7 Effective Essential Oils for Anger Therapy

Updated on December 2nd, 2019
essential oils for anger

Anger is a prevailing emotion among human beings. But it becomes detrimental in cases when it blazes up and gets out of control. Persistent anger can lead to severe consequences affecting one’s health, personal relationships, and individual state of mind. Controlling anger or anger management is way painless than you might think.

Some people prefer going to a health expert to help them out of this condition of explosive rage but for those who do not want to seek help from a health expert, worry not as essential oils for anger are here to help you out. Symptoms leading to ager include constant irritability, anxiety, heart palpitations, headaches, fatigue, and increased blood pressure.

Frustration is a subset of anger. It is a kind of emotion which an individual feel when blocked from attaining or reaching towards his/her goal. Accomplishing goals or fulfillment of targets gets us a sense of relief, however, in a case where one can’t reach those goals, there are chances of getting succumbed to feeling annoyed, irritated and frustrated. Frustration also leads to claims of anxiety, accompanying with episodes of nervousness, fear, and stress.

Anxiety frustration changes from day to day, where you feel beautiful for one moment and feel overly frustrated the very next moment. Symptoms for failure could include increased and very rapid heart rate, dizziness, clenching your jaws or grinding your teeth, and severe headache.

Types of anger

A few kinds of anger are

  • Assertive anger
  • Behavioral anger
  • Judgmental anger
  • Chronic Anger
  • Passive-aggressive anger
  • Overwhelmed anger
  • Self-abusive anger

Causes of anger

Anger can stem from deep within your cognitive thinking and mind. Most people cannot comprehend the source of their anger as the reason is not apparent every time(1). It can stem from your childhood days which is a repressed type of anger or anger on petty things like daily hassles of life. The range of anger and human emotions is rather broad and distinguishing between the causes is a tricky job. Some reasons include:

  • Childhood and upbringing
  • Past experiences of life which left an impact on you
  • Current circumstances affecting your daily life

Symptoms of anger

Symptoms of anger can affect both mind and body with varying symptoms on the same. Some signs are below:

  • A churning feeling in your stomach
  • Tightness in your chest
  • An increased and rapid heartbeat
  • Weak Legs
  • Tense muscles

These are related to physiological symptoms. Anger stems from the mind, and it affects your cognitive thinking too. Some of those symptoms include:

  • Feeling guilty about mundane things
  • Feeling resentful towards people or situations
  • Easily irritated
  • ‘Red haze’ comes in front of your eyes
  • Feeling humiliated continuously

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Why use essential oils for anger?

Solutions to various conditions of anger like frustration, anxiety, and depression can be resolved by going the natural way like aromatherapy. Aromatherapy helps in promoting mindfulness and a sense of calmness in humans, and also helps in reducing stress. Following are a few essential oils for the anger that can help in anger management.

1. Lavender essential oil for anger

lavender essential oil for anger

Why use Lavender essential oil for anger

Lavender essential oil is considered very versatile when compared to other oils. It’s known for its relaxing effects on the body. The fragrance is extremely calming, relaxing, soothing, and balancing- both mentally and physically. It is also in use as a natural perfume, unlike other scents with containing alcohol in them. It can be used to clean cuts, bruises, and irritations.

How to use Lavender essential oil for anger

Lavender oil can be used in two ways; either through inhalation which helps is the reduction of anger anxiety. It also has properties to reduce the conditions of depression. Use it in diffusers even that help in creating a calm environment which ultimately combats various conditions of anger.

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2. Peppermint essential oil for anger:

Why use Peppermint essential oil for anger

Peppermint is a hybrid of water mint and spearmint. This essential oil is extracted in the cold pressed method. It contains active ingredients like menthol and menthone. Uses of peppermint oil have been documented back to 1000 B.C. and have also been found during the Egyptian era.

How to use Peppermint essential oil for anger

Using a roll on that contains peppermint oil can help fight migraine and headaches.

3. Roman chamomile essential oil for anger

roman chamomile essential oil for anger

Why use Roman Chamomile Oil for anger

Roman chamomile is known to have calming effects on the nervous system and the digestive system of humans. It contains components that help in reducing stress, anger, frustration, depression, and even insomnia. It also promotes peaceful sleep. It also possesses antioxidant properties that a human body heal from any cellular damage due to anger or any conditions of rage.

How to use Roman Chamomile Oil for anger

Add a few drops of the roman chamomile oil to a cotton ball and inhale it multiple times every day.

4. Sweet orange essential oil for anger

Why use Sweet orange essential oil for anger

Sweet orange essential oil is known to possess incredible properties that are effective in reducing anger-stress, anger-depression, and helps create a clam surrounding environment. It also has energizing and uplifting properties. It’s great to use during the day when you don’t want your anger to interfere with your productivity at work.

How to use Sweet orange essential oil for anger

Mix a few drops of sweet orange oil with coconut oil and gently massage on your head and forehead for relief.

5. Bergamot essential oil for anger

bergamot essential oil for anger

Why use Bergamot essential oil for anger

Bergamot oil is a category of citrus oils. The aroma of bergamot is similar to that of orange but is more tropical. It is extracted through a cold-press technique, hence very concentrated and potent. If being used onto the skin, extreme care has to be taken and should be avoided exposing to the sun and UV rays.

How to use Bergamot essential oil for anger

Bergamot essential oil is helpful especially for conditions of anger-depression. It’s always advised to blend it with a carrier oil and then use for massage.

6. Black pepper essential oil for anger

Why use Black pepper essential oil for anger

Black pepper is a spice found in every kitchen. It’s not only used as a flavoring agent is cuisines but also possesses a wide range of medicinal properties. It contains a very active component called piperine. It has shown many benefits including anti-cancer properties.

How to use Black pepper essential oil for anger

This oil fosters courage, motivation and mental clarity. To deal with psychological stress, one can take two drops of black pepper essential oil and three drops of tangerine oil and apply wherever required.

7. Neroli essential oil for anger

neroli essential oil for anger

Why use Neroli essential oil for anger

Neroli essential oil is known to soothe the agitated nerves of the body and is effective at relieving grief and despair. It possesses properties which help in reducing anger-stress, which is ultimately very much helpful in anger management.

How to use Neroli essential oil for anger

Add a few drops of Neroli oil to one tbsp of olive oil and then gently massage on your forehead and head.

How to use these essential oils for anger

Inhalation is considered one of the most powerful ways to help support anger management. Two methods of breath that are recommended for anger management firstly is to carry the essential oil throughout the day and use it when you start feeling moments of anger; you can rub the oil between your palms. Then place your hands in front of your nose and mouth and inhaling the aroma slowly and deeply. Other methods of using essential oils for anger are as follows: –

  1. Inhaling directly: Rubbing 1-2 drops of essential oil onto palms and taking a deep breath
  2. Rubbing it directly: Rubbing 1-2 drops of the essential oil onto your temples, or wrists relaxation
  3. Use it on-the-go: Putting a few drops of essential oil onto a handkerchief, or cotton pad and use it for inhaling. Will get you to get immediately.
  4. Adding it to your shower: Immersing yourself in essential oil steam by adding a couple of drops of the essential oil in your shower and inhale deeply.

Dos and don’ts

Always suggested consulting a health expert to determine what works best for you. Never ingest essential oils. Still take precautions when it comes to children, pets, and the elderly. Unnecessary and overconsumption could also be fatal. Topical applications or inhalations can reap the benefits of essential oils. Don’t use too much, since essential oils are very much concentrated and potent.


  1. Always use top-quality essential oils or therapeutic grade oil. Certification as organic, and 100% pure is essential.
  2.  Keep essential oils away from sensitive areas. Essential oils are considered as nature’s powerhouses as they are 40-50 times more potent than the plant it’s extracted from. Avoid using or applying essential oils to sensitive areas of the body, including the genitals or area near your eyes.
  3. Always test new oils to make sure there are no reactions before applying. A patch test is still advisable to check if the essential oil causes any redness or itching or any irritation.
  4.  Never heat essential oils. What you may be not aware of is that boiling these oils ruins their healing characteristics.

Side effects

Excessive use of anything could have a drawback, applies the same for essential oils for anger. Always advising a health expert to decide what is suitable for you will reduce the chances of side effects like allergic reactions and skin irritation. Researchers have shown that excessive use of essential oils like lavender and tea-tree have shown some hormonal-effects. It’s advised to avoid contact of essential oils onto skin for a very long time.

Home remedies for anger

  1. Yoga and Meditation: Practicing yoga and meditation every day for 30 minutes can go a long way in controlling your anger management issues
  2. Exercise: Working out every day helps in relieving your body of the stress and anxiety effectively.
  3. Healthy food: Incorporate healthy foods into your diet such as fruits, green vegetables, cereals etc.

Anger management is essential since it helps you be productive at work. Above mentioned essential oils for anger will help you cope with anger and various conditions of anger like frustration, depression, and anxiety. Essentials oils are the trending buddies for one’s health and wellness. Above mentioned essential oils for anger can help one combat the risking symptoms for anger in a natural way. Keeping in mind the dos and don’ts, precautions and side-effects regarding essential oils will hold one at bay from unwanted complications.

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