Kratom- An Effective Remedy to Treat Depression

Updated on February 3rd, 2020
Kratom for depression

Using Kratom for depression treatment provides multiple benefits. Kratom is considered a potential opioid substitute and has a strong relaxing effect compared to morphine.

People with depression may feel euphoric with Kratom intake. Euphoria and a general feeling of happiness can slowly and gradually cure depression.

At the same time, pain-induced distress can be reduced by Kratom. It inhibits pain receptors in the brain. As the pain decreases, the depression attached to it also fades away.

Bizarre Facts

Did you know that Krypton is the highly refined form of Kratom that may cause death?

 Irritability or anger in children can be a symptom of depression!

Why does it work?

Kratom(1) contains Mitragynine which stimulates brain activity, increasing focus, and concentration. It also increases energy and motivation levels in patients. These improved feelings can help reduce depression.

At the same time, multiple Kratom strains are available, having varied effects on depression. However, Kratom can potentially be dangerous. Caution is required in its use to treat depression.

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How To Use?


Kratom comes in a variety of colors and strains. It is vital to pick the right strains to ensure effective depression treatment. Below is a list of the most popular Kratom for depression treatment.

  1. Maly Kratom, native to Malaysia, has a smoother effect than most other strains. It causes a more balanced stimulation. At the same time, it enhances cognitive abilities. By thinking more clearly, the patient can escape depression. The strain is available in red, green, and white vein color. The most stimulating one of these is the white vein.The red thread is a great pain reliever. Pain may be the root cause of depression. As a result, it is generally considered the best Kratom strain for anxiety and depression.
  2. Maeng Da Kratom has the most potent mood-enhancing effect. However, this strain is extremely potent. A white vein is preferred due to stimulating properties. Moreover, the white thread of this Kratom does not give jitters to the user. It increases one’s desire to be productive: just opposite to what depression does.
  3. Bali kratom has a strong analgesic effect. At the same time, it relieves pain too. Red and green veins of this Kratom may cause sedation. Thus, it is better to use white vain in the morning.

Methods to use:

Kratom for depression
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  1. Over-the-counter, capsules may be used. These capsules can be orally taken. They are easy to consume, require no preparation, and have immediate effect. These capsules can be an excellent option for those who might feel depressed due to preparation stress.
  2. There are tablets of Kratom available at pharmacies. The benefit of these tablets is that they provide instant relief. Moreover, the specific dosage recommendation is mentioned on the packaging.
  3. Some people may prefer Kratom gum. The benefit of using these gums is that they provide relief for a more extended period. Moreover, this remedy can be used during work or other commitments.
  4. Kratom extracts can be made at home. The easiest way to use these extracts is in the form of tea. Boil three to four cups of water. Pour this boiling water over Kratom Powder. It is recommended to use not more than three to five milligrams of Kratom initially. Mix the Kratom powder in the water. After that, remove the Kratom powder. You may add essential oils for flavor and boosted treatment. You can also add honey and lemon juice. If Kratom powder is not available, Kratom leaves can be used. However, these leaves can have a strong flavor and high dosage.
  5. Some people use dry Kratom leaves to make powder. This powder can be ingested using water. However, it is recommended to take smaller quantities. Otherwise, it may clog your throat. An alternative approach is to use the powder with a thick juice. You may choose orange or mango juices for this purpose.
  6. Some people prefer vaporizing Krato and smoking it. First, kratom leaves are mixed with boiling water. The mixture is placed in a pan and heated. The container is covered. After ten to fifteen minutes, the mixture is transferred to the vape. Here, the mixture is vaporized using heat. Although this method can provide instant relief, it may also get you high. Vaping can also be habit-forming. Regular vaping may result in body developing Kratom tolerance.

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  • Kratom is not necessarily beneficial in all cases. It may cause severe side effects such as high blood pressure and heart palpitations. Kratom can also lead to liver failure.
  • It may even cause additional kidney damage.
  • It can deform infants in the mother’s womb. Babies may retain symptoms or Kratom withdrawal at birth(2)
  • It may even lead to coma or death. It is recommended to consult your doctor before using any regular Kratom based treatment.

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Kratom may be beneficial for depression treatment if used adequately. However, regular and unregulated usage may result in severe side-effects on health.

At the same time, pure Kratom strains can be disruptive if you have a mental disorder – Kratom may aggravate it. It is best to consult your doctor to determine if Kratom treatment is recommended for you or not.


1. What Is the Best Kratom for Depression?

Multiple Kratoms for depression can have varied effects depending on their causes. You may consult your doctor for the best option in your case.

2. Can Kratom Intake Cause Death?

There have been many reported cases of death caused by excessive Kratom intake.

3. What Is the Recommended Daily Usage?

Initially, you use around three to five milligrams a day. For severe cases, up to eight milligrams may be used.

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