Essential Oils Can Help You Manage the Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Updated on February 4th, 2020

Cancer has assumed endemic proportions in the present times with a large number of cases being reported every year globally. Not only is it a life-threatening disease, but it also causes severe discomfort to the person suffering from it. There are various types of cancer, like breast cancer, prostate cancer, Leukemia, lung cancer and many more. However, there has been a rise in the level of cases with lung cancer recently. Lung cancer begins from the lungs owing to uncontrolled growth of cells in tissues of the organ.

The conventional treatment for any cancer is Chemotherapy. However, the use of essential oils for lung cancer treatment have lately been gaining a lot of popularity. Essential oils have properties which help in healing and reversing the growth of cancer cells.


Lung cancer can be pre-determined based on the symptoms possessed by the individual. Some of the signs of lung cancer include;

  • a continuous cough that does not go away,
  • shortness of breath,
  • coughing up of blood- even a small amount
  • a headache,
  • losing weight, and
  • chest pains
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Some of the known causes of lung cancer are: –

  • Smoking
  • Passive smoking
  • Exposure to radiation or toxins
  • Family history

Essential Oils 

Essential oils are best for lung cancer since the molecules of these oils will easily penetrate the blood barrier in the human body. The essential oils will tug onto the cancer cells and fight them making use of their anti-carcinogenic properties. 

1. Thyme essential oil

Thyme is considered an associate of the mint family. It has a delightful and earthy flavour which is why it’s used in cooking. Thyme essential oil consists of more beneficial properties since it’s in a very concentrated and potent form. Thymol is one of the components in thyme essential oil which destroys the harmful organisms, and which makes the oil string with anti-bacterial properties. Wild thyme possesses properties which are used to induce cell death in lung cancer cells. Research conducted by healthcare experts, wherein after 72 hours of treatment of a lung cancer patient, thyme essential oil killed 98% of the lung cancer(1) cells.

2. Clary Sage essential oil

Many types of research have proved that Clary sage oil helps trigger the process of apoptosis of cancer cells. Apoptosis is a process wherein it is self-destruction of cancer cells. The oil is said to have properties that impede the growth of lung cancer cells.

3. Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense is known for its anti-cancer properties. Frankincense oil also boosts the immune function of the human body and helps to prevent illness caused by dangerous pathogens by extensively multiplying the count of white blood cells and re-adjusting the immune reactions. Moreover, this essential oil has different benefits beyond restricting only to cancer treatment, including relieving arthritis pain, the balance of hormones, encouraging skin health, and aiding to human body digestion.

4. Lavender essential oil

With regards to cancer, myrrh essential oil showcases remarkable effects on the growth of cancer cells and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Like frankincense, lavender oil has been used as a pain reliever for ages. It also possesses anti-fungal properties.

5. Mint essential oil

Mint essential oil is nothing but peppermint essential oil. This oil is said to very helpful for people to combat the side effects of lung cancer. The compounds linalool and menthol help individual manage the side effects of lung cancer.

How to use

There are three ways of how essential oils can be used; they are namely ingestion, inhalation, and external or topical application.

1. Ingestion

Even though this method is not commonly recommended without consulting a health expert, essentials oils can be ingested. Essential oils are very potent hence ingestion of not more than 1 or 2 drops is not suggested. 

2. Inhalation

This method is considered the safest. This is done by just breathing in the oil by applying a few drops onto a handkerchief. This can also be done with the help of a diffuser, which lets out the tiny molecules of essential oil into the air and which can be inhaled from the external air.

3. Application

Another best method for using essential oils is by topical application onto the skin. Essential oils can be applied directly or can be diluted with the help of any carrier or base oil and then applied to the skin. They seep into the skin owing to the human skin being semi-permeable, which helps absorb the product into the bloodstream.

Tips On Using Essential Oils

Usage of the same essential oil on a continuous basis must be avoided. Since there are chances the body getting used to that essential oil and a particular dosage. If sceptical regarding the dosage, seeking help from a health expert is advised.

Also, try using a variety of essential oils since every oil has its essence and unique anti-carcinogenic properties. Before using essential oils on children, always look up to a health expert for guidance before usage.

Be very cautious about using this oil, since they are highly potent, diluting these oils will reduce their potency.

Other Home Remedies

1. Lemon juice and baking soda

In glass take 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon of baking soda. After the fizzing has stopped, add an adequate amount of water and drink the concoction. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. Therefore baking soda being alkaline eliminated the acidity bringing the pH of the body under control. This remedy will ultimately help reduce the cancer cells.

2. Apricot

Intake of apricot fruit at least 2 or 3 every day, making it a part of daily food intake. The fruit contains a component called lutein and has amazing chemopreventive effects. The fruit has properties to kill cancer.

3. Kale

Steaming 1 cup of Kale (preferable size) and adding it as parts of food like in soups, salads, and any food of choice. This vegetable is highly abundant in organosulfur compounds which very much help with regards to anti-cancer properties.

4. Essential oils 

Can be a saviour especially for those not wanting to invest money in expensive treatments like chemotherapy. It helps manage the associated symptoms effectively. It is always better to visit a health expert and know what works best for you and your body, which will help avoid further complications.

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