9 Most Potent Essential Oils For Autism That You Need to Know

Updated on February 10th, 2020
essential oils for autism

Autism is a condition that leads to self-centered behavior, inhibiting social and communication skills as it starts from a young age. The condition is a neurological disorder that lasts throughout a person’s entire lifespan. Autism in children is common in boys, more than girls. However, in today’s world, autism in adults is becoming prevalent as well.

For curing the condition, medicines and other remedies are prescribed by health experts. However, the most effective and often approached method is the use of essential oils. These oils can help in curing autism and provide the user other benefits as well.


Autism differs from person to person depending on the symptoms and effects. The major types of autism are as follows:

Classic autism:- It is a type of mild autism. Usually, affects the children before attaining the age of three. Children affected tend to repeat actions continuously and have lack of attention towards surroundings, people and emotions.

Asperger’s syndrome:- In this type of autism, the child has similar levels of intelligence as other children. However, the child lacks the ability to interact socially.

Pervasive developmental disorder:- This type of autistic behavior can be noticed in child after the age of three. This autism can be regarded as a mixture of classic autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Other kinds of autism include atypical autism and high functioning autism.


The condition of autism can be identified through the following symptoms:

  • Social disorders
  • Language difficulties
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Seizures
  • Sleep and Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Hyperactivity
  • Intellectual defects
  • Obsessive Compulsion disorders

Essential Oils for Autism

“If you have chosen ‘The Essential Oil’ lifestyle, raise your hand, if not, raise your Standard.” Essential Oils are truly Gifts from the Almighty. They are utterly luscious and refined extracts from freshly grown plants, rich in properties, and way beyond artificial creation.

How To Use?

Essential Oils are no stranger to issues of ‘Autism’ either. You think it can’t assist your healing process? Maybe, think again. Here are a few ‘Essential Oils for Autism,’ that offer significant relief:-

1. CBD Oil

cbd oil for autism

Cannabis oil comes from Cannabis in its completely natural state. The oil has positive medicinal effects when used in correct proportions and within limits.

Why to use?

CBD oil helps treat disorders such as hyperactivity, anxiety, lack of attention and seizures.

How to Use?

Consumption of the oil by mixing in water or food, in quantities directed by experts are highly recommended. One can also add it to water and take the steam from it.

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2. Cedarwood Oil

Cedar Wood oil is extracted from various types of conifers, most commonly from pine families.

Why to use?

Cedarwood oil has a very relaxing impact on the senses and nerves, thus enabling better sleep. It also helps oxygenate the brain.

How to Use?

A few drops of cedarwood oil should be rubbed on the hand and be breathed in and out for a few times every day.

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3. Orange Oil

orange oil for autism

The orange oil is extracted through the process of centrifugation of orange juice. This oil has numerous health benefits.

Why to use?

Orange oils are known to have the ability to assist with relaxation, restfulness, calmness and communication stability.

How to Use?

Add a few drops to water and take the steam from it to avail excellent benefits.

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4. Bergamot Oil

The bergamot oil is obtained through seeds of bergamot orange fruit. It is cold pressed oil, hence it is known to retain aroma and pleasant smells.

Why to use?

Bergamot Oils are known to bring a sense of happiness and assist with blood circulation. It helps treat ASD symptoms.

How to Use?

Add enough amounts of the oil to either a room diffuser or room freshener, making sure it isn’t concentrated, and allow it to diffuse with the air in your room.

5. Frankincense Oil

frankincense oil for autism

Frankincense Oil comes from ‘Boswellia carterii’ or the ‘Boswellia serrata’ tree, that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Why to use?

Frankincense Oil contains properties that help in the balance of the vestibular system, thus reducing anxiety, insomnia, fear, and therefore, introducing restfulness and a sense of peace and calm in the body.

How to use?

Add enough amounts of the oil to either a room diffuser or room freshener, making sure it isn’t concentrated, and allow it to diffuse with the air in your room or place the oil near the nose are, but not on the nose.

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6. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oils(1) are extracted from ‘Lavender Buds.’ They are rich in antiseptic properties, thus, reducing bacterial growth.

Why to use?

Lavender Oils are well known for their soothing and antiseptic properties. Their antiseptic properties help in the reduction of growth of bacteria and enhance restfulness.

How to use?

Add enough amounts of the oil to a room diffuser and allow it to diffuse with the air in your room or rub a few drops on your hand and inhale the smell few times every day.

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7. Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil for autism

Peppermint Oils are extracted from the ‘Peppermint Plant.’ This type of plant is a heterogonous cross between Spearmint and Water-mint.

Why to use?

Peppermint Oil enables the oxygenation of the brain, thus reducing the feeling of nausea. It helps to reduce anxiety and increase the sense of calmness.

How to use?

Add a few drops of the oil to a room freshener, making sure it isn’t concentrated, and allow it to diffuse in the air in your room or Inhale approximately five drops of Peppermint Oil, diluted in a bucket of steaming water.

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8. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is famous for its fragrance as well as healing properties for many years. It is a part of many home remedies for alleviating the symptoms of autism.

Why to use?

Sandalwood oils can assist with relaxation, restfulness, calmness, inflammation and brain stability.

How to Use?

Pour a few drops of the oil on a cotton swab and inhale it for four to five times a day. Alternatively, you can add it to a vaporizer and let the fragrance spread in the air.

9. Rosemary Oil

rosemary oil for autism

Rosemary oil offers extensive benefits to patients who have Autism.

Why to use?

Rosemary Oils are known to improve concentration and awareness in a person.

How to use?

Add enough amounts of the oil to either a room diffuser or room freshener, making sure it isn’t concentrated, and allow it to diffuse with the air in your room.

Side-Effects/ Risks And Precautions

Though essential oils for autism are natural products, they are concentrated in nature, and such their over-dosage can have severe side effects also. So, certain precautions must be observed while using them.

  • Make sure that the usage of the oils is not too extravagant.
  • Make sure that the oils used by you are familiar. If any signs or redness, aggravation, allergy or irritation is perceived, advice from health experts is a must.
  • They can exhibit reactions when exposed to the sun.
  • They may result in similar effects as Estrogen and Androgen.

Other Home Remedies

In addition to the essential oils for autism, there are quite a lot of home remedies like exercises and activities that could be performed at the home to manage the condition of Autism.


By placing hands and feet on the ground, crawling for a small distance regularly is known to increase awareness of surroundings, coordination and motor skills.


Jumping higher and in form of a star by throwing hands and legs in the air can help cure autism. The exercise is known to improve the functioning of the entire body by improving cardiovascular performance. It also enhances awareness of surroundings in the child as well.

Arm circles:

Rotating arms in same and different directions can improve flexibility, strength and coordination. It can also develop motor skills and positivity as it is a great upper body workout.

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Bottom Line

Essential oils such as rosemary, sandalwood, lavender, peppermint and other oils can be used to cure autism. These oils are proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and hyperactivity in the child which aids in managing the condition. The oils are also easily available and manageable as well. If the oils are used on regular basis for the period of time, it can help reduce the condition to a great extent.

Apart from essential oils, regularly performing activities such as crawling, jumping, arm circles and much more can boost positivity, reduce anxiety and hyperactivity in the child. The exercise can be performed with other children to improve social coordination as well through physical exercises.


1. Are Vaccines to Be Blamed for Autism?

Response: According to the US stats offered by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), there is no link between the disease and the vaccines. Various studies have been performed on the ingredients of the vaccines, and the antigens, but no considerable link has been found.

2. Is There a Cure for Autism?

Response: Although research and various studies are yet to find a cure for autism, it is safe to say that early diagnosis and treatment of the same will help reduce the symptoms and will help the patient find a satisfactory life. Furthermore, various therapies have been known to decrease these symptoms and help your child. However, there are times; despite the treatment and various kinds of medications, the patient may not outgrow their disease.

3. How Common Is Autism?

Response: According to the stats offered by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) from the US, one in every 59 children is affected by the disease. Upon careful research, it was found that the rise in the number of affected is only because of better ways of diagnosis.

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