Morning Sex – A Mood Lifter and How?

Updated on April 30th, 2020
morning sex

Sex is an excellent foundation for a trusting and intimate relationship with your better half. But if you’re wondering how morning sex can be higher than bedroom pleasures during the night, this post will guide you on that.

According to research, more than 45% of women dabbling in sex romps in the morning report better orgasms. If you’re still skeptical, scroll down for single benefits, right from the experts regarding the benefits of morning sex and how to make it hotter.

Why Morning Sex is Better

1. You’re in Bed, Right?

Morning sex is natural like that. Roll over and inform your partner what you want to do to get going. They will be less likely to cite an excuse because it merely requires no additional effort to slip out of the PJs and engage in sex.

2. Boost Your Mood

Boost Your Mood

Most of the time, sex is an instant mood booster, thanks to the release of pain-killing endorphins released during intercourse. After climaxing, the feel-good neurotransmitters leave an afterglow. For chronic migraine sufferers, it is even better, as these endorphins block the pain from cramps to headaches. They work as natural ibuprofen(1).

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3. Morning Sex Boosts Your Intimacy Levels

Morning sex helps you to feel giddy all day long. It also reinforces the relationship. During this type of sex, oxytocin, the cuddle chemical released, forms a strong bond with your partner.

Further, making love in the morning brings you closer to your partner, with nothing to hide. It also increases levels of vulnerability and makes you emotionally available to your partner.

4. It Wards off Stress

Monday morning just got easier to cope with, thanks to morning sex. Many upsides of oxytocin come into play here. The bonding chemical lowers stress levels and keeps you calm.

5. It Boosts Energy Levels and Immunity

A long day can be tiresome to cope with unless it begins right. Sex in the morning can boost energy levels. It also strengthens the immune system, kicking up levels of IgA found in different parts of the body like the vagina and the saliva. These antibodies protect you from all kinds of infections, diseases, and disorders.

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6. Good for Skin

Good Skin

Morning makeup routines will be reduced to a bare minimum thanks to sex at dawn. Climaxing releases estrogen(2), which boosts skin tone and texture, besides adding a glow to your hair.

7. Increase Your Brain Power

Studies show sex improves memory and cognitive function. It helps you to be focused at work once you’ve begun the day on the right note!

8. Improves Sleep Quality

Sex in the morning also controls levels of cortisol and increases melanin, which boosts deeper sleep on the same night.

How to Make Morning Sex Better

1. Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation can be an excellent way to engage in intimate foreplay before intercourse. Try a massage or a kiss to get your partner in the mood.

2. Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

If you and your partner are celebrating sex in the morning, add to the party by getting breakfast in bed.

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3. Try Different Positions or Locations

From spooning to the flatiron, you can try unusual sexual positions. It is easy to use these sexual positions to enhance intercourse and intimacy levels. Try the shower or kitchen counter for an excellent experience if the bed seems boring. Stand and deliver, or the tabletop, are some unusual sexual positions to try at these locations.

4. Add a Sex Toy

Try kinky sex toys, and it can make your partner get into the mood, and serve as an exciting option as opposed to the strident ringing of the morning alarm clock!

5. Induce Gamification

Add an element of gaming to your sex routine. This can help you and your partner to feel closer together. Try fun games like eating out, setting up date nights, or even dating plans that involve going to unusual locations and experience new levels of intimacy and togetherness.

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Why Try Morning Sex?

Morning sex has its benefits. Beyond the usual benefits, morning sex has a ton of health benefits. It ensures you live a long, healthy, happy, and emotionally satisfying life. It wards off cancer and prevents disease. Managing your sex life is essential, and making the time for it is equally critical.

Sex cuts down on tension and stress, besides being linked to self-esteem, emotional, and psychological health. It relieves aches and pains, including menstrual cramps. Orgasms at sex improve sperm count and motility, lowering certain forms of cancer in men. Sex is also suitable for cardiovascular health.

Sex has a lot of health benefits from lowering hypertension to stressors and even reduces the chances of chronic disorders, diseases, and lifestyle health problems. Health benefits include fewer complaints, more immunity from infections, lower blood pressure, and better health outcomes. The perks of sex extend well beyond just your physical health.

Sex also boosts intimacy and serves as a basis of a healthy emotional bond between partners and spouses. Sex promotes fewer chances of heart diseases like CVA, MI, IHD, and heart attacks. It also releases hormones that reduce the sensation of pain. Besides this, it controls levels of stress and improves the quality of sleep.

So, don’t let sex take a backseat in your relationship. Opt for these handy ways to boost the sexiness quotient of your morning encounters and ensure the pleasure and health benefits are easily accessed.

Do remember to practice safe sex and follow all the precautions you need while engaging in the act with your partner. Safe sex is a healthy sexual practice! Get your partner into the mood by using these useful tips and watch your relationship blossom.

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