Benefits of CBD Oil for Autism

Updated on February 7th, 2020
cbd oil for autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects different dimensions of a child’s development. This disorder is included in an extensive array of Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). CBD is obtained after an extraction procedure from cannabis plants.

CBD is essentially a non-psychoactive compound and does not lead to intoxication. Cannabinoids are the most recognized compounds in cannabis plants. Consumers prefer famous cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Hemp is among the popular varieties of cannabis plants from which CBD is usually extracted. Cannabis oil medication leads to better sleep and improved concentration in children.

Cannabis treatment also improves the ability of autistic children to wear clothes and bathe independently. Scientists believe that autism is linked with epilepsy, which is a neurological condition characterized by seizures.

The American Epilepsy Society (AES) published recent reports which suggested that 30% of autistic children also have epilepsy. These seizures could result from differences in brain development, which lead to abnormal reactions between cells and neurons.

CBD oil possesses anticonvulsant properties, which help people afflicted with epilepsy and seizures. Let us know more about CBD oil for autism.

CBD Oil for Autism

Know more about CBD oil and its impact on autism(1). Is it worth the time and resources invested in it? Are the benefits more than the apparent risks involved?

Despite insufficient research on pediatric patients who have autism, we cannot disregard the benefits of this “miracle drug,” which has produced countless success stories. Parents of autistic children are usually open to strategies and therapies that might lessen the symptoms of autism.

In the recent past, the Harvard Review and Boston Children’s Hospital researched cannabis. After the review, a cautionary statement was issued stating that cannabis treatments should be followed only after the failure of other conventional therapies.

A current retrospective study of people with ASD reported improvement in anxiety and disruptive behavior after using CBD oil.  Adverse effects, on the other hand, included irritability and sleep disturbance in participants.

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How to Use CBD Oil for Autism?

CBD Oil for Autism
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The endocannabinoid system in human beings gets signals from the cannabinoids that infiltrate the body. CBD gets inside the bloodstream, nervous system and brain almost instantly after consumption.

Endocannabinoid plays a significant role in regulating appetite, neuronal excitability, anxiety(2), and pain. Autistic individuals have issues with attention and focus, and cannabis can significantly assist in changing the spectrum of attention.

Effects of this oil are initiated differently based on the product and dosage. Edible alternatives take around 1-2 hours to make their way through the digestive system.

Speedy effects are produced with vaping or smoking as sublingual tinctures start working in approximately 20-40 minutes. If it is taken topically in the form of a cream or salve, CBD can take 60 minutes to enter the bloodstream however the effects are long-lasting.

Effectiveness of CBD Oil for Autism

Cbd oil for autism can significantly assist autistic children in alleviating behavioral symptoms of this developmental disorder such as aggression, angst, self-injurious behavior, and difficulty in social interactions.

Remember that each child responds differently to CBD oil. CBD is a preferred option for a majority of parents for their children as it is not psychoactive.

Researchers are still trying to find out ways in which CBD oil can ease anxiety in autistic individuals; however, for most parents, the anecdotal evidence is sufficient for the present, at least.

Lester Grinspoon, MD advised doctors in the recent past to seriously consider the anecdotal substantiation and perform more medical research on how CBD oil can alleviate aggression.

More analysis is being carried out on CBD oil for autism. Thus scientists will know more about CBD and why it is so effective on autistic individuals soon.

What Is Best CBD Oil for Autism?

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The FDA restricts any company from advertising or marketing CBD oil for autism, mainly if it is to be administered to autistic pediatric patients. When you are searching for the best CBD oil for autism, always ascertain if the company selling it is a premium supplier.

The company must sell “Full-Spectrum” CBD, accompanied by an accurate Certificate of Analysis. The product they are endorsing must always be 3rd Party Tested.

CBD oil for autism can be procured from dispensaries which sell medical marijuana if it is legalized in your area of residence. It can also be acquired from health food stores.

It is available in topical and ingestible forms. CBD products comprise edibles such as beverage drinks, gummies, creams, or transdermal patches.

CBD Oil Dosage for Autism

Remember that there is no suggested (RDA) or daily allowance of CBD oil. Legal issues restrict medical practitioners from suggesting a suitable dosage of the oil to a patient. The quantity of CBD differs from product to product.

Try to start with a small dosage and gradually increase the dose as required. It is difficult to find the ideal dosage for your child as each child, and their requirements are different.


1. What Are the Effects of Cbd Oil?

Heitman states that CBD oil is used and repurposed by the body as per its requirement, which is why each individual reacts and responds differently to it. CBD also eases symptoms of pain or anxiety.

2. Can a Person Get High from the Use of Cbd Oil?

CBD oil or Cannabidiol (CBD) has a relaxing effect on the body, even if it is non-intoxicating. CBD also neutralizes the effects of THC.

3. How Can We Use Cbd Oil Topically?

You can rub this oil into your skin following which it is absorbed through the pores. The oil has to be reapplied frequently for long-lasting effects though.

CBD has widespread effects and is highly recommended for the treatment of medical conditions such as depression and anxiety, along with sleeplessness and aches.

Have a word with your child’s pediatrician on how to use CBD oil for autism. Pediatricians must closely monitor this treatment for interaction with other medications.

Always steer clear of fake CBD oil which contains artificial compounds that can adversely affect the health of your child. Get in touch with your pediatrician for more information on your child’s response to CBD oil and other concerns.

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