Effective Benefits of Using Lavender Oil for Babies

Updated on November 15th, 2019
lavender oil for babies

Lavender oil for babies is highly effective in inducing sleep. One benefit of lavender massage oil for babies is its relaxing effect. The comfortable feeling releases hormones that are sleep-inducing in nature. Moreover, the lavender essential oil can be used in aromatherapy. Here, the smell of the oil helps the mind and the body to relax.

Moreover, it also provides a calming effect on the baby’s thoughts and mental processes. As a result, the baby finds it more comfortable to sleep.

Bizarre Facts

Did you know that lavender oil can be an excellent treatment for anxiety and stress?

Additionally, it serves as a tonic for nerves. Lavender oil can improve the baby’s respiratory system. For example, treating coughs that may deter sleep. Sometimes, babies suffer from earaches. Lavender oil can help in reducing such pains if applied in a particular manner near the baby’s ear.

Lavender oil reduces body aches too. Furthermore, it lowers the heart rate of the baby too.

Benefits of Lavender Oil for Babies

Lavender Essential Oil for Babies
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There are several ways lavender oil can be used for babies. The specific way followed depends on the intended purpose of use. To help put a baby to sleep, the following method may be used.

  1. Lavender oil must not be applied directly to the baby’s skin. The reason is simple: it has high potency. Pure Lavender oil can damage a baby’s skin. Most researchers recommend that pure essential oils should not be brought near babies until they are at least four months old(1).
  2. It is better to dilute the oil. Dilution reduces the potency of the oil. One method of doing this is to add a few drops of lavender oil to carrier oil. These oils are safe on baby’s skin. Examples of carrier oils include olive oil and oil. Coconut and jojoba oil may also be used for this purpose.
  3. It is recommended to use the oil sparingly if the baby is less than six months old. Moreover, it is preferable to use a 0.25 percent of the solution. One method of doing so is by adding one drop of lavender essential oil for babies with per 1.5 tablespoons of your chosen carrier oil.
  4. If the child is between 6 months to two years old, it is better to use a 0.5 percent of the solution. You can make this by adding one drop of lavender oil for babies to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil.
  5. A better method is to opt for cotton balls or diffuser when applying lavender oil on babies.
  6. Lavender oil for babies should not be used if the baby has a respiratory infection. Pure lavender oil can worsen their condition. This escalation may result in a worsened cough.
  7. Lavender oil must not be given to children orally. It can be dangerous.
  8. Follow this routine at bedtime to make sure your baby goes to sleep.
  9. It is essential to use pure lavender oil instead of the artificially processed one. The baby’s skin is tender. It can get easily damaged by artificial extracts present in processed lavender oil.
  10. Lavender oil treatment can help the child get 8 hours of recommended sleep. However, continuously repeating the method can be dangerous. It is recommended that you do the massage no more than two times each day.

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Lavender oil can also be used for babies with earaches. Diluted lavender oil can be applied to a cloth; The cloth must be dampened with warm water. Rest the fabric against the baby’s affected ear for 5 minutes to reduce the pain.

Similarly, if the baby is suffering from respiratory problems, lavender oil can be your best treatment. Lavender oil vapors inhaled can reduce cold and cough. Proper application of lavender oil can reduce back pain for babies. For this purpose, dilute the oil before massaging the baby’s back.

If a baby has suffered from an insect bite, diluted lavender oil can be applied on the bite spot to reduce the itch. It helps alleviate colic symptoms.

However, it must be noted that each baby has different requirements. Some babies might be suffering from physical conditions where essential oils, like lavender oil for babies, may aggravate the situation(2). It is recommended to consult with the baby’s pediatrician before starting any routine remedy for the child.

Lavender oil for babies is an excellent natural treatment for multiple infant issues. It can help your baby go to sleep. Moreover, it can remove any pain or itchiness they are experiencing. At the same time, it is natural, safe, cheap, and readily available. It is easy to make the remedy yourself at home, which adds to the benefits of the treatment.


1. Is Lavender Oil Safe for Babies?

Diluted lavender oil is safe for babies.

2. Can Lavender Oil Be Mixed with Coconut Oil for Babies?

As a carrier, coconut oil is suitable for lavender oil.

3. How Many Times Can the Sleep Treatment Be Repeated Daily?

It should, at maximum, be repeated twice a day.

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