How to Cure Iodine Burns

Updated on January 29th, 2020
How to Cure Iodine Burns

Iodine has, for centuries now, been used to treat all kinds of cuts and injuries. But too much if it might give you a burn. There are some tips to cure iodine burns quickly.

Iodine burns are caused when you use too much of iodine on a wound, especially when using a gauge or a bandage before the iodine has had the time to fully dry itself out; which results in a lasting stinging sensation very similar to what happens when you burn or singe your skin.

It has been found that some patients who have been treated with iodine develop an allergic reaction to it which may be caused my prolonged exposure to liquid and may result in rashes, hives, itching as well as swelling on the face, mouth and tongue.

But there are some who develop a chemical burn reaction to the iodine when it is used in high concentration which needs to be treated like any other aerosols burns wound.

Tips to Cure Iodine Burns Naturally


It is necessary to keep the wound clean at all times so as to ensure that it does not get infected since there is a high chance that you might see some swelling as well as redness in the skin. Use cold water to wipe the skin where the iodine has effected for cleaning.

Cold Compress

If cold water is not available, applying a cold compress on the burn will also ensure that the stinging, burning sensation subsides substantially.

You can use ice cold water or even an ice pack wrapped in a piece of soft cloth on the burn but make sure to avoid putting ice directly on the skin and it might result in damaging the broken skin even more.


There are a lot of over the counter pain relievers available in the market today that will be helpful in combating some of the burn related pain in the wound.

Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, and naproxen(1) are a few of the drugs that you might try and if the pain does not dissipate even after several hours, a second dose of medication can be taken.

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Avoid Pigmentation

Avoid any kind of pigmentation by applying a bland skin moisturizer on the newly formed skin once the healing has begun to keep the skin from darkening any further from being exposed to the sun. But if the burn is caused due to an allergic reaction, steroid creams can also be used.

Home Remedies

There are a lot of things that are available around the house that are also helpful to cure iodine burns.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is universally known to be beneficial for minor cuts and burns, which is why, you can use it in the raw form or if you have an aloe vera based ointment on the burn to reduce not just the burning but also to start with the healing process.

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2. Calendula

Calendula gel has also been known for its soothing properties and as such might be successfully used on an iodine burn to treat it.

3. Black Tea

Because of the tannic acid present in black tea, when applied on burns, it has been known to draw heat from the burn thereby speeding the healing process. Putting a few soaked tea bags on the burn will do the trick perfectly.

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