10 Active Essential Oils for Depression

Updated on February 10th, 2020
essentials oils for depression

Depression or Major Depressive Disorder is a very serious and a standard medical illness which negatively hampers the way you feel, function, talk, perform, think, and act. It causes the feeling of extreme sadness, dullness, and disinterest. Its symptoms can be noticed in about two weeks and may last for a lifetime if not treated properly.

There are numerous treatments for depression to start at home. One of them is the essential oils for depression. These aromatic oils will not only help you to elevate depression but also form a pleasant environment around you.


  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Certain medications
  • Death or loss
  • Genetically inherited
  • Shocking events both good and bad
  • Serious illness
  • Substance abuse
  • Social isolation
  • Disputes or conflicts with people around
  • Stress
  • Drugs
  • Brain chemistry imbalance
  • Poor nutrition


  • Inability to concentrate
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Irritability
  • Anxiousness
  • Guilt
  • Feeling empty, hopeless, sad
  • Feeling exhaust, and severely tired
  • Change in appetite
  • Lack of energy
  • Tension
  • Disinterest in daily activities and relationships
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling tearful
  • Pain, ache, cramp, headache, digestive issue


  • Postpartum depression
  • Manic depression
  • Bipolar depression
  • Anxiety depression
  • Chronic depression
  • Depression and anger

Essential Oils for Depression

Essential oils help to treat numerous ailments ranging from a tiny mosquito bite to pains and attacks. These oils act as a complementary or replacement treatment for many conditions. Out of the many depression(1) medications, essential oils are the most beneficial.

In the case of depression, the use of essential oils for depression is not a replacement but can only act as a complementary treatment along with the primary treatment. Essential oils will not cure depression; however, they will provide a vast relief and improvement, enhancing the on-going treatment naturally.

What are the essential oils that are good for depression?

  • CBD oil
  • Fish oil
  • Geranium oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Krill oil
  • Orange oil
  • Grapefruit oil
  • Bergamot oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Basil oil

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Ways to Use

1. CBD Oil

essential oils for depression

CBD oil helps in reducing stress, and anxiety along with treating depression. With minimal side effects, the CBD essential oil works as a great antidepressant inducing a feeling of relief in the consumer. It also helps improve sleep pattern and bipolar depression.

How to use?

  • CBD oil capsules are available in the market

You can consume the capsules after consulting with your doctor

2. Fish Oil?

The main component of fish oil is Omega 3. Omega 3 is of utmost vitality for many functions of the body mainly on the health of the heart and brain. Fish oil has a high element dosage of DHA and EPA which are vital Omega 3’s. It is a significant source for treating bipolar disorder, minor depression, suicidal depression, and postpartum depression.

How to use?

  • You can add a few drops of fish oil in your cooking oil
  • Consume it along with your food
  • Fish oil capsules are also available in the market, and you can consume them too

3. Geranium Oil

How to use geranium oil for depression

Geranium essential oil enhances positive emotions and keeps mood swings under control. It alleviates depression and acts as a natural sedative. Geranium oil calms the body and mind while inducing pain-relieving properties.

How to use?

  • Diffuse a few drops of the oil in the diffuser
  • Inhale the aroma to relieve feelings of anxiety and depression and elevate positive emotions

4. Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has an abundance of Omega 6 and Omega 3. Adding both elements in your diet will ultimately benefit your heart and mind and reduce stress and depression. Hemp oil regulates psychological disorders as well as physical pains by inducing fatty acids in the body.

How to use?

  • The oil works best if you inhale its aroma
  • For instant relief, the essential oil should be diffused in an oil diffuser so that you can inhale its scent easily and get rid of depression

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5. Krill Oil

Krill oil is quite like fish oil and has almost all its elements. Krill are tiny crustaceans that you may find in the Antarctic waters. It has high volumes of EPA and DHA which make the body alert and awake by adding an extra dose of energy to it. It is known to reduce stress and premenstrual syndrome conceived from menstrual cramps and aches. It is even more effective than fish oil for manic depression.

How to use?

  • Buy products that are rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3(2) as they have high elements of Krill Oil
  • You can also purchase Krill oil capsules for direct consumption

6. Orange Oil

Orange essential oil for depression has an energizing scent which creates a feeling of happiness and acts as antidepressants. It lowers heart rate and controls the stress levels and panic attacks in anxiety depression. Orange oil also increases immunity and normalizes endocrine levels. It elevates the mood, energy levels, and feelings of cheerfulness.

How to use?

  • You can inhale the orange oil directly from the bottle of the oil to feel an instant boost of energy
  • You can also use an oil diffuser and diffuse a few drops of oil in it to elevate the mood instantly and improve concentration

7. Grapefruit Oil

grapefruit essential oil depression

The intense citrusy smell of the grapefruit essential oil lift low spirits and energizes the mind as well as the body. It invigorates senses and is excellent in alleviating mental fatigue and exhaustion. Grapefruit essential oil is far better than any antidepressant for depression and anger.

How to use?

  • You can add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil in your daily bath water for instant rejuvenation and boost
  • You can also diffuse a few drops of grapefruit oil in your oil diffuser

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8. Bergamot Oil

bergamot oil depression

Bergamot oil is one of the best essential oils for anxiety. It is highly stimulating and consists of alpha-pinene and limonene which act as a great antidepressant and improve hormonal balance. It increases the flow f energy in the body and boosts energy levels, uplifts, and enhances mood.

How to use?

  • You can rub a few drops of bergamot essential oil on your feet, wrist, and stomach to elevate your mood and enhance relaxation
  • Add a few drops of bergamot oil in an oil diffuser to balance and calm the atmosphere

9. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil has a calming, woody, and warm aroma. It increases focus and mental clarity. The oil induces a significant effect on the limbic system of the brain and makes an excellent hormonal balancer for postpartum depression. It enhances the quality of your sleep and alleviates depression. The aroma of the sandalwood oil is a definite mood uplifter.

How to use?

  • You can inhale the sandalwood oil directly from the bottle of the oil
  • Rub the sandalwood oil on your palms and cup your hands on your face and then inhale it a few times
  • You can also mix this oil with jojoba oil and massage it under your feet, on your wrists for a fuller rest, relaxation, and sleep

10. Basil Oil

basil essential oil

Basil essential oil is good for chronic depression(3). Basil essential oil is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants and is known to reduce stress, calm the nervous system, stimulate adrenal glands, revitalize energy levels, alleviate chronic fatigue, and minimize sluggishness.

How to use?

  • Add a few drops of basil essential oil along with peppermint oil in an oil diffuser to instantly revitalize mood and energize the mind and body

Side Effects

Essential oils for depression are slightly sedative and have elements of antidepressants. Some of them are quite strong smelling and aromatic. Application of essential oils on the body might cause irritation, itching, burns, rashes, and sores. They are highly photosensitive.


Essential oils for depression, when consumed in large dosages, may cause vomiting and deep sleep. The exposure of skin after the application of essential oils to sunlight may cause burns. Use of essential oils on the skin directly without blending it with a carrier oil might cause severe itching and irritation.


Before using any essential oil on your skin and body, consult your doctor as he might be able to guide you better. Children should be given a low dosage of the oil only after proper consultation. Pregnant women may react to oils differently from other people; thus, meeting your doctor is necessary. Before applying an essential oil to your skin, take a patch test on the back of your hand as the oil might cause allergy and irritation to your body. Place the essential oils away from sunlight or extreme temperatures. The lid of the bottles of the oil must remain tightly closed.

Some Essential Oils for Depression Recipes

  • Oil Blend Recipe

  • Ylang-Ylang essential oil
  • Clary sage essential oil
  • Basil essential oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil
  • Geranium essential oil
  • Combine 2-4 drops of all essential oils mentioned above
  • Keep them in the darkglass bottle after mixing well
  • After some time, inhale the blended oil from the bottle slowly
  • Essential Oil Bath Blend

  • Grapefruit essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Marjoram essential oil
  • Geranium essential oil
  • Chamomile essential oil
  • Carrier oil of your choice (avocado, olive, almond, coconut, argan, )
  • Combine all the oils mentioned above in a dark glass bottle and mix well
  • Now take ¼ of the combined oil blend and add to your bath water
  • Make sure the water is warm
  • Relax with the bath

Other Home Remedies/Natural Remedies

  • A caffeinated drink like tea or coffee helps relieve depression instantly. You can also add a few drops of ginger oil or juice to it, to double the effect
  • Eat a balanced site and take adequate amount of sleep
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat food rich in carbohydrates as they maintain the required energy level in your body like curd, milk, curd, fruit juice, beans, cereal, crackers, rice, potatoes, corn, grains, legumes, whole fruit, etc.
  • Yoga, meditation, and exercise help a lot
  • Go for massage sessions
  • Talking and communicating is of utmost importance


1. Do Omega 3 Rich Oils Have Fish Oil?

One of the elements of fish oil is Omega 3. Not all the oils having Omega 3 might contain fish oil. Check the ingredients in detail.

2.Can Essential Oils Treat Depression Entirely?

Essential oils for depression help improve the health of your body and mind and enhance your growth towards a happy life. However, it is recommendable to have a few other medications for a complete cure.

Essential oils for depression impart numerous health benefits. Remember, essential oils can help treat depression as a complementary cure and not the primary course cure. A few medications on the side may be required.

Hope you feel better with the use of essential oils.

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