Holy Basil Tea Benefits for Your Brain and Body

Updated on January 20th, 2020
Holy Basil Tea health benefits

Holy Basil is an essential herb. This green leafy plant is native to south-east Asia. Holy Basil has been inevitable is actively included in oriental rituals and customs. Holy basil tea benefits are time tested and accepted from time immemorial.

Did You Know!

For Hindus, it is the most sacred and holy plant, and it is used for almost 5000 years. It is an excellent Ayurveda herb.Studies acclaimed the traditional uses of holy basil and supported its medicinal values. Researchers also accepted its efficacies in treating lifestyle diseases including metabolic issues, cold, psychological stress, and diabetes.

What are the Impressive Benefits of Holy Basil Tea?

The holy basil tea benefits are as follows:

1. Treat Fever

Holy Basil has some good healing components and has organic essential oils which help us fight infections. It is an excellent source of germicide, fungicide, antibiotic and has disinfectant properties. All these are required to boost our immunity in fighting against viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Fever is not a disease but is a visible symptom of internal infections. Fever results from bacterial or fungal infections creeping inside. Holy basil tea is capable of fighting all these pathogens with its antibacterial, germicidal and fungicidal components.

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2. Heals Respiratory Issues:

Respiratory Issues

Apart from curing fever, holy basil tea can give you relief from respiratory disorders. It has properties like eugenol, cineole, and camphene which work magically to clear the respiratory tract congestion and fight internal fungal or bacterial infections.

Starting from dry cough to sore throat, bronchitis to a chronic respiratory disorder, holy basil tea can cure almost all the major breathing ailments.

3. Cures Asthma

If you have asthma, then try holy basil tea and experience the holy basil tea benefit. The soothing aroma of this ancient herb unclogs the congestion and aids smooth breathing.

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4. Great for Lung Syndromes

Properties like camphene, cineole, vitamin C and eugenol are capable enough to clear the congestion in the lungs. It not only treats the infection but heals the source of the ailment too. If you are into smoking and have already damaged your lungs, then holy basil tea is distinctively useful for you.

5. Decreases Stress Levels

Antioxidants and vitamin C, present in holy basil can cure the damages caused by free radicals. Free radicals and oxidants cause stress. According to a study, holy basil can soothe the nerves, reduce inflammation and balance blood pressure. As a consequence, the stress level decreases naturally. It also soothes the tensed plasma vessels.

The presence of adaptogen prepares our body physically and mentally in adapting to stress. Holy basil has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant elements. According to Ayurveda and Yoga practitioners, this caffeine-free tea is relaxing and is a holistic beverage.

6. Averts Heart Diseases

According to a study of 2017, holy basil can prevent cardiovascular diseases. It contains vitamin C and antioxidants like eugenol. These nutrients can protect our heart from fatal damages of free radicals. Eugenol is also known for reducing harmful cholesterol level in the blood.

7. Dental Care

Dental Care

Holy basil has antibacterial components which fight the cavity, tartar and plaque-causing bacteria. Hence, you will get rid of bad breath after consuming holy basil tea. It is an excellent natural mouth freshener. It can destroy almost 99% of food-borne bacteria of our mouth.

The astringent agents of holy basil make your gums tighter. The germicidal agents fight ulcer-causing germs and keep our gums and teeth healthy.

8. Skin Protector

Holy basil tea detoxifies your body from inside and gives you naturally glowing skin(1). It has anti-bacterial and antifungal components which provide a natural shield against infections like acne and fungal skin infections.

The organic way to fight free radicals will help you purify your blood, and make your skin better with time.

You can also directly use the leaves on infections as well. Using basil water for a bath or for washing your face can also help you. You can try holy basil steam to get soothing and cooling effects if you are suffering from any itchy infection.

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9. Relieves Headache

If you are suffering from headache due to sinusitis blockages or migraine, then holy basil tea can give you some relief. Eugenol, camphene, cineol, and carvacrol are anti-congestive and analgesic. It can soothe the nerves and release the pressure on the affected areas.

10. Prevents Premature Aging

The essential oils present in holy basil along with phytonutrients and vitamin C are excellent anti-oxidants prepared by the body to fight the damages of free radicals. These free radicals and derivatives of cellular metabolism are the causes of premature aging. As per Ayurveda, holy basil tea preserves youth.

Regulate your Blood Pressure with Holy Basil Tea

blood pressure
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High blood pressure often leads to cardiovascular complications and other heart issues. Constrict blood vessels are obstructions for your blood flow and cause an irregular surge of BP.

The holy basil tea benefits include treating and balancing high blood pressure(2) too. The presence of volatile oils in holy basil can balance blood pressure level. As per the experts, eugenol blocks the elements that can stiffen blood vessels.

Fresh Holy Basil Tea Recipe

Now that you already know the holy basil tea benefits and its immunity-boosting properties, you must be eager to know how to make the magic potion at home. Here is holy basil tea recipe for you:

What you need:

  • Few holy basil leaves
  • Water
  • Ginger (grated): ½ tbs
  • Cardamom: 1
  • Lemon
  • Honey

How to make it:

  1. You need a pan, water, and few holy basil leaves to make the tea.
  2. Add the leaves in boiling water and let it soak for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Strain the tea in a cup.
  4. Ginger and cardamom are optional, but if you are using these then add after boiling the tea and let them soak.
  5. Add honey as per your taste.
  6. You can add a dash of lemon juice if you want.
  7. Now the magic tonic is ready.  Sip and enjoy the aromatic beverage.

Precautions to be undertaken while using Holy Basil Tea

Holy basil can be considered as a safe herb if you consume it in the usual way and get the holy basil tea benefits. But if you have health conditions mentioned below then you should avoid consuming it, or you can also talk to your doctor before adhering to it.

1. During Pregnancy:

Holy basil may have some side effects which could worsen conditions during pregnancy or if you are already pregnant. Any new diet or herb consumption during pregnancy needs a doctor’s advice.

2. Diabetes:

Yes, holy basil can lower blood pressure, that’s true. But it can interrupt our body’blood sugar levels. If you are someone with type 2 diabetes, then talk to your doctor first.

3. Hypothyroidism:

If you have hypothyroidism or low levels of thyroxin secretin, then holy basil can be harmful to you.

4. Post-surgery:

Holy basil can slow down the natural blood clotting process. So if are about to undergo a surgery or just healing from an operation, you have a higher chance of bleeding profusely.

Recommended Daily Dosage of Holy Basil Tea

According to experts, a grown-up person should take 500g of the holy basil extract twice a day to get the holy basil tea benefits. After a few studies, researchers suggested the following estimated dosages for human:

  • A healthy person with 150lb weight = 1100 to 2200 mg
  • A healthy person with 200lb weight = 1500 to 2900 mg
  • A person with 250lb weight = 1800 to 3600 mg

This estimation is based on researches conducted on animals.

Holy basil tea benefits are holistic and life-changing(3). These leaves are readily available. If you are willing to live a healthier and disease-free survival, then trust nature and be healed organically.

The organic way is the best way to feel alive and align your energies and this can be best done with holy basil tea. Stop worrying about future ailments and start living a fit and active life.

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