Does Practicing Yoga for Sex Benefit Your Stamina?

Updated on November 8th, 2019
Yoga for Sex

Sex is one of the best pleasures of life, but it is also surrounded by many if’s, but’s, myths and ssshhhh. Are you also very shy talking about it to anybody even if you come across any problems or just looking for ways to enhance the experience of sex? If yes, then this read is the perfect pick for you.

You can take your experience to a whole new level of pleasure by practicing some of the asanas of yoga for sex. Yes, don’t be astonished as yoga is not only beneficial for treating multiple body ailments, but also works to enhance your sexual desires along with addressing problems related to arousal, orgasm, and others.

With its gaining popularity, yoga is now practiced by more than 20.4 million people in the US itself. Moreover, this article is going to give you the best reasons that support this fact and how the various poses of yoga and pranayama work for enhancing your sexual experience.

A Brief About Yoga and Sex

About Yoga and Sex

Great sex and great yoga are two ultimate body experiences. Not only are both great stress relievers, but yoga and sex complement each other in a lot of ways. Specific yoga poses help in improving your flexibility, enhance the flow of blood and also open your heart. All these traits are essential for heating your sex life.

Some yoga poses help in stretching some of your body parts which enable you to try newer sex positions, and yoga helps reduce stress, so you can enjoy your lovemaking without having to be stressful about other things and other emotions in mind.

How Can Yoga Help to Enhance Your Sex Life?

There are many benefits of yoga for sexual health. Yoga has a lot of benefits for your overall health, and even for your love life, it can put in a lot of good. Check out how yoga for sex works in a life-changing way.

  1. Yoga helps in enhancing your flexibility.
  2. Yoga helps in the maintenance of a healthy body which also increases your self-esteem(1) and confidence.
  3. Yoga also helps in releasing stress and enhances the positivity in your life and mind.
  4. Yoga helps in improving your libido.

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What are the Multiple Benefits of Practicing Yoga for Enhancing your Sex Life?

There are various benefits of the practice of yoga for sex life. Here are some benefits of yoga for sex which might change your perspective towards it:

1. Yoga Helps in Targeting your Sexual Zones

Yoga helps in toning and strengthening your spine, pelvic muscles, and other physical postures. Yoga poses for sex enhance your strength and stamina to continue having sex for a longer time and, you can try new positions now with your strengthened pelvic muscle.

2. Yoga will Make you Feel Good about your Body

Yoga helps in making you burn calories and makes you fit. Also, yoga tends to bring a glow on your skin. It frees you from stress and also brings out the curves and sex appeal in your body. This makes you feel better in your skin and good about your body.

3. Yoga can help in Improving your Sexual Function

Practicing yoga for better sex can enhance your ability to have longer sex and better orgasms. The contraction which is created with yoga in your muscles helps in improving your arousal during sex.

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4. Yoga will Improve your Flexibility During Sex

Regular practice of yoga for sex brings about more flexibility in your body. Trying new sex positions will become more comfortable for you if you practice yoga regularly.

10 Effective Yoga Poses for Sex

There are numerous yoga poses for better sex. You can bring back the lost sex life and spark to your sex drive and libido(2) with these yoga poses and even surprise your partner with your moves. Here are some of the best yoga postures for better sex for  which will enhance your performance in bed:

1. Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose for sex

This yoga posture for sex helps in opening up your hips and also helps in the reduction of anxiety and stress. It is helpful in the strengthening your hamstrings and also alleviates fatigue and calms your nervous system.

2. Upward Facing Bow or Wheel Pose

This yoga pose is a great energizer. It stimulates your metabolism and also stretches your hip area. This yoga will make your orgasms more intense, and it is also a heart opener.

3. Sitting Wide Angle Forward Bend

People who have a low libido will benefit from this yoga for sex. This yoga pose enhances the circulation around the pelvic region and also helps in calming the mind and anxious thoughts which further create intimacy.

4. Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose for Sex
Image: ShutterStock

This yoga helps you in focusing and concentrating on peaceful thoughts. It allows you to realize how you feel about yourself including your sexuality, your physical and emotional well-being.

5. Cow or Cat Flow Pose

This yoga pose helps in controlling those muscles that contract during orgasms. Also, it brings more flexibility in your sex moves and strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. It relieves stress and also helps in creating and emotional balance.

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6. Eagle Pose

This yoga pose enhances your blood circulation and also reaches out to take fresh oxygen in your pelvic region. It helps you in making yourself prepared for a sexy romp in your bedroom by preparing the cervix.

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7. Downward Facing Dog

This yoga pose elongates your spine and makes it durable. It also aids in digestion and makes you feel refreshed and calms the caught-up tension in your body. This yoga also tones your muscles and boosts your confidence.

8. Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand pose for sex

This yoga pose helps in stimulating the production of hormones and also activates your nervous system. It brings about calmness and serenity in your body making it intimacy-ready. It also balances your thyroid glands.

9. Cobra

This pose enhances your sexual intimacy and brings in energy from your heart. It is also a heart opener and brings about power in your body.

10. Bound Angle

This yoga pose helps in opening up your pelvic region and your hips. It helps you in stretching your body parts which play an essential role during sex. Also, this yoga pose helps heat of the groin area.

Can Kapalbhati Help to Enhance your Sexual Drive?

For men, sex is all about being able to have an erection and also being able to maintain it for a long time. Viagra does just that. It enhances the flow of blood towards the male organ which in return increases the erection and its stability.

With the inclusion of yoga for better sex, people have become more aware that Kapalbhati has the same function that Viagra does. Kapalbhati also enhances the flow of blood from the stomach to the male organ which increases the stability of the erection and stamina. Also, it increases the sperm count too.

For women, kapalbhati can help treat the blockage which is formed in the fallopian tubes.


  1. Yoga burns calories, so it is essential that you induce good eating habits and a balanced diet to work on your sex life. Low diet will never enhance your stamina.
  2. Do not try to force your body into doing a yoga pose. Learn the various tricks and tips on how to perform a particular yoga pose to be able to do better rather than pushing yourself on the edge.
  3. If you have had a physical injury or accident in a specific part of the body, then do not hurt yourself by practicing yoga poses which may be hurtful, painful, or harmful in any way.
  4. If you are on any medication, kindly contact your doctor and then pursue the yoga for sex.

Sex is an integral part of your love life. Yoga can, of course, enhance your stability and creativity in your sex life and spice up things a bit. However, both men and women must keep their thoughts of inefficiency, apprehensions, and inhibitions if they are trying to get creative. Having a happy and peaceful mind will do much good. Hopefully, yoga will add the spark to your libido and other things needful.

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