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Updated on March 26th, 2020
KT Tape for Ankle

It’s a weekday and you need to reach your office, but you are already late by an hour. When you arrive at your office building, to your horror, you are invited with ‘Elevator Out of Order’otice. In an attempt to reach your steps,  sprained your ankle. This sprain can disable you from certain activities for a long time, but KT tape for ankle can hasten the healing process apart from reducing the swelling.

American College(1) of Sports Medicine (ACSM) reports that about 50% of all injuries in sports are because of the ankle sprain. It also states that around 25,000 Americans are estimated to experience ankle sprain each day.

Inward rolling or inversion is the leading cause of ankle sprains, and its percentage is more than 80. Though strong and sudden movements are the reasons behind several ankle sprains, persistent low-grade trauma can affect the ankle ligaments(2) by injuring and weakening them.

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Why KT Tape for Ankle Sprain?

KT Tape for Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain can damage the ligaments and the pain can sustain for a long time. Different therapies depend on the severity and type of ankle sprain. But physically active people, especially athletes and dancers, opt for protecting their ankles to prevent any future injury.

Kinesiology tape for ankle microscopically lifts the skin and enables lymphatic drainage. The lifting increases interstitial space and reduces pressure while decreasing inflammation too. This entire process helps lymphatic fluid to flow properly.

Kinesiology tape is different from the aspect of its form and function. General tapes cannot be worn for a long time because it restricts movement and wraps the injured portion very tightly, making the whole thing uncomfortable, uneasy and somewhat painful too. Because of its design and lightweight, KT tapes can be used for several days at a stretch and round the clock.

KT tapes are thin and lightweight, which means it is far more comfortable and can be worn for a long time than the traditional wrapping tapes. KT tapes can reduce the swelling without affecting the blood flow.

People use Kinesiology Tape for ankle sprain for one more reason. KT tapes are gum based and don’t need to be wrapped around. So, users never face difficulty in placing the feet and ankle on the ground or any other surface. They do not cause any discomfort.

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Properties of Kinesiology Tape for Ankle

The elastic properties of Kinesio tape do not restrict the range of motion of your body and focus to prolong the advantages of manual therapy which is administered within the clinic setting. Below mentioned are some major benefits of Kinesio tape for an ankle sprain

  • We can begin with understanding what Kinesiology tape is. It is basically an elastic tape with a special kind of adhesive. It is latex-free and safe to use.
  • The unique elastic element of Kinesiology Tape, on the other hand, gives active support, guards the joints without obstructing the movement.
  • Kt tapes are made from 100% cotton and flexible fibers. The tape does not contain any kind of medicine and its hypoallergenic.
  • It can be used around the target muscle and does not affect the movement at all. Due to all these reasons, people prefer using Kinesio tape for swelling in the ankle

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Benefits of Applying KT Tape for Ankle Pain

Benefits of KT Tape for Ankle

The users of KT tape lovingly call it the ‘magic tape’ due to its effectiveness and various kind of benefits. It is one of the most used therapeutic tapes in healthcare and athlete domain. The benefits of Kinesiology tape for ankle pain include:
It relieves the old and chronic pain. The tape reduces the pressure in the affected area by lifting the skin slightly and instantly starts working subtly. KT tape cuts the pain signal and blocks its pathway to the brain.

  • It relieves the old and chronic pain. The tape reduces the pressure in the affected area by lifting the skin slightly and instantly starts working subtly. KT tape cuts the pain signal and blocks its pathway to the brain.
  • Apart from reducing pain, it also decreases the swelling and inflammation and channels the lymphatic fluid without any blockage. KT tape is useful for post-surgical pains as well.
  • This accelerates recovery and removes the clotted blood under the skin. KT tape can remove the bruise within a few days with its skin lifting process.
  • Kt tape reduces the chances of muscle cramps because the muscles get more oxygen due to the enhanced blood circulation. So, the probability of spasm also decreases.
  • Excessive physical activity often produces by-products like lactic acid which can be the cause of ankle pain as well. This can also result in stiff muscle and restricted or painful movement. KT tape can reduce the by-products and ease the muscle.
  • The best thing about Kt tape for ankle pain is, it does not restrict the movement or makes it difficult to walk or stand. One can wear Kt tape for an ankle sprain, even during exercise, bathing, cycling and swimming as well.
  • Kt tape gradually strengthens the weak or poorly built or toned muscles. It supports the weak muscles around the ankle. It also protects the ankle from future injury.
  • Kt tape helps to improve the posture with time. The wrong posture is the result of poorly toned muscle and bones due to bad habits related to body language. Kt tape creates required tension and corrects the posture gradually.

Method of Applying KT Tape for Ankle Sprain to Get Fast Relief

Method of Applying KT Tape

One must know how to wrap sprained ankle with kt tape properly so that they can acquire the maximum benefit out of it. After a few practices, self-taping sprained ankle is not at all challenging. However, the wrong application of kt tape for ankle pain will not be effective. The method of applying KT tape for the ankle is divided into two steps. 

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For Below The Heel Area To Medical Malleolus

Step 1: First, rip the tape in the center slightly and twist it till you get the band-aid tape kind of a look. Keep your ankle at 90-degree angle and attach the mid portion of the tape on the edge of the heel near the mid-foot.

Step 2: Start with utilizing just a single side of the tape and after that keep your ankle to the other side of the tape you’ve begun with. Move your ankle from the direction you’re initially applying it to, and this makes a sentiment of constant strain when attached.

For Achilles Tendon

Step1: Rip the tape just like you did in the first step.  Apply the KT tape on the Achilles tendon or the bone above the heel.

Step 2: Wrap the tape around covering the malleolus initially after keeping your ankle at 90 degrees and finish the wrapping at the top of the foot.

Here are few tips for wrapping KT tape for Ankle Sprain successfully:

  • Create Strain: Observe the movement of joints and create strain through the tape to secure the joints.
  • Stretch: You need to understand how much to stretch to get the stability. Pay attention to the stretch amount.
  • Remove: KT tapes are adhesive based. So, remove it carefully and gently; else it can hurt.

Remember applying or using Kt tape for the ankle is not easy. If you wrap it wrongly or misapply it, then you will never feel its effectiveness. So, try to learn the application correctly.

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Side Effects from Using KT Tape for Ankle

There are very few instances where patients have reported any side effects after using Kinesiology Tape for ankle pain. Patients with very sensitive skin often report a kind of irritation or itchiness due to the adhesive of KT tape.

People with excessive body hair usually face trouble while removing the KT tape as the adhesive tend to stick with skin including the body hair.

Wrong application or attachment of the KT tape can cause damage. So, learn the right technique from experienced users, doctors or just watch a few authentic tutorials before trying the DIY.

Bottom Line

Kinesiology tapes are comfortable, practical and easy to wear for a long time. Kt tape for ankle does not cover the entire injured portion or joints, and it just covers the periphery to support and keeps it functional. The best thing about kinesiology tape for the ankle is, one can wear it for 4 to 5 days at a stretch without restricting any movement.

Although many people think that Kt tape is meant for athletes, it can be used by other people. Anyone involved in physical activities or victims of any muscle pain can use it. You can use kt tape for a sprained ankle. However, you do need to apply it properly to get its benefit. There is no age or gender restriction for using kt tape for ankle pain.

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