How to Lose Chest Fat Naturally with Seven Different Exercises

Updated on February 24th, 2020
how to lose chest fat

Fat accumulation in and around the chest area can be a problematic situation for both men and women. However, this situation is especially prevalent in men as opposed to women. Men tend to develop excess tissue of fat in the chest area. This unwanted development is generally known as “Man Breasts.” There can be several factors affecting the onset of man breasts, but mostly it revolves around weight gain.

If you happen to develop such extra fat or tissues around the chest area, then you must get in touch with the doctor to ensure that it’s nothing more than chest fat. It could either be gynecomastia (Hormonal Imbalance) or a side effect of weight gain in a short period. So if you are looking for ways on how to lose chest fat, strength training with some cardiovascular exercises and proper diet can help you reduce the size of the man breasts.

What causes man breasts?

Man chest fat takes over due to 3 prime reasons. With time, when untreated, this issue makes a man look like he has women’s breasts. In general, men flaunt manly, lean, and flat muscular Pecs that reflect a masculine look. However, certain issues can bring out the feminine aspect such as breast development which includes:

A High percentage of body fat:

When a human body starts gaining fat contributing to increased weight, it tends to store these fat cells in a pattern that is predetermined by the genetics. In certain men, the excess amount of body fat tends to get stored in the hips or waist while in some it gets stored in the chest.

Additionally, even if your genetics were dictated to store fat in other areas, but you have gained a lot of weight with time, the fat simply gets deposited in the chest because you are out of places for storage of fat. It gives ample reason for you to pick up those sports shoes and go out for a walk and good exercise if you are really worried on how to lose chest fat.

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Gynecomastia is the medically allotted term for the name “Man Breasts.” It is different from simply having chest fat. Gynecomastia happens because of the breast tissue and not the fatty tissues. It is primarily a resultant side effect of the hormones going out of control.

When there is an imbalance between estrogen and the testosterone, gynecomastia takes over the body and leads to the development of man breasts. This is the main reason behind men of 50+ age developing breasts as they age away.

Additionally, gynecomastia is the prime side effect resulting from overuse of steroids. Steroids are known to wreak havoc on the hormone levels leading to the onset of gynecomastia. This particular condition affects about 30 percent of men on the planet. The development can range from mildly puffy nipples to extremely fully developed female breasts.

Both Body Fat and Gynecomastia:

It is very much possible. At times, stubborn chest fat could be a side effect stemming from both unwanted body fat and gynecomastia. With a condition like this, it is highly important that you consult the doctor for further advice on how to lose chest fat.

Cirrhosis of Liver:

Unwanted fat deposits in the chest area can also stem from liver cirrhosis. This irreversible liver scarring can cause complications and unwanted fat deposits over several areas of the body.

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Who can be affected with Man Breasts?

Chest fat deposition in men can affect individuals of any age. However, many factors are contributing to the onset of this condition. The people more susceptible to this condition include:

  • Pubertal males could be one among the risked individuals with rapid hormonal changes in the body. However, this type of man breasts generally fades away with time automatically
  • Male infants could also show symptoms of man breasts
  • Aging is another factor that leads to the development of man breasts given the hormonal imbalance with age
  • Men suffering from not diagnosed liver cirrhosis
  • Men who take certain medications such as antibiotics

Signs & Symptoms for Man Breasts

Primarily, chest fat or man breasts can be observant from the unwanted fat deposits on the breasts. Other signs & symptoms depicting that one is suffering from the issue of man breasts include:

  • Fatty deposits on chests are typically symmetrical. However, one breast can be larger than the other
  • Sensitivity and tenderness in the area of breast development
  • Pain or nipple discharge might occur in cases where the patient has breast cancer

Medications that might cause man breasts

Man breasts aren’t just hormonal imbalance or obesity taking its toll over the body. It can also be a result of several medications which include:

  • Spironolactone or Aldactone which is a diuretic known for its anti-androgenic activities
  • Nifedipine or Procardia which are blockers for calcium channels used for the treatment of hypertension
  • Inhibitor drugs for ACE to control hypertension such as enalapril, Capoten, etc
  • Antibiotics such as ketoconazole, metronidazole, and isoniazid
  • Ranitidine, cimetidine, omeprazole, and similar medications used as anti-ulcer drugs
  • HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy) for HIV treatment. It might cause uneven fat distribution leading to breast fat deposition

If you feel or see the symptoms of male breast development, then you must consult your physician for proper guidance.

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How to lose chest fat with exercises

With a good diet and proper exercise, you can get a hold over the fat deposit in the chest area. Dedication and patience is the key when it comes to burn chest fat. It is easy to gain fat but very difficult to lose the same.

Additionally, you need to remember the fact that reducing the chest fat comes from proper focus over the diet along with consumption of a minimum amount of carbohydrates. You need to switch your eating habit with lots of vegetables and the lean protein.

So, if you are planning on understanding how to lose chest fat, here are some of the popular chest fat burning exercises to help you out.

1. Dumbbell Pullovers:

Dumbbell pullover can get deemed as a classic form of exercise that helps in how to lose chest fat.(1) To perform the dumbbell pullover, all you need to do is lie down over a bench. Now, hold any low or medium weight dumbbell as per your convenience and strength.

Raise the dumbbell slightly above the chest followed by a slightly bent pattern of elbow movements. Now move this dumbbell slightly towards the backward of your head and slowly bring it forward again.

Now repeat this exercise in three sets of 10-12 repetitions. You can perform this exercise thrice every week for better results when looking for exercises to burn lower chest fat.

2. Incline Bell Dumbbell Press:

When completed properly, this particular exercise helps provide optimum pressure over the upper half of the chest. This exercise eventually aids on how to lose chest fat.

So if you are in search of exercises that aid you to your quest on how to remove unwanted chest fat, you can easily opt for this exercise. To properly perform this exercise, you need to sit over a bench inclined at a 45-degree angle. Now hold a dumbbell with a medium weight on both the hands. With a good grip go for an up & down motion with the dumbbell.

As you bring down the hands, try to reach till the level of the shoulders. Now move in motion slow enough that will help you feel a stretch close to the chest. Repeat at least three sets of this exercise with 10 or 12 repetitions. Practicing this exercise three times a week is the fastest way to lose chest fat.

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3. Inclined Barbell Bench Press:

Inclined barbell bench press focuses specifically over the chest area while effectively reducing the chest fat. If you are looking for a powerful fat burning chest workout, this one is the right option for you.

The Inclined Barbell Bench Press works on the chest area and thereby reducing any sagging from the reduction in chest fat. To practice this exercise, you need to sit over a bench inclined at 45 degrees. Now take a barbell on your hands and pull it in the upward direction reflecting a strengthening motion. You should feel the pressure on the upper chest area.

As you practice this exercise, you need to exhale and inhale as you go down and up respectively. Completing three sets every day with 10 or 12 repetitions at least three times a week will provide you with the desired results when looking for best exercises on how to lose chest fat.

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4. Decline Pushups:

The decline pushups when done in proper format help tighten the chest muscles. Performing this exercise involves a routine similar to that of the regular pushups. Decline pushups are great for tightening the chest muscles and reducing any unwanted fat. As you do this pushup exercise, make sure the back portion is flat with hands rested at a length that is wider than that of the shoulders. Do not consume too heavy food items before practicing this exercise as it can lead to unnecessary cramps.

5. Cardiovascular Exercises:

A great way on how to lose unwanted chest fat is opting for the cardiovascular exercises. This form of exercise helps burn calories while increasing the heartbeat rate. It eventually leads to better metabolism and an improved physique.

Cardiovascular exercise isn’t a spot reduction technique but helps the overall body with fat reduction and thereby maintaining the hormonal levels with reduced fat. Exercises such as walking, running, jogging, climbing the stairs, skipping ropes, cycling, etc. serve as the best way to reduce any unwanted chest fat or man breasts.

6. High-Intensity Interval Training:

Wondering how to remove chest fat? HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is the perfect workout regime that involves exercises based on body weight and intense cardio. All these are practiced with great speed to burn as many calories as possible while tightening the skin all around. Followed by a fast-paced exercise routine, you are allowed a recovery interval of 1 or 2 minutes that helps with a rapid boost of overall workout intensity.

According to the study published by Journal of Obesity in the year 2012, the practice of 12 weeks’ worth HIIT exercise helped a lot of male candidates strip down the overall body fat including chest fat in a rapid pattern. Experts recommend practicing 30 seconds to 3 minute long HIIT exercise spurts to get great results on how to lose chest fat.

7. Smith Machine-Inclined Bench Press:

Smith Machine-Inclined Bench Press is an ideal option for someone looking for a reliable way to lose chest weight. It is super effective, perfectly comfortable, and the best part is that you get to rest your back. This machine comes with several notches for resistance to help lock in the bar.

It caters a surplus level of safety. With an increased level of autonomous lifting, you get complete self-dependence when practicing inclined version of bench press over this machine without having to worry about losing grip. It is one among the safest practices on how to lose chest fat rapidly. It focuses on both pectoralis major and pectoralis minor to allow an increased level of fat burning with tightening of the muscles all around.


So, if you belong to the group of men who don’t want man breasts handing and visible from the t-shirts, its time you take the matter in your hand and opt for these exercises on how to lose chest fat.

If you find that even with exercises and proper diet, you are unable to get rid of your chest fat, you need to consult your doctor and follow the advice and dietary guide provided by him/her.

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