10 Foods That Ruin Your Sex Drive

Updated on April 16th, 2020
foods ruining sex drive

We all like the idea of being sexy and in love, but there can be times when feeling in the mood does not work for you. Why does it happen? While you still fancy your partner, here’s why those it’s just not tempting enough to hop into bed with your loved one. Here’s how your diet could be impacting your sex drive. While food can boost the mood for sex (consider aphrodisiacs like oysters and strawberries), the opposite holds, as well. Let’s check which foods ruin your sex drive.

Top 10 Foods to Hamper Your Sex Drive

1. Alcohol

This is not a newsflash, but a headline. We’ve all known of those times when drunk sex just cannot cut it in bed with your partner. Orgasms under the influence of alcohol can be hard to attain. However, experts hold that moderate limits do not damage the libido.

Drinking excessively can be at the root of ED(1) or sexual dysfunctions. Excessive alcohol can even put you to sleep or uninterested in sex. That reason is why the bottle of champagne or whiskey could end up making you less than playful. Don’t give in to alcohol for relaxation, for the only thing it will succeed in doing is making you too tired for sex afterward.

2. Red Meat

Red Meat

Some red meats can be infused with hormones and antibiotics, unbalancing the natural hormone levels of the man if consumed in large quantities. Date night does not mean meat if you want to get into the mood. Filet mignon can wreak your libido like no other food on earth.

Opt for a healthy, balanced diet for the best outcomes. Nutritious meals are essential to maintain the body in optimal shape, so you feel in the mood for sex. Red meats can be a real problem in that case. Calorie rich and full of the wrong kinds of fat, they are bad for health, too. Infused with chemicals and growth hormones, these types of foods are to be strictly avoided, if you want to be in good shape, mentally and physically, for sex.

3. Cheese

Cheese is another no-no, for it messes with hormonal levels(2). Primarily, it impacts testosterone in men and estrogen in women, lowering the libido. Cheese gives as much pleasure to foodies as can be. But if you want to get going in the bedroom, avoid the cheese, please!

Nothing can be more upsetting than a cheese pizza, so if you thought pizza was the way to a man’s heart, think again. Food can undoubtedly invite compliments for the chef, but they do absolutely nothing for your man and you.

4. Mint

Mint Leaves Benefits
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This may be a turn-on pre-date, but it’s a different story after the date. The menthol in mint lowers testosterone, lowering the sex drive. So avoid those mojitos, if you know you plan to make it a big night with your partner or boyfriend.

5. Licorice

Licorice allsorts are an excellent idea for a date, but if you’re planning sex after that, this one’s a bad idea. The herb is used in plant-based candies, teas, and drinks. While it is a tasty beverage or item to consume, it can come in the way of a healthy sex drive. It lowers levels of testosterone(3), weakening the sex drive in men and women both.

6. Quinine

Tonic water contains flavored drinks like quinine. This hurts the libido, too. Gin may make you sentimental, but tonic can make you cold! Combine both, and you’ll end up being frigid the whole night.

7. Chocolate

Who would have thought chocolate would make it to the list? But it does. On account of methylxanthines, it is lethargic and lowers the sex drive, causing individuals to feel sleepy. So, if you think popping or gifting chocolates is the way to healthy sex life, think again.

8. Fried Food

foods ruin your sex drive

Not only are fried, processed, greasy, junk foods bad for a healthy diet, but they impact the sex drive, too. Trans-fat found in fried foods decrease libido in men and women by increasing abnormal sperm production in men and coming in the way of gestation in women.

9. Microwaved Popcorn

Next time you like someone, don’t agree to a night at the movies. For that popcorn you’re eating could well be the reason for a low sex drive. Chemicals used in popcorn bag linings are linked to a lower sex drive, Popcorn bags are rich in perfluoroalkyl acids, that lower libido in women and sperm motility and count in men.

10. Corn Flakes

Yes, cereal can put you out of the mood for sex. Blame it on John Harvey Kellogg. The creator behind the well-known cereal brand was a big believer in the importance of abstaining from sex. Cereals can be a real turn-off because it is designed to blunt sexual urges. Even spicing it up with cinnamon or honey won’t work. The high fiber content can satiate you to the point when you are not in the mood.

Bottom Line

So, date night could be the night, if you play your cards right. However, eat the wrong kinds of food, and it could blow up in your face. If you’re planning a fancy caviar dinner or a humble burger at McDonald’s, both can be a wrong choice.

Dates apart, the critical point to remember is that sex is an activity that requires careful preparation. It cannot follow a heavy, four-course meal for you and your partner could end up falling asleep in bed, tired out by the excessive effort of wading through all those calories. Glycemic load, blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, sleep urges – all these factors impact whether you get into the mood and food has a significant role to play in this context.

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