How to Treat an Inverted Sprained Ankle Fast

inverted ankle sprain pain

Our ankles are one of the most important parts of our body because they hold upon them almost the entire weight of the body throughout our lifetime. Which is why an inverted ankle sprain is not just painful but is also highly inconvenient since it might actually curb our movements.

A sprained ankle, in medical terms, would mean the sudden tearing or partial injury of one or more ligaments of the angle due to the sudden turning or twisting of the foot. All it takes for an ankle to get sprained is just one wrong step be it during athletics or while performing daily activities.

Inversion Ankle Sprain, which is also known as Lateral Ankle Sprain(1), happens when the foot is inverted too much to the inner side which in turn affects the lateral side of the foot wherein the lateral ligaments, as a result, get highly stretched. More than three-fourths of the ankle sprains are classified under this category.

It is very important to treat sprained ankle as early as possible since the longer you avoid going to a doctor the higher the chances of the joint pain getting worse.

Proper Medication

It is very important that you visit the doctor immediately after you sprain your ankle to ensure that you have not indeed fractured your foot in the process.

Also, it is advisable to make use of pain medication as the pain might get unbearable at times.

Resting Your Foot

Rest Foot

It is important that you give your ankle some rest by not putting too much of a weight on it by which it is meant that you should not walk too much since that might aggravate the problem.

If walking is of utmost importance, it is advisable to use clutches or even ankle braces that will make sure to check the swelling as well as to provide your ligaments and your ankle with some stability.

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Reduction of the Inflammation

Ice packs help in a big way to keep the pain out by numbing the injured area.

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But if you do not have an ice pack handy, it is advisable not to use ice directly on the skin but to make an ice pack by wrapping the available ice in a towel for about 20 minutes but not more since that might result in frostbite.

Applying Compression


Applying compression(2) on your sprained ankle would make sure to give it a kind of stability, not to mention that it will also help in a huge way to control the swelling.

Keeping the Foot Elevated

Swelling occurs in a sprained ankle mostly because of the fact that the blood and other fluid get gathered around the injury which needs to be avoided at all costs because persistent swelling will not only increase the pain but will also keep it from healing.

Which is why keeping the foot in an elevated position ensures that the swelling does not just decrease but also guarantees that the blood flow would not be hampered.

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