How to Make the Best of Essential Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction

Physical and mental changes is very common during a certain age for every human. Increase in cravings for sex is a major change seen in adolescent boys. But fast pacing professional life and other personal issues will have a negative effect on the sex drive and also the related organs. Relationships are hampered due to this problem. Male erectile dysfunction has been very prevalent these days not only for young boys but also for men of all ages.

This problem can effectively be handled using essential oils.

About the ailment

Erectile dysfunction is a disease which is only concerned with the male population of this globe. Erectile dysfunction is concerned with the male reproductive part that is, the penis. Erectile dysfunction is said to be a state where a male person is not able to keep his erection firm enough at the time of intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can snatch your self-confidence. away from you, and it is very likely the reason why your love life is going down the drain.


To identify you have erectile dysfunction or not, you should look for the symptoms given below:

  • You are having trouble getting an erection
  • You are having trouble in keeping an erection
  • There are chances that your sex drive becomes low.


The causes of male erectile dysfunction are divided into two categories namely, physical causes and psychological causes.

Psychological cause:

  • Depression, anxiety or other mental health condition
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems because of stress, poor communication or other problems.

Physical causes:

  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol or blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Tobacco use
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Alcoholism and substance abuse (usage of drugs)
  • Sleep disorder
  • Treatment for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate
  • Surgeries which affect the pelvis or the spinal cord.

Risk Factors

The risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction are:

  • Medical condition
  • Usage of tobacco-based product
  • Obesity
  • Injuries
  • Drug and Alcohol

What are essential oils suitable for erectile dysfunction?

Ylang Ylang essential oil for erectile dysfunction:

Ylang Ylang essential oil-min
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This essential oil is good for ED, though it is not necessary that this essential oil will completely resolve your problem, there are chances that it will help to some extent. The main job of Ylang Ylang is to uplift our self-esteem as it is beneficial in treating our frigidity, depression and anxiety.

Rose essential oil for erectile dysfunction:

rose essential oil for calming

Rose oil has many good qualities which is why it is used for multiple treatments. Just like other diseases rose oil is said to be a beneficial agent in this kind of disease as well. It is observed that it helps us to relax and at the same time help us to deal with our depression. Apart from that rose oil increases libido in our body, it also helps to enhance our sperm and testosterone level production in a long run of usage.

Lavender essential oil for erectile dysfunction:

Lavender essential oils
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Lavender is said to have miraculous qualities when pumpkin oil and lavender oil are combined it is more likely you will be aroused. Lavender can also become a significant agent for helping you relieve your anxiety and leave a relaxing effect.

Cinnamon essential oil for erectile dysfunction:

cinnamon essential oil for belly fat

Cinnamon can be essential oil in this type of illness as cinnamon is said to help in increasing the weight of testes and seminal vesicles. It is also observed that it helps in increasing the sperm count and testosterone level and at the same time motility and viability of the sperms.

Basil essential oil for erectile dysfunction:

Basil oil has been used for many treatments along the line just like other illnesses; basil oil is also a perfect agent for treating erectile dysfunction as it is said that basil oil increases the sperm count. Also, it is also helpful in relaxing you by helping you to decrease your anxiety.

Why use essential oils for erectile dysfunction

These essential oils are rich in different qualities. And as we have stated above the qualities, we can identify how much these essential oils can be helpful for us. These oils are very helpful in driving our sex lives and in this particular level it can help you to get the sex drive you have desired from years. These oils are very helpful in helping you overcome your anxiety and depression and giving you new confidence, a confidence that you can face the world again and try to mate again.

How to use essential oil for erectile dysfunction

There are many ways how you can use these essential oils some of the most common ways are:

  • Make a hot or cold-water compress and apply it to your lower back and abdomen area.
  • Mix this oil in other carrier oils and massage your lower back and abdominal areas.
  • Add neat oil with a carrier oil and apply it to your bed sheets and pillowcases.
  • Use diffuser in your bedrooms
  • You can take baths using these oils. You have to add a few drops of these diluted oils in your bath water and take a bath.


  • The main precaution you should take is, consulting a health care expert who can provide you with proper guidance on whether or not to use these oils.
  • Always dilute these oils before use in olive oil or coconut oil or any other carrier oil
  • Never ingest these essential oils

Side Effects

Essential oils are nothing but concentrated extracts of the plant from which they are obtained. As such the medicinal properties of these plants are also concentrated and hence it must be used carefully. When applied directly or ingested these oils are known to be toxic. When you are starting a new treatment involving essential oils always test it on a patch of skin as it is known to cause rashes and itchiness on sensitive skin.

See Also

Other Home Remedies for erectile dysfunction


Garlic is one of the most common vegetables found in almost every household. It is stated to be an active antiseptic agent, and at the same time, it also acts as an immunity booster. It can help in this case as it is called a sexual rejuvenator; it is beneficial in helping your sexual drive that has been put to a stop due to disease or injury.

The usage of garlic is also straightforward you have to chew 2-3 cloves of garlic on a daily basis. Eating garlic bread can also be a beneficial agent to increase the sperm count.


Onion is said to be a significant ingredient to increase your sexual drive.

There are two ways to use onions for ED:

  1. You should use a white onion for this one, peel off the onion skin after that crush the onion after crushing keep it in a pan and fry it using butter, take out the onions and then add a tablespoon of honey and take it daily. You must keep one thing in mind that your stomach has been empty for more than 2 hours, for more significant results
  2. You can also use onion juice. Dip black gram powder in onion juice for seven days after that dry this mixture. You need to take this mixture daily.

Where there is love there is a way, there are multiple diseases in today’s world, and each one of them can kill you from within. Same is the case with erectile dysfunction it can kill your confidence and you from within.

You are fortunate if you have loved ones sitting beside you who will support you when the times are against you and with proper treatment and moral support there are chances that you can have the same sex drive you used to have years ago.

Try out this essential oil for erectile dysfunction as they can be a significant game changer maybe they do not cure you, but there are chances that they will bring back the shattered confidence of yours.

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