besides strength, potassium is responsible for maintaining the balance of all minerals. This balance is crucial to accurate and harmless functioning of all minerals in your body.

Did You Know!

  • Mushrooms are 90% water
  • Mushrooms are known as the meat of the vegetable world
  • In early times mushrooms were used for dyeing fabric and wool
  • There are at least 40 species of mushrooms that glow in the dark
  • There is a species of mushroom that tastes like fried chicken
  • There are mushrooms that create their own wind
  • The American Government has an entire mushroom council
  • The different types of mushrooms for cancer

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The different types of mushrooms for cancer


The best mushroom supplement for cancer can be derived from many different mushrooms species. But, you must remember certain species are deadly and poisonous. Some are mild and will make you hallucinate whilst some can even kill you. Hence, when using mushrooms for cancer, it is best not to experiment. Rather, go with the known healthy varieties.

1. Reishi

Using Reishi mushroom for cancer treatment is the most prominent mushroom supplement. Reishi looks like a big wooden white and brown flower. Reishi rich in ganodericacid is an ancient symbol of longevity across Asian cultures. This fungus is a strong anti-infection, anti-cancer and immunity booster. Reishi can arrest irregular blood vessel growths leading to cancerous developments. Further, the ganoderic acid itself can inhibit various cancerous developments.

2. Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey tail has supposedly the maximum research to back up its claims. It is also considered a natural response modifier. Turkey ail mushroom, in general, enhances the survival rate of an individual. People use turkey tail mushroom extract for cancer, mainly because of its immunity strengthening and anti-tumor properties. Turkey tail Mushroom is also known to enhance cancer therapies. Consuming a turkey tail can enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy.

3. Shiitake

Shiitake mushrooms are particularly effective against cancerous tumors. Vitamin D and Lentinan act as anti-tumor agents in Shiitake. Consistent consumption of Shiitake shows better functioning gamma delta T-Cells. Finally, the mushroom has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

4. White button

White button mushroom is the most commonly consumed mushroom across the globe. Ancient Egyptians believed that this mushroom could grant immortality. The potency of this mushroom is such. Researches show that white button mushroom is beneficial for prostate and breast cancer.

5. Oyster

The International Journal of Oncology identified Oyster as a benefactor in colon and breast cancer conditions. Jedinaki and Silva, two molecular extracts of oyster deliver its anti-cancer benefits. In general, Oyster is rich in protein and Vitamin Bs. Oyster mushroom tea for cancer is quite popular.

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Different healthy ways to cook mushroom


1. Mushroom Kadai –

A Typical hot and spicy Indian gravy of mushroom. This dish includes tossing mushrooms into a curry of freshly ground spices and tomatoes. Mushroom Kadai is best served with white rice or plain roti.

2. Different Mushroom salads –

Salads are the healthiest of all dishes. Hence, if you want to make a healthy dish of an ingredient, make a salad out of it. Mix buckwheat and Shiitake Mushroom Salad with Gouda. Or Mix green beans with mushroom. You could even go for a barley salad with butter-basted mushrooms.

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3. Different Mushroom soups

Comes second in the list of healthy preparations, is soup. Make a delicious and heavy creamy soup of mushroom for cancer remedy. Add chicken and garlic to the creamy broth, for extra taste and benefits. Or, you could make healthy black barley with mushroom broth.

4. Mushroom rice dishes –

When you make typical Eastern rice items such as fried rice, Pulao and biriyani, add mushroom to it. The mushroom itself has the fifth taste Umami – a meat flavor. This flavor adds to the taste and medicinal properties add to the benefits.

5. Sandwiches –

Finally, for a quick meal, prepare mushroom sandwiches. Accompany it with, chicken, cheese, egg, bacon or BLT. Adding mushroom to it is only going to increase its nutritional value. Also, grind some healthy vegetable and mushrooms together. Add healthy whole spices to it and make a hummus-like sauce. Add this to your mushroom sandwich for a finer touch.

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The specific dosage of mushroom isn’t confirmed by medical researchers. Hence, you must consult your doctor before administering your dose. Although, diabetics are prescribed to consume 500mg three times regularly, without any side-effects.

In case, mushrooms don’t sit well with you, side-effects like low blood sugar, nausea and indigestion are possible. Now since mushroom, reduces blood sugar levels, it can interfere with surgical procedures. Further, individuals with liver will also need to draw extra caution.

Bottom Line

Mushroom is, in general, a very potent alternative cancer remedy. It not only has a high nutrition value but several anti-cancer properties. The mushroom family is a very extensive family. With many of them being harmful, and many beneficial. Hence, it is always good not to experiment with mushroom cancer.

Using mushrooms for cancer has been the focus of many pieces of research across the globe and time. Hence, there shouldn’t be any problem finding the mushrooms that have proven benefits to cancer. It is just that if you have any other specific health conditions, consult with your doctor before setting on a dosage.

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1. What is the best mushroom to fight cancer?

There is no such thing as the best mushroom for cancer. Rather different effective mushrooms for cancer. Different mushrooms have different properties that cure different types of cancer.

Genus Phellinus, a medicinal mushroom has the maximum anti-cancer properties. But, this is not a usual culinary inclusion. Other cancer effective mushrooms include Reishi, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, white button, and Oyster. Some also find benefits with Maitake, Shimeji, Chanterelle, Chaga, black truffle and porcini.

2. Is maitake mushroom good for cancer patients?

Yes, it is good for cancer patients, without a doubt. Maitake has anti-cancer and immunity strengthening properties. Half a cup daily of maitake mushroom can check cancerous cell abnormalities.  Further, maitake can encourage your immunity system to attack cancer cells.

3. Can Ganoderma cure cancer?

Ganoderma or the Reishi mushroom is the most popular healthy mushroom for its ability to heal cancer. The ganoderic acid in Reishi is what checks cancerous developments in your body.

4. What does Ganoderma mean?

Ganoderma is a fungus of the mushroom family. It is otherwise known as the Reishi mushroom. It is called Ganoderma because of its popular constituent ganoderic acid which is a critical agent of anti-cancer.

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