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Updated on March 28th, 2020
acupuncture for knee pain

KT Tape for Wrist: Solution to Your Wrist PainYou are a fitness freak, and you love running and jogging to keep yourself in the best shape. You can’t dream of losing that one hour of exercise in the morning. But as they say, a little ax can cut down a big tree; and so your knee pain can impact not only your one-hour workout program but the remaining day’s activities too. If you wish a piece of good advice, get KT tape for knee and take command of your daily routine. You can get back on your feet with this elastic Kinesiology Tape.

    1. How Does It Work
    2. Advantages
    3. Features
    4. Benefits
    5. How to Apply KT Tape
    6. Do,s and Don’ts
  • The overall prevalence of knee pain in men is in the range of 15% to 20%, and in women, it is 20%. Its occurrence is more in women than men with both men and women showing a steady increase in the pain from the age of 60.
  • The knee pain often occurs due to too much weight on the knee joint and the other most common cause is improper or incorrect technique during any activity that makes it the second most common reason of chronic pain around the world.

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How Does Kinesiology Tape for Knee Pain Work?

Kinesiology Tape for Knee Pain

Knee pain (1) is amongst the worst pains as it hinders the movement of the sufferer completely. People fail to enjoy the little surprises of life present in the day to day chores of our lives.

Just like a little gadget can ease your work burden manifold, in the same way, Kinesiology Tape can work wonders in getting away with the throbbing knee pain. If you are someone who is under the plight of knee pain for quite some time now, then you must be well aware of the various pain relieving tapes available in the market these days.

Kinesiology Tape boasts of a unique design which not only offers support to the patient but also helps to solve the problem therapeutically.

The wonderful strapping tape focuses on different receptors within the same somatosensory system which comprises of sensory neurons.

By targeting the sensory neurons, KT Tape for knee helps to abandon pain and fosters the drainage of lymphatic tissues by lifting the skin.

This lifting of the skin helps to reduce inflammation in the affected area and thus reduces knee pain.

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Advantages of KT Tape Over Other Conventional Tapes?

KT Tape has multiple advantages over other strapping tapes available in the medical market.

The main benefits of using KT Tape for knee pain include:

  • While usual strapping tapes are non-elastic, Kinesiology Tape for knee has unique elastic property. This property makes it apt for providing support and protection to muscles and joints.
  • KT Tape is applied over and around the knee area rather than tying it around the injured tissue tightly. KT Tapes ensure proper movement.
  • Other strapping tapes have a short span after which they become waste. However, you can use a single KT Tape over the knees for four to five days.
  • Kinesiology Tape is almost similar to skin. Its thickness and weight are the same as that of the epidermis. This property alleviates the uneasiness and irritation in the affected area which is otherwise predominant when we use regular strapping tapes on an injury.

8 Unique Features of KT Tape for Knee That You Cannot Ignore

KT Tape for knee has some fantastic features and qualities. The eight prominent features of kinesiology Tape for knee pain relief are:

  • KT tape is 100 percent latex-free which means that it does not contain any natural rubber.
  • It comprises of a gentle cotton fiber strip which holds the polymer elastic.
  • Kinesiology Tape for knee arthritis pain is 100 percent medical grade adhesive.
  • The amazing tape is hypoallergenic, i.e., it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction on the body.
  • As it is water resistant, it can be worn while swimming or while taking a shower
  • A person wearing KT Tape for curing knee pain can easily enjoy free movements as it does not restrict motion.
  • The strapping tape helps to relax and stimulate muscles.
  • The glue inside the KT cotton strip is heat-activated and is applied in a wave-like pattern to give the feel of a fingertip. This feature makes the tape user-friendly.

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Benefits of Using KT tape for Knee Arthritis or Knee Pain

The main advantages of using KT Tape for treating knee pain problems are:

  • Pain Relief


Kinesiology Tape works efficiently by giving you instant pain relief. The elasticity of KT Tape ensures that it allows free body movement. It provides support to your knees which helps in the reduction of pain.

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  • Supports Muscle Strength

KT Tape helps to improve your muscle strength with the help of its flexibility and proprioception boost. This property helps an athlete to boost her/his performance and also aids children suffering from low muscle tone.

The tape works efficiently in supporting injured muscles.

  • Reduces Swelling

KT tape for knee pain

Kinesiology Taping induces a lift to your skin. This property of KT Tape for inner knee pain helps in removal of lymphatic, swollen, or bruised tissues.

  • Reduces Cramps and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

It aids to remove excess lactic acid which can usually lead to DOMS. It also helps to cure muscle fatigue.

  • Helps Enjoy Sports, Work, and Play

KT Tape allows proper motion of the knee and thus supports the sufferer to indulge in his day-to-day activities with ease. People can return to their work and sports activities while applying the KT Tape.

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How to Apply KT Tape for Knee for Effective Results?

KT Tape is used in multiple shapes depending on the size of the injury and the result the sufferer is expecting. One can apply KT Tape on the knees in the shape of a Y, I, X, Fan, Web, or Donut. The main application methods for applying KT Tape include:

  • End-to-End Application Method of Kinesiology Tape

  1. Tear apart the backing two to three inches from the end of the tape. Make sure to remove the backing from the end of tape only.
  2. Apply to the affected area without stretching.
  3. Rub the tape to activate the adhesive.
  4. Apply the center of the tape with the desired stretch.
  5. In the remaining two inches, apply the tape without any stretch.
  • Middle Stretch Application of KT Tape

  1. Tear the backing across the middle of the tape.
  2. Now peel the backing by pulling the two parts away.
  3. Stretch the KT Tape and apply from the center towards the ends.
  4. Apply the remaining two inch of the tape with no stretch.

Dos and Don’ts Before Applying KT Tape for Pain

  • Proper analysis of the sufferer’s condition is mandatory  to get the best results
  • Avoid using KT Tape on an area which has scrapes, cuts, burns, rash, or sunburns
  • Never use excessive tension while applying KT Tape
  • If adhesion of the tape is hampering due to body hair, then remove body hair
  • Ensure you don’t  perspire while applying the adhesive tape
  • Avoid getting involved in the exercise, swimming, or bathing for at least one hour after application of the tape
  • After using the tape, rub it up and down to activate the heat sensitive glue

Knee pain (2) can obstruct your success and happiness. But every problem comes with a solution, and knee pain also has an excellent remedial solution. After reading this article, you are well aware of the fantastic remedy of knee pain, and that is the Kinesiology Tape for knee pain relief.

The elastic tape is a miracle which works efficiently on your skin. It not only works well on your pain but is also budget-friendly and quite easy to use. So if you are missing out on the fun from your life owing to the clingy interior knee pain, your best friend, KT Tape for knee is at your rescue. You don’t have to rely on those expensive and harmful painkillers for dealing with your pain as the fantastic KT tape will give you relief from the throbbing pain in the best possible way

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