10 Reasons on Why to Use Coconut Oil for Burns

Use Coconut Oil for Burns

No matter how much care you take, accidents are bound to happen. Sometimes you can escape minor accidents unscathed but in some cases, the injuries might be serious and painful. Burn injuries are one of the most common types of injuries in a domestic setting.

Most people can recover from the burning sensation depending on the cause and degree of injury. Burns of the severe kind will require immediate medical attention, in order to prevent the death of the patient and to prevent complications that may occur during the course of recovery for the patient.

The causes for burns usually can be either boiling water, electrical shocks, chemical burns, all kinds of fires, including flames from candles, lighters, and matchsticks. Excessive exposure to the sun can also be another reason.

Coconut oil is an excellent natural treatment for burn injuries.

Benefits of Coconut oil for burns

If you have burned yourself, there is an easy, natural, safe, and affordable solution in your kitchen that can work like a miracle. Coconut oil is an effective remedy for minor burns.

  • Coconut oil speeds up the healing process while reducing scars after burning. It also gives the best relief for minor burns caused by boiling water, sun, chemicals, and acids.
  • Coconut oil has crucial properties making it very useful for treating burns and minimizes scars and marks from burns(1).
  • One of the most common natural remedies used for treating first degree burns and some second-degree burns is coconut oil. Burns that can be treated by coconut oil are water burns, acid burns, radiation burns, sunburns, and some minor chemical burns.
  • Only health care experts can treat third-degree burns and so coconut oil can be used after this formal medical treatment to help minimize scarring/ marks but cannot be used as a first response treatment to such severe injuries which often result from fire or severe chemical burns.
  • Coconut oil has been used to treat burns because of its important benefits. It provides protection from inflammation of the damaged skin, protecting the person from infections and soothes the pain felt by the patient. Coconut is also used in order to keep the damaged area moisturized, cool and also helps in reducing marks.

Nutrition Value of Coconuts

coconut oil treatment for burns

Since coconut oil is high in saturated fat content, this oil does not oxidize soon and can last up to six months without getting spoilt.

Approximate percentage of fatty acids in coconut oil:-

  1. Caprylic -7%
  2. Decanoic – 8%
  3. Lauric – 48%
  4. Myristic – 16%
  5. Palmitic- 9.5%
  6. Oleic – 6.5%

It also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

It has 120 calories, 0 grams of protein, 14 grams of fat and 0 milligrams of cholesterol.

The reason why coconut oil offers many health benefits is that it contains high levels of saturated fats. The percentage of fat in coconut oil is 99% and the fats in the oil are called medium chain triglycerides.

Types of Coconut oils:

There are a variety of coconut oils, each differing from the other based on extraction methods. Some of them are:

Virgin coconut oil:

This oil is considered the best form of coconut(2) oil for skin burns.

Organic coconut oil:

As Organic Coconut Oil is high in fats, it can be used for treating first degree burns to speed up the healing process.

Cold pressed coconut oil:

Apart from being free of artificial chemical additives, it is highly loaded with antioxidant benefits.

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Why is Coconut Oil the best home remedy for Burns

Treat burns and scars
  • Relieves Pain

Coconut oil has been known to help burns. Various studies have found that coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic properties. These properties have been found to soothe the pain and discomfort caused by burns of all kinds. Furthermore, coconut oil also contains Vitamin E, which is called tocopherol, gives relief from pain.

  • Protects the immune system

Coconut oil contains various acids which have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. The acids found in coconut oil are lauric(3), capric and caprylic. Such acids protect the exposed burns on the body from irritants and different pollutants from the external environment.

  • Speeds up healing

Coconut oil penetrates the skin layers and seeps down. The oil helps the patient to increase the rate of growth in cells. Additionally, coconut oil accelerates the process of healing of damaged skin cells. The oil contains polyphenols and vitamins, which helps in quick recovery and reduces the oxidation level in the damaged cells. Additionally, coconut oil stimulates the flow of blood in the body and directs blood to the affected areas. Blood brings in oxygen and nutrients to the areas where they is required the most.

  • Moisturizes skin

Coconut oil is quite useful in treating second-degree burns. The damaged skin and the layers are usually peeled off. It provides moisture and prevents the damaged area from getting dry, which eases the pain. If applied on the burnt part just after getting burnt, it provides relief almost immediately.

  • Reduces Scar

Coconut oil is rich in many polyphenolic compounds and vitamins, which promote the growth of collagen in the body. Additionally, it strengthens the dermal tissue and promotes regrowth of the damaged skin. Apart from healing the affected area, it minimizes scarring that is caused by burn injuries. It can also reduce the scars of burns and helps in the growth of new, wrinkle-free skin.

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How to use coconut oil for burns?

coconut oil for burns
  1. Use Coconut oil frequently and generously on the brunt and the affected areas to see good results. Additionally, one can make use of organic or virgin coconut oil for their burns.
  2. Burns should be treated with coconut oil only after the burn injury has been cleaned and the patient has run the burn under cold water for a few minutes. The patient should also make sure to clean the injury of irritants and other substances that may have entered the burn. It also prevents scarring from the burn injury.
  3. Apply it on the burn mark generously. Don’t rub or massage the oil into the area. Just allow it to seep inside the skin slowly.
  4. Leave the oil on the skin for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with water. If possible, allow the oil to seep into the skin and don’t move the burned area.
  5. Repeat this process multiple times in a day. If you feel pain or inflammation, re-apply the oil as previously applied may have penetrated inside the skin. Continue this treatment until the scar or mark has visibly reduced in appearance.

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Dos and Don’ts

  1. Never try to heal a third-degree burn with coconut oil as it can just give relief for a short time but not cure the injury altogether.
  2. Always clean the area of burn with cold, running water before applying the oil.
  3. Use fresh organic extra virgin coconut oil to heal your burn.
  4. Take the advice of a health expert if the application of oil does not provide relief or if you are not sure of the degree of burn.
  5. It helps in healing burns on the external application and not on ingesting.
  6. Always take a health care expert’s advice before applying It to the affected area.

This tropical fruit is widely used as an ingredient in cosmetics, while cooking and for medicinal purposes. The oil has some very impressive health benefits. Virgin coconut oil helps to reduce inflammation on the skin associated with the burn. The oil for burns has a cooling effect on the skin and when applied gently, will keep the skin supple, moisturized, and will prevent peeling, blistering and scarring.

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