9 Shocking Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits over Health that will Amaze You

Updated on February 10th, 2020
himalayan salt lamp benefits

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The unique pink lamp emitting a dim soothing light at your neighbor’s place is nothing but the Himalayan Salt Lamp. The fascinating lamp can easily attract anyone’s attention. You will marvel at its beauty whenever you see it. But beside it, its incredible awesomeness, the numerous health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp will make you yearn to purchase it right now.

Curious to know what is a Himalayan Salt Lamp? Well, the Himalayan salt lamp is a lamp made from the crystals of Himalayan Salt found in the Himalayas. The mining of pure Himalayan salt crystals takes place in Khewra Salt mine of Pakistan. This salt is not much different from the regular table salt, but its minerals are smaller than that found in regular salt which gives it a pink or amber hue.

These beautiful crystals are hollowed from inside and fitted with a bulb that serves as a source of heat and light. These also come in baskets of salt crystals with light underneath. These salt lamps have become quite famous for their numerous benefits other than a piece of décor. These are known to affect your mind, body, and environment. See how these work.

How does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Work?

Salt is hygroscopic is nature which means that it has a strong affinity for water. Thus, the lamp made of Himalayan salt attracts water molecules present in your surroundings which are the carriers of dust, germs, and microbes present in the atmosphere. These water droplets, sit on the lamp, and when you switch it on, the heat of the bulb causes water to evaporate. While the water evaporates, dust and microbes do not, and your surroundings get clean. Besides, the salt lamps also release negative ions, i.e., oxygen atoms which relax your body.

What are the Himalayan Salt Lamp Health benefits?

The real Himalayan salt Lamp carved from the Himalayan Salt blocks mined from Khewra in Pakistan is the primal salt that is known to exist from the times of earth’s formation. This salt is a wonder of nature containing numerous beneficial properties. The lamps made from this salt are not just a piece of décor or source of light but are claimed to enchant you with their multiple benefits.

The Himalayan Salt lamps are a must for your home, bringing you the pink Himalayan salt benefits. Have a look at how these can be beneficial for you:

1. The Himalayan Salt lamp purifies the air

himalayan salt lamp for purifies the air

Pollution is a global concern. The pollution levels around the world are rising at an alarming level. One needs to think before stepping out. Even the environment indoors has pollution; as such air purifiers are much in trend. People who are not much in love with machines are buying air-purifying plants for indoors.

These work great. All these prove that the air around you has a high level of pollution which is indeed not good for your health. Besides the plants or the machines, the thing that you can try to clean the air around you is the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Made of Salt, these attract water molecules that are the carrier of various contaminants in the air including bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen grains, etc. These help in filtering out the pollutants present in the air giving you a cleaner air to breathe. As the water molecules which get collected on the lamp get re-released into the atmosphere due to the heat of the bulb, there is no water loss from the surroundings. Thus, you enjoy a comfortable environment free of any pollutants.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp reduces Electromagnetic Radiation

We live in a digital world surrounded by electronic gadgets that play a vital role in our lives. Without them, our lives would come at a stand-still. Hence, these are utmost important for us. No doubt, electronic gadgets have changed our lives. But everything in this world has its good as well as bad attributes. While the devices have made our lives easier, they have been silently posing severe threats to our health. Almost all electronic gadgets from the televisions to your smartphones release radiations. Exposure to these harmful radiations causes fatigue, stress, weak immune system and fatal diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, effect on heart health, etc.

The numerous electronic gadgets present at your home are causing electro smog which is invariably affecting your health. Of course, you cannot throw the devices out of your house, but you can reduce the radiations by lowering their effect with the negative ions released by the Himalayan salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamp benefits you by acting as an air ionizer. Though it may not wholly neutralize the harmful radiations released by so many gadgets at your home, it may help in reducing them by some measure(1).

himalayan salt lamp benefits - infographic

3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety symptoms and increase performance

himalayan salt Lamp for reduce stress and anxiety

Increasing stress levels are a common phenomenon nowadays. No matter what your age is whether you are a working professional or a kid going to school, stress is a common issue. High levels of stress lead to an increase in anxiety(2). Not only the work pressure but the overexposure to radiations emitted by electronic gadgets cause stressful environment.

Thus if you can witness high anxiety symptoms, then it is time to install the Himalayan salt lamp beside your bed. The soothing, ambiance of it decreases your anxiety levels. Further, the negative ions present also improve your performance. Researchers have found that Himalayan salt can indeed be beneficial in quick recovery from the stress caused due to sitting at computers for long hours or using various other gadgets.

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4. Himalayan Salt lamp aids in sound sleep

The high amount of radiation and the presence of positive ions also impact the quality of your sleep. These indirectly affect you while resting by causing anxiety and higher stress levels. The positive ions also directly impact your sleep by reducing the supply of oxygen to the brain that may lead to irregular sleeping patterns.

The quality of sleep directly affects your health and productivity. Thus it is essential to get a good night’s sleep. If you are somehow not able to get it, then try installing Himalayan Salt lamp by your bedside. The negative ions generated by it improve the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain promoting good sleep. It helps regulate your sleeping pattern.

5. Himalayan Salt Lamp help reduce allergy symptoms and asthma

himalayan salt lamp for reduce allergy and asthma

Clean, healthy air can relieve you of many troubles and promote well-being. The pink Himalayan Salt lamps are known to remove dust, pollens, germs, microscopic mold, etc., which are possible allergens from the air. Removal of such allergens from your atmosphere means you are less prone to allergies. Thus if you have a history of allergies then installing Himalayan Salt Lamp in your room would be a great idea. It will keep the allergens at bay so that you enjoy a normal healthy life.

Those who are suffering from asthma will be happy to know that Himalayan pink salt inhalers are also available in the market. Containing the pink Himalayan salt benefits, these can effectively ease your asthma.

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6. The Himalayan salt lamp can improve your breathing

Poor air quality directly affects your lungs causing various respiratory diseases. It is because when you inhale the polluted air, all the contaminants present in it enter your body affecting your nasal cavity and the lungs, thus leading to severe diseases in some cases. The Himalayan Salt lamp is known to purify the air. If you breathe in the clean air, then your vulnerability to respiratory diseases automatically decreases.

Further, the negative ions released by the lamp are known to increase the activity of cilia (microscopic hair present on the lining of the trachea), improving the filtration of the air entering your nasal cavity. Hence the air that reaches your lungs is cleaner.

One may find them beneficial for easing the symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease like breathlessness, frequent coughing, tightness in the chest, etc.

7. Himalayan Salt Lamp boosts mood

himalayan salt lamp for boosts mood

Negative ions are a real treasure. You may not see them or feel them, but these happily aid in improving your health and the environment. Studies done on animals have shown that exposure to high levels of negative ions can improve mood. It may be because high negative ions improve the serotonin level in the brain which regulates your mood.

The negative ions are also known to be beneficial in helping one come out from seasonal depression. Further, the warm glow of the lamp with a tint of pink or orange helps calm you down. It is one essential benefit amongst other Himalayan salt lamp benefits.

8. Himalayan Salt Lamp increases energy levels

How do you feel while standing in front of the waterfall? Isn’t it amazing? You feel all rejuvenated and energized. The negative ions released by it instantly boost your mood and excite you. Not at the same level but in a similar manner, the Himalayan Salt lamp which is itself a part of nature releases negative ions that re-energize you.

Those who have installed the lamp in their rooms have witnessed a significant change in the energy level in their places. They feel more active and fresh. So if you are feeling too exhaustive and tired with drained energy levels, you must try this therapy of Himalayan salt lamp.

9. Himalayan Salt Lamp keeps you hale and hearty

himalayan salt lamp for keeps you hale and hearty

The Himalayan Salt Lamp with its negative ions merely is magical. These negative ions are known to provide numerous benefits that keep you hale and hearty. These are known to regulate the blood flow in the body thus have a positive effect on the functioning of the body. The benefits of Himalayan salt for blood pressure are widely known. Further, it also helps in maintain your cardiovascular health.

Considering the popularity of the Himalayan Salt lamps, it is evident that you would find some fake products on the market too. These counterfeit copies might look good in your house but will not provide any of the benefits of the lamp made of real Himalayan salt. Following are the signs that may help you identify a genuine product or areal Himalayan salt lamp from the fake copies.

  • The lamp is from Khewra Pakistan: Khewra is the only region from where the mining of Himalayan Salt takes place. If the seller says that the salt is from some other area, then he is trying to sell you a fake copy.
  • The lamp is fragile: Lamp made from real Himalayan salt is heavy but fragile. To check you do not need to break it. Just take a knife and try to chip out a small piece. If you are successful, then luckily you landed on a real product made of original Himalayan salt.
  • The lamp has a rough texture: It gets made from the original Himalayan Salt crystal will have an uneven surface with irregular thickness. If you are a getting something quite smooth, then skip buying it. Nothing perfect exists in nature.
  • The lamp glows dimly: It is not meant to light your room brightly. It has a dim pink or orange glow for a calming effect. White and red salt lamps also exist, but these are rare and costlier than the pink salt lamps.
  • The lamp made of real Himalayan salt is expensive: Yes, the Himalayan salt lamps even the pink ones are pricey. If you are getting one at a cheap rate, then you should double check it for authenticity.

The health benefits of Himalayan salt are many. These are due to the negative ions that are released by them. If you wish to purify the toxic air around you that affect your lungs, relax or boost your health then the therapeutic properties of the Himalayan Salt lamp can be quite useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should I place the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The Himalayan Salt lamp can be placed anywhere based upon where you want clean air and a soothing ambiance. You can put it near your table to get increased positive energy and better concentration. Further, it will help reduce the effect of radiations while you are working on your computer. You can also keep it beside your bed to enjoy a soothing ambiance and sound sleep at night.

You can place the Himalayan Salt lamp in offices, bedrooms, dining rooms, can wherever you want. Please mind the electric supply. You would want your pretty lamp to glow.

2. How will I clean the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Your Himalayan Salt Lamp purifies the air by trapping the contaminants like dirt, germs, microbes, etc. Thus, it is necessary to clean it at regular time intervals. Its maintenance does not require much of your effort. To clean the lamp what you need is just a damp cloth or sponge. Wipe it using a wet towel. Super Easy. And yes, at times you may have to change the bulb which gets done pretty quickly.

3. What if I do not plug in the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Salt is known to extract moisture from the air which means water molecules get settled on the lamp. When you plug it in, the heat of the bulb causes the water to evaporate, and the unit remains dry. In case you do not plug it in then due to constant absorption of moisture from the atmosphere, it is possible that you may find a pool of water around the lamp. If you are going out for a holiday, and you won’t be using it, then it would be wise to pack it in a plastic bag.

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