Can Frankincense Really Fight Cancer?

Updated on January 23rd, 2020
frankincense for cancer

Frankincence is used to treat and cure several medical problems for a very long time. It is derived from the Boswellia tree. Especially in African countries and India, frankincense is very popular. It even has a mention in the Bible which tells us how long humans are using this plant. Frankincense helps to control bleeding, speeds up the healing process and also improves oral health. But, in recent times scientists are planning to use frankincense for cancer.

Frankincense is one of the best solutions for long-term inflammation in the human body. It is even more helpful when inflammation occurs in different areas. This can cause a wide range of health problems including arthritis.

A 2006 study in Planta Medica, found that boswellic acid found in Frankincense helps to cure inflammation. It also eliminates free radicals that are responsible for many medical issues in the body. Strong anti-inflammatory properties show that frankincense can combat cancer.

Will frankincense for cancer be an effective solution in the coming days? Does this ancient tree carry the ability to fight cancer in the human body? Let us have a look.

Did You Know?

  • The use of frankincense can be traced back in history to the period of 1500 BC. Its popular use is mentioned in the Papyrus Ebers.
  • Even ancient Egyptians used frankincense. They would use it to treat wounds and during the embalming procedures. Frankincense oil and scent were discovered in the Tomb of Tutankhamen.
  • The name frankincense is derived from the French term “Fran encens”. This simply means “high-quality scent” which is very strong and long-lasting.

Frankincense Oil Benefits in Cancer Treatment

frankincense oil

Frankincense is renowned for its magical anti-inflammatory benefits. The oil derived from the Boswellia tree is used for centuries to cure wounds and inflammation. Modern science has discovered that its usage can extend well beyond this and can help to prevent cancer.

However, scientists do not have solid evidence to prove this fact strongly. It will take more research time and extensive clinical trials. It’s different forms – oil, extract, pure resin, etc. have the potential to fight the carcinogenic cells. Frankincense(1) has anti-mutagenic and apoptotic properties which help to eliminate cancer cells.

The use of frankincense on rats showed that it can combat cancer cells. It also promotes the growth of healthy cells. Researchers have also found that the acid derived from Boswellic tree come with cytotoxic benefits to cure ovarian cancer.

Frankincense oil can help to prevent brain cancer in an effective way. In 2011 a trail showed that out of 44 patients with brain cancer 60% of them experienced reduced swelling. Frankincense helped to suppress cerebral oedema or the brain tumour by avoiding steroids. So, the use of frankincense for cancer can produce positive results.

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Ways to Applying Frankincense in Cancer

Here are some different ways in which you can apply and use frankincense oil in cancer. Make sure to read all the ways and most importantly, follow them correctly.

  • Diffusion: diffusion is one of the most popular ways of allowing your body to enjoy the benefits of frankincense. The gadgets work by turning the water inside into a cool and soothing mist. These are easy to use and easily found. Just add 3-4 drops of frankincense oil into the diffuser. Then, turn it on whenever you want to inhale the mist.
  • Massage: if you are planning to undergo a massage session then make sure to visit a professional masseur. Or else, you can mix some small amount of coconut oil with 8-10 drops of frankincense and rub it over your skin. When you directly apply it over your skin, it tends to absorb it.
  • Bath: Bathing is frankincense oil is also effective. You can take some coconut or almond oil and mix it with 6-10 drops of frankincense. Now make sure to place the mixture in the bath when the water is running. This will diffuse the aroma and your skin will absorb the oil effectively.

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How to Use It in Cancer?

prevention of cancer

If you want to use best frankincense for cancer(2) then there are different ways of doing so. Many people may recommend you to ingest some of the oil with food, but that is not medically correct. You should never consume any essential oil directly with food because of various side effects.

Instead, you can add 1-2 drops of it with other carrier oil and then use it in your recipe. Carrier oils help to suppress the adverse effects of the essential oil in your body. Besides that, you can also use frankincense oil by mixing it with water and take a bath in it. Just add 7-8 drops of the oil into a bucket of water. As mentioned above, you can also use a diffuser and inhale the frankincense infused mist for amazing benefits.

Frankincense for cancer can be one of the most effective alternative ways to treat cancer in the near future. Modern science is yet to discover how can it popularly help to prevent cancer and help people on a massive scale.

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1. How to Use Frankincense Oil for Cancer?

Ans. You can use frankincense oil by diffusing it or by applying it directly over your skin. Before directly applying the essential oil, make sure to mix it with some carrier oil. This is because carrier oil helps to suppress the adverse effects of the strong essential oil.

 2. How to Apply Frankincense Oil for Cancer?

Ans. You can apply frankincense oil for cancer by mixing the essential oil with carrier oils like coconut or jojoba. Never consume the frankincense oil directly.

 3. Which Frankincense Is Best for Cancer?

Ans. The frankincense derived from the Boswellia tree is the best for treating cancer and other disorders.

4. How Much Frankincense Oil to Use for Cancer?

Ans. Ask your doctor about the recommended dosage. However, when you diffuse the oil, use 4-5 drops. But when you apply it directly over the skin, use 8-10 drops for every one ounce of carrier oil.

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