10 Remarkable Essential Oils for Glowing Skin

Updated on February 10th, 2020
essential oils for skin

Though we don’t see impurities in the skin layer, their presence in skin layers causes infection, acne or pimples on the skin. In our everyday life hustle, we visit many places and go to different weather conditions. These points affect your skin health. The way we give attention to our other body parts skin too requires some efforts along with hygiene.

For deep cleansing and maintaining healthy skin natural treatments are mostly preferred over cosmetics. Because the side effects of cosmetic products vary according to skin type. And skin infections leave behind marks. A healthy skin boosts your confidence in everyday life. To remove dirt from the skin, reduce infections on the skin or to reduce marks of acne on skin natural products are perfect.

Essential oils are natural remedies that help in removing dirt from skin. Many essential oil’s massage makes skin healthier than before, due to anti-fungal, cleaning properties. Also, the dark marks on the skin can be reduced with the application of essential oils on the skin. The essential oils for skin have minimum side effects and are natural remedies to keep your skin healthy.

Why Are Essential Oils Good for Skin?

 Essential oils are beneficial and are very useful. Some of the benefits of essential oils for skin are listed below:

  • They contain antioxidants: These oils can prevent the damaging effect of the harmful free radicals on your skin(1). Oregano and Basil are some of the examples of the essential oils which help in fighting against free radicals.
  • Anti-aging benefits: These oils help in protecting the skin from sun damage and reduce the oxidative stress on your skin. Some of the anti-aging oils are lemon, coconut oil.
  • Helpful in the treatment of acne: Acne has been a problem for most of the youth. It is due to oily skin and causes inflammation of the skin. The essential oils like Plain oil, purify and prevent any further damage to the surface.
  • Anti-Fungal: Some of the people might be upset with their fungal infection and are very eager to know about the remedies for their problems. According to a study in the journal Micro bios, Orange, Patchouli are the most effective treatments to treat the harmful effects of the fungus.

There are hundreds and thousands of essential oils. So, it is, practically impossible to state all of these essential oils.

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So, 10 of the most useful essential oils for skin are stated below

  1. Helichrysum oil
  2. Lavender oil
  3. Lemon Oil
  4. Rose Oil
  5. Peppermint Oil
  6. Carrot Seed Oil
  7. Pomegranate Oil
  8. Cinnamon Oil
  9. Rosemary Oil
  10. Tea Tree Oil

How to Use Essential Oils for Skin?

1. Helichrysum Essential Oil for Skin

Why One Should Use Helichrysum Essential Oil for Skin?

One of the skin problems is acne. Helichrysum oil has healing properties help in curing acne and whiten the acne mark left behind. It promotes cells growth and fast skin regeneration.

How to Use Helichrysum Essential Oil for Skin?

Take 2-3 drops of helichrysum oil mix it with 8 drops of carrier oil. Make sure the mixture is diluted. Apply this dilute mixture as an acne-fighting solution on acne.

2. Lavender Oil for Skin

Lavender oil(2) has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces skin irritation and redness.

Why One Should Use Lavender Oil for Skin?

Lavender is one of the best remedies for removing acne and scars on the face. According to a study by Harvard, Lavender is few of the potential to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

How to Use Lavender Oil for Skin?

Take five spoons of aloe-vera gel, 10ml of lavender oil. Stir the aloe vera gel and lavender oil in a bowl. Wash your face and apply the mixture of gel and oil. Wash your face after 20-30 minutes. Perform the same procedure twice a day.

3. Lemon Oil for Skin

lemon oil for skin

Lemon belongs to a class of citrus fruits which are very sour but, beneficial for metabolism and skin.

Why One Should Use Lemon Oil for The Skin?

Lemon is a face cleanser. Lemon oil acts as a toner and helps to treat acne and pimples. Finally, it hides your age wonderfully by its anti-aging benefits

How to Use Lemon Oil for The Skin?

Take one drop of safflower and 20 drops of lemon oil. With the help of a blender, blend the mixture of safflower and lemon oil and store it in a container. Now, you can apply the mixture to any part of your body. Wash it after 3-4 hours. Perform the procedure daily.

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4. Rose Oil for Skin

Rose oil is obtained from the petals of the rose flower. A heterogeneous mixture obtained after the steam distillation of the various leaves of the rose flower.

Why One Should Use Rose Oil for Skin?

Rose oil has the quality to beautify the top layer of the skin. It helps to remove the dusty and dull layer of the skin(3).

How to Use Rose Oil for Skin?

You require coconut oil, Rosehip seed oil, four drops of rose essential oil, one drop of peppermint oil, and two drops of lavender oil. Firstly, mix all the ingredients in a bowl and pour the mixture into a bottle. Now, add some rosehip seeds in the container. Add a few drops of rose oil and shake it thoroughly. Now, apply the mix over skin once every day.

5. Peppermint Oil for Skin

peppermint oil for skin

Peppermint is a common flavoring agent in foods, and peppermint oil is used to create a pleasant fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. Peppermint oil also used topically (applied to the skin) for a headache, muscle aches, itching, and other problems. Peppermint leaf is available in teas, capsules, and as a liquid extract.

Why One Should Use Peppermint Oil for Skin?

Peppermint oil consists of methanol and helps in treating problems related to hair fall and scalp. It nourishes and beautifies the skin. It is used as a toner and controls the acne of the skin. It hydrates the dry scalp and helps in the growth of the hair.

How to Use Peppermint Oil?

Take two teaspoons of organic coconut oil, four teaspoons of castor oil, ten drops of peppermint oil. Get the coconut and castor oil melted and cooled. Add some peppermint oil to it. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with the help of mild shampoo. Repeat the procedure twice a week.

6. Carrot Seed Oil for Skin

Carrot seed oil consists of nutrients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E. It aids to heal the dry skin and prevents the symptoms of aging.

Why One Should Use Carrot Seed Oil for Skin?

It consists of Vitamin A which makes the skin more resistant to sun rays and tanning. It is an effective antioxidant and provides the best anti-aging formula.

How to Use Carrot Seed Oil for Skin?

Take one spoon full of butter, two drops of carrot seed oil, two drops of lemon oil, and two drops of frankincense oil. Now, Mix the oils and butter in a bowl. Apply the mixture to your face and neck. Wash it after 3-4 hours. Perform the activity regularly.

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7. Pomegranate Oil for Skin

pomegranate oil for skin

The oil consists of punicic acid and omega 5 fatty acids. It has anti-inflammatory properties and keeps the skin away from the damaging effect of the free radicals.

Why One Should Use Pomegranate Oil for Skin?

It consists of polyphenols and antioxidants which inhibit the growth of cancer cells and beautify the skin cells. The anti-oxidant property increases the circulation of the blood through the scalp.

How to Use Pomegranate Oil?

Take one spoon full of pomegranate oil, one spoon full of jojoba oil, one spoon full of rosehip oil, five drops of carrot seed oil, and ten drops of lavender oil. Make sure that all the oils are adequately stirred. Apply the mixture just before sleep. Wash your face the next day. Perform the activity daily.

8. Cinnamon Oil for Skin

It is obtained from the outer bark of the tree. It revives the skin tone, slows down the aging process and nourishes the skin cells.

Why One Should Use Cinnamon Oil for Skin?

It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to resolve the problem of rashes and acne on the skin. Its antibacterial properties help in controlling acne problem, revive the skin tone, and nourish the skin.

How to Use Cinnamon Oil for Skin?

Take three tablespoons honey and ten drops of cinnamon oil. Mix the oil and honey. Apply the mixture on the affected area, such as face or neck. Repeat the procedure once a day.

9. Rosemary Oil for Skin

rosemary oil for skin

It is obtained by the steam distillation of the volatile part of the plant. It is used for cooking, cleaning and has many other uses. Its benefits range from anti-inflammatory to memory enhancement and so on.

Why One Should use Rosemary Oil for Skin?

According to a study, rosemary oil reduces the damage caused by the free radicals and acts as an anti-oxidant reagent.

How to Use Rosemary Oil for Skin?

You need one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and six drops of rosemary oil. Now, mix the oil and aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture on your face and massage it for a while. Wash it after 15-20 minutes. Repeat the procedure daily.

10. Tea Tree Oil for Skin

tea tree oil for skin

Green Tea essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the green tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, and is also called Tea seed Oil. Its properties lend it both therapeutic, cosmetic, and health benefits.

Why One Should Use Tea Green Oil for Skin?

It is used for removing acne. It shows anti-microbial properties against a different form of bacteria. It prevents wrinkles on the skin and moisturizes it.

How to Use Tea Green Oil for Skin?

You need a few drops of tea tree oil, one tablespoon honey. Make a mixture using honey and oil. Wash after 10-15 minutes.

Some Home Remedies for Skin Care

Moreover, other alternative home remedy options that can be used to improve the skin, they are given below:

1. Use oatmeal to treat acne and pimples

Also, essential lemon oil has a powerful combination of numerous chemicals. If not correctly used, this apparent thing can turn out to be harmful.

  • Following the instructions on the package, cook 1 cup of serving of plain oatmeal
  • Stir in 1-2 teaspoons of raw, organic honey
  • Let cool to room temperature
  • Use fingertips to apply oatmeal to the skin
  • Leave on 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water, and pat dry
  • Apply oil-free moisturizer
  • Repeat regularly

2. Use Tomato pulp for cleansing action

Tomato pulp is an excellent toner and one of the best natural remedies to treat your skin. It helps to unclog the pores and prevents the formation of acne and pimples.


You need: tomato pulp, cucumber juice
Take cucumber juice and mix it with tomato pulp. Apply the pack on your face and see the magic!

3. Almonds to remove scars

It is one of the best methods to remove blemishes of the face and help you cure itchy skin. It does not have any side effects.


Make a face pack using rose water and almonds. Soak three to four almonds and keep them overnight. Peel the skin and mash the almonds and mix it with the rose water. Apply it on your face.


Then, what are you waiting for? Essential oils for skin are the key to bringing out your flawless and glossy skin as well as can get rid of skin tags. They do not have side effects and are the best preparedness for the dull, oily skin as prescribed by the healthcare expert. Use it and make your skin attractive and oil-free. May you get the best outcome. Taking care of your skin correctly can help you avoid contracting skin cancer.

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1. Why do we need essential oils for normal skin?

Our skin layers contain pours, pollution and dirt in air sticks on the skin. These are invisible pathogens and germs causing infections or acne on the skin. Essential oil’s massage, application or wash clears your skin and helps to reduce dark marks.

2. Can people of all age group use any of these oils for their skin?

No, it is imperative to approach the healthcare expert even before applying it on the skin. It is mandatory to perform a patch test before using it.

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