Apricot Seeds: A Natural Cancer Treatment

Updated on March 21st, 2020
apricot seeds for cancer

For more than 3 decades, medical scientists are trying to bring out a proper cure for cancer. Till now they have not been able to succeed. There are different preventive measures which can help to cure cancer. But they are of no use if cancer reaches stage 3 or stage 4. In these two stages, the survival rate is very less.

Therefore, with more than 8.5 million deaths every year, cancer is considered the deadliest of all disease. Recently, the use of apricot seeds for cancer has grabbed the headlines.

The first use of these seeds dates back to 1920s by Dr Ernst T. Krebs Sr. in the United States of America. He claimed that the oil extracted from the seeds can help to achieve positive results for curing cancer. But the treatment was too toxic to be carried out. So what’s the status right now? Scientists have different viewpoints regarding the use of apricot seeds. Let us have a closer look at the details.

Did You Know?

  • During the 17th century, apricot seeds were popularly used to treat ulcers and swellings. The English settlers brought apricot to the New World.
  • The Egyptians also used apricots(1). They used it to make a delicious drink named Amar al-dīn which had different healing powers.
  • The apricot is a member of the rose family. It is a close relative of almonds as well.

Benefits of Using Apricot Seeds for Cancer

Apricot Seeds

Apricot seeds for cancer are considered to be effective in treating cancer. Scientists have found that apricot seeds contain a compound known as amygdaline. When put to clinical tests, it was found that it helps to curb the carcinogenic cells from spreading in the body. It also helps to eradicate tumors and suppress cancer(2) symptoms.

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According to a study in 2005, it was found that amygdalin usually inhibits genes which lead to cell proliferation. A few years back in 2012, laboratory tests showed that amygdaline infused with β-D-glycosidase is useful for liver cancer.

Another theory suggests that sometimes cancer is caused because of the lack of vitamins in the body. Amygdaline has a huge amount of Vitamin B17. This, in turn, helps to replenish the vitamin requirement in the body and strengthens the metabolic system. Therefore, the metabolism becomes much stronger to fight cancer.

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Ways to Take Apricot Seeds for Cancer

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Apricot seeds can be really beneficial for the body but at the same time, it can be harmful as well. Therefore you need to make sure that you consume it the right way. Have a look at these different ways to take apricot seeds.

  • Slice an apricot and take the seed out from the fruit. Now crush the seed with a nutcracker. Inside this nut, you will find lots of apricot seeds. That is what you will need to consume.
  • Now you can eat the seeds just like that or you can choose to grind it in a mixer. Then mix this powdered seeds with water or milk and drink it.

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What Is the Right Dosage of Apricot Seeds?

Remember that you should never consume more than 3 small apricot seeds per day if you are an adult. For children, the dosage should be half the seed per day and not more than that. Always consult a doctor before consuming apricot seeds; especially if you want to give it to your children.

There have been several cases of illness among people who consumed too much apricot seeds. Apricot seeds for cancer can be effective in a way but too much of it releases high levels of toxins. This can result in various side effects on the human body. So these are the important tips about the right dosage for apricot seeds.

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Here are some important frequently asked questions regarding the use of apricot seeds for cancer.

1. How Do Apricot Seeds Cure Cancer?

Ans. Apricot seeds contain a very essential compound named as amygdaline. This compound helps to promote the incubation of Vitamin B17 and helps to heal damaged cells. Apricot seeds also suppress the effects of carcinogens.

2. Why Is Vitamin b17 Illegal?

Ans. Amygdaline is a highly toxic compound which may or may not treat cancer effectively. Thus many governments have put a ban on the sale of B17. Overdose of this compound can result in serious illness or even death.

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3. Are Apricot Seeds Toxic?

Ans. Yes. Apricot seeds are toxic in nature but if taken in regulated amounts then it is absolutely safe. However, if one consumes too much of these seeds then there will be too much of toxicity in the body. The compound amygdaline is toxic in nature and therefore too much of it is not good.

4. Are Bitter Apricot Kernels Safe to Eat?

Ans. Many medical experts consider that eating apricot seeds over time can lead to cyanide poisoning. But if you use them moderately at regulated compounds, then it will not be as dangerous as it seems.

Apricot seeds for cancer can be a safe alternative in the coming years. It still needs to be properly observed and researched. A few cases over the years where people have lost their life due to an overdose of apricot seeds have surfaced. Therefore, if you are planning to use these seeds for fighting cancer then it is better that you wait and see what scientists find out.

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