Give Rest to your Restless Leg Syndrome By Using These Essential Oils

Updated on February 3rd, 2020
essential oils for restless leg syndrome

A person suffering from restless leg syndrome (RLS) has impulsive and involuntary urges to move their legs around due to a constant and uncomfortable sensation. This is usually in occurrence when your legs are resting, often when you are sitting or sleeping.

It is also associated with a sleep disorder because the unrest feeling in your legs can cause you to shift around and lose sleep. It can also be circumstantial and can occur throughout all ages. Certain women have complained about restless leg syndrome during pregnancies, about having felt painful or crawling sensations in their legs.

These are commonly described as a ‘pins and needles’ tingling feeling, that refuses to let your legs rest and compel you to move them around consistently. The symptoms, however, have been known to go away post-delivery.


Predominantly considered as a neurological disorder, the RLS can stem from existing mental illnesses like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Parkinson’s disease or Attention Hyperactive Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and likewise. However, it also has shown in the prevalence of people who have rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, and kidney-related diseases. There is also the restless leg syndrome in arms and sometimes other parts of the body.


The symptoms of RLS(1) can vary from initial itching, or tingling sensations felt from deep within the legs to great restlessness that causes the patients to pace along the floor or vigorously move their legs to shake off the feeling. There is also the innate urge to move your legs and allow them to rest; the syndrome triggers that.

Although the RLS cannot be traced to a specific origin or a cause, abnormalities in neurotransmitters and the possibility of RLS being an underlying disease have been attributed.

Common medical conditions like peripheral neuropathy amongst others have also been associated with the syndrome. The RLS can occur in babies or children as well, where they face acute discomfort, but the feeling subsides once they move their legs.

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Essential oils for restless leg syndrome

Although there are several medications, there is yet to be a known cure for this syndrome. The uses of essential oils, however, have been known to curb the sensation and provide relief. Considered as ancient remedies, these oils have antispasmodic, pain-relieving, and analgesic properties and act as natural sedatives to calm the nagging sensation.

1. Lavender essential oil:

considered a natural antispasmodic, the lavender essential oil is a perfect solution for relieving pained muscles and to ease spasms. This has been proven to bring instant relaxation which makes it a suitable applicant for RLS, while also being a soothing remedy for insomnia.

2. Marjoram oil:

This essential oil(2) also possesses a sedative quality which helps in relaxing the muscles and relieving them of sudden spasms and discomfort. It’s comfortable and pain-reducing properties make it necessary for RLS patients.

3. Vetiver essential oil:

Being a sole stimulant of blood circulation, the application and regular massages with vetiver essential oil facilitate internal circulation that calms the tingling or uncomfortable sensations.

4. Lemongrass essential oil:

exuding a soothing fragrance and calming feeling, the lemongrass is a natural analgesic which means that is acts as a painkilling drug and provides immediate relief for RLS

5. Roman Chamomile essential oil:

it is anti-neuralgic, which makes it perfect from instilling calmness and treating consistent aches and pain that is caused by the syndrome, thus bringing about a soothing effect

6. Frankincense essential oil-:

Commonly known to be an anti-septic applicant, the frankincense essential oil has deep healing qualitative that is known to promote balance.

7. Ginger essential oil-:

with a pungent smell, the ginger essential oil possesses analgesic and neuralgia properties. Application of this on the affected is created warmth which stimulates the flow of food.

8. Jasmine essential oil:

Its powerful floral and sweet fragrance instills a light-headed and warm feeling, while also being a natural antispasmodic making it an ideal treatment of RLS.

9. Rosemary essential oil:

Commonly known to be a warming agent, the application of the rosemary essential oil ensures the calming of the affected area, and it facilitates internal circulation and brings relief.

10. Black pepper essential oil:

With the hot and warming facilities, this essential oil performs similar warming and circulating techniques that assure relief to the areas with uncomfortable sensations.

11. Peppermint essential oil:

As opposed to those mentioned above, the peppermint essential oil possesses cooling properties which are considered ideal for the RLS as it relieves muscle pains and various other aches

How to Use Essential Oils:

There are several ways of using essential oils for RLS, ranging from steam inhalation to application to use it in a dehumidifier.

Steam inhalation is an easy process, you add around 2 drops of any of the essential oils mentioned above and inhale the steam for instant relaxation.

  • Additionally, you could also directly massage it onto the legs and make sure you do add in a carrier oil as well.
  • You could also add it to your dehumidifier and place it in your bedroom for a good’s night sleep. 


  • Due to the expanding utilization of essential oils, there are likewise some prudent steps that one must keep in purchasing while at the same time buying and utilizing them to diminish further hazard.
  • Ensure that your essential oils have precise accreditation and are 100 percent unadulterated.
  •  It is critical to know whether there have been engineered scents or other additive adulterants added to your oil.
  • It was also essential to mention your allergies to the concerned medical expert who will prescribe you the essential oils as while some have aldehydes that can bother your hypersensitivities and bring on additional aggravation.

Home remedies

There are home remedies that can be created with the readily available essential oils to treat restless leg syndrome and provide relief to the aggravated discomfort exuded by it.

  • Take a little bit of basil essential oil and combine it with lavender and black pepper essential oils. Add a few essences of carrier oil and mix thoroughly. Use this blend for deep and kneading massages.
  • You can make a bath blend by adding rosemary, black pepper and vetiver essential oils and stirring them until they form the perfect mixture. Add this blend to your bath water while taking a shower.
  • A hot compress is a traditional home remedy that involves a clean cloth soaked in the prepared mixture and then compressed repeatedly on the skin for significant results. Create one by blending a few drops of yarrow essential oil with 2 cups of hot water and mix thoroughly. Dip the cloth in the liquid, squeeze the excess liquid and compress it on the leg area where the discomfort is the most. 

Besides, the essential oils are naturally warming and are muscle relaxants which are phenomenal for treating muscle throbs, agonies and fits. Therefore, they make perfect substitutes for treating restless leg syndrome. However, it is advisable to consult a medical or health expert before the use of any essential oils and seek their advice.

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1. What foods trigger restless leg syndrome?

There are certain foods that could stimulate the nerves, triggering RLS, hence it is recommended that you skip on them. Such as chocolate, sugary foods, fried foods, tea, and coffee.

2. What deficiencies cause restless leg syndrome?

Many different medical conditions have been known to trigger RLS. The two most common deficiency is iron and peripheral neuropathy. 

3. Does restless leg syndrome get worse with age?

Yes, as one tends to age, this condition is known to worsen and disrupt sleep and even interrupt with daily ongoings.

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