Benefits of Using Hemp Oil for Cancer

Updated on March 21st, 2020
Hemp Oil for Cancer

Cancer is one of those grey areas in medical science that still concerns both doctors and victims. Not because the treatment ends aren’t absolute, but the underlying causes aren’t confirmed as well. Even in an all-time changing world like the present, cancer research is an ongoing process with much concern. But, certain techniques, therapies, medicines and medical processes, do provide certain outcomes.

Hemp oil is the oil extracted from hemp seeds. Hemp oil ranges between dark green or light green in color and exhibits a nutty aroma. It is vegetable oil, hence edible. This vegetable oil forms of essential fatty acids, that make it appropriate for both culinary and medicinal application. Although, its application is sought for medicinal purposes; it is even used when cooking.

Benefits of hemp oil

The oil of hempseed has multi-faceted health benefits. This vegetable oil is beneficial to skin health, brain health, and heart health. Hemp oil provides added benefits such as natural pain relief, acne remedy, and muscle relaxation. Hemp oil is new to the field of medical sciences. Hence, hemp oil might carry other benefits, that are yet not discovered.

Did You Know!

  • Hemp oil has more nutrition than most other vegetable oils
  • Hemp oil can provide relief to PMS
  • Hemp oil is a mood enhancer
  • Hemp oil is very high in protein ( unlike most other vegetable oils.)

The anti-cancer properties of hemp oil

Hempseed oil is rich with anti-oxidants. And as per common knowledge, anti-oxidants act as a shield against cancer. Thus hemp oil works against cancer, like every other traditional anti-oxidant agent. The exact reasons behind cancer are still unknown, except that they are on a molecular level. In a cancer(1) patient, the cells exhibit abnormal physiology and functionality.

Anti-oxidants like hemp oil, stop unstable molecules like free radicals from damaging healthy cells. These free radicals are often considered a major cause of cancer. Free radicals are a result of various oxidation processes in our body. These free radicals are an atom, molecule or ion, with an unpaired valence electron.

This unpaired valence electron makes them reactive. But, free radicals do have many productive functions in our body. The problem arises when there are too many of these free radicals. Too many of them can start damaging, cell, cell membranes, DNA and proteins. Which might lead to cancer.

Using hemp oil for cancer is a growing choice among people, because of it anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are chemicals, that react with the free radicals to neutralize them. Inhibiting the radicals of their harm inflicting abilities. There is no concrete scientific proof to support it. But, there has been extensive research on the subject, showing very positive results.

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Ways to use hemp oil for cancer

hemp oil cancer

Use it as a tincture:

Hemp oil tinctures are easily found on online and offline health stores. You can take one to two drops of this tincture under your tongue. Wait for a minute or so and swallow the tincture.Inhale vapor of hemp oil:

Refillable Electronic vapor gadgets are very common these days. Buy one of these gadgets and fill it up with hemp oil. While buying, you need to make sure that the vape gadget you buy is compatible with hemp oil(2).Apply hemp oil for cancer topically:

This process is particularly helpful in cases of skin-related cancers. This process can also help conditions such as eczema. Gently rub the oil over affected areas of the skin. Repeat the process throughout the day as per convenience. Capsule forms –

Use the capsule forms of hemp oil, during cancer treatment. Cancer treatment can often inflict vomiting tendency, and hemp oil is an excellent remedy for nausea.

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Use as a cooking or culinary oil –


If you are wondering how to take hemp oil for cancer, why not try cooking with it. You can use hemp oil to cook your regular food, like any other edible vegetable oil or use it as a salad dressing.

Hemp oil is safe according to all authorities on the matter. But, the physiology of different individuals vary. Hence, rare cases of side effects like headaches, drowsiness, blood coagulation, digestive difficulties, and cardiovascular difficulties, are found. When using hemp oil for cancer, ensure that you consult your doctor beforehand.

Cancer treatment can be quite complicated, hence, you don’t want any other component to interact with cancer medications.

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1. How to take hemp oil for cancer?

The ways of taking hemp oil for cancer are many. You can use tinctures of hemp oil, apply it topically, swallow capsules or use it through culinary processes. You can also inhale hemp oil vapors through electronic vapes.

2. How to make hemp oil for cancer?

The oil extract of hemp oils seeds, hemp oil tinctures and capsules are available in the market. Hence, a need to make it yourself shouldn’t arise.

3. How to use hemp oil for cancer treatment?

First of all, when it comes to cancer, you must ensure caution. Consult your doctor if your specific medication supports the use of hemp oil. Once you have a green signal, you can choose one of many ways of using hemp oil for cancer. Ways like tinctures, vapes, topical massage and capsules will prove very potent. But, if you use it through culinary processes like cooking oil and salad dressing, it will be safer.

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