Winter Wavy and Curly Hair Tips You Cannot Do Without

Updated on December 2nd, 2019
curly hair tips

The long, sun-filled beach days are a thing of the past, as the new year brings new challenges with it, and cold winter. Most wavy or curly-haired individuals have to battle with their hair during this season.

The biggest concern becomes how to maintain moisture when the air becomes dry. With just a few tweaks, the right products, and an excellent routine, hair can survive the long, dark winter months as we count the days till spring. Here’s what you need to do to protect your hair.

Winter Wavy and Curly Hair Tips

1. Use Protein and Nutrients

This is easily among the essential tips you need to follow. Fortify your hair using nutrients, moisturizers, and protein.

If you are not protein sensitive, it is perfect for keeping the hair hydrated and prevent brittle hair or hair loss. During the warmer months, deep conditioning becomes harder to handle. As it gets colder, deep conditioner can be used in every single wash, 2-3 times in a week, as waves are prone to dryness.

2. Steam Your Hair

During those cold winter months, curly hair does tend to become dry. So steaming is permanently using moist water and releasing moisture into your hair.

It is especially important during the dry, humidity less winter air. Adding steam to deep conditioners ensures it penetrates deeper. Yet another option is using steam that is either left in or moisturizers on the next few days for hydrating hair and revitalizing the waves. Steaming hair to fresh winter curls is an excellent idea on wash days, too.

3. Seal The Ends

Seal your hair with oil, leaving in cream and oil. By sealing the hair with oil, you lock in moisturizing properties of conditioners, and styling products underneath, while keeping outside elements like dry air away from the indoor heaters or environment.

4. Shelve those Humectants

Humectant ingredients include wheat protein, honey, fructose, panthenol, glycerin, and sorbitol. These are great in summer and seal moisture in the air by gathering it from the air all around. They also draw moisture from dry hair; however, during the winters. This makes hair drier, and prone to breakage, flyaways and split ends.

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5. Use Cleansing Conditioner

Cleansing Conditioner 

Even wavy curly air needs a ton of moisture. It is the best time of the year to consider the cleansing conditioner. As it contains no lathering detergents or sulfates, it helps the hair to remain at massively hydrated levels.

If products with heavy waxes or silicones are used, shampoo once in a while. Coat the length of the texture using a co-wash first. This ensures the shampoo cleanses the scalp. Use the co-wash in colder months for the best outcomes.

6. Avoid Heat

Avoid using hair straighteners, flat irons, or blow dryers after a hair wash. Overuse makes hair frizzy and unruly, especially during dry weather. Love your curls, but keep them away from hair dryers, especially during the winter. It will only add to dry hair woes.

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7. Use Conditioners

Curly and wavy hair is porous. Conditioning the hair is critical for locking the moisture after every hair wash. Use the daily conditioner for wavy hair, leaving it on for 2 minutes and washing it off.

For tight curls, conditioning for 5 minutes and rinsing it off is the key. You can also leave-in conditioners to lock in the moisture in the coils. Additionally, deep condition the hair twice a week for best outcomes.

8. Oil Your Hair

Oil Your Hair

Oils always work wonders on hair. During winters, don’t forget to use warm oil like coconut, almond, or olive oil on your hair. Use hot oil treatment before a hair wash.

This allows lubrication to remain on the hair before shampooing and softens the hair, making detangling easier(1) to accomplish. Coat your hair so shampoo and its chemicals don’t take away the shine. The best oil for curly and wavy hair is jojoba, sweet almond, and olive oil, for it is light and controls fizz.

9. Cover Up

When it comes to hair troubles, always remember prevention is better than cure. Bear in mind that when moving outdoors, dry winds can make hair frizzier. Ensure your hair is covered with a hat or scarf, as these help in building grand fashion statements.

10. Get Good Rest

Curls improve in feel from sleeping on satin pillowcases. Plenty of rest ensures waves and curls don’t dry up as they would with a cotton case. Wrap the curls and waves in satin or silk scarves to reduce frizz.

11. Keep the Body Well Hydrated

During winter, it is essential to increase water intake. Curly hair benefits from water, as it prevents hair from getting dehydrated.

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12. Cut Down Alcohol and Caffeine

Drinking hot coffee or alcohol can impact the body, hair, and skin, as well. These substances alter liver functioning and force the endocrine system to generate toxins.

It causes the accumulation of toxins in the body and lets skin and hair remain duller. It leads to premature aging. To beat the cold, drink green tea or lemon tea in hot water. So avoid too many caffeinated beverages(2) and even sodas or colas during the cold winter months.

In short, this sums up exactly what you need to know about maintaining your wavy or curly hair during winter. These hair care tips make a big difference to the final way your hair appears during those cold winter months.

It also ensures that the winter chills do not mar the beauty quotient. Cold winter months can play havoc with your curls. To prevent your wavy hair from getting messier, work hard to evade the issues associated with winter troubles, and keep your hair healthy, lustrous, and shiny.

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