Get Rid of Skin-Problems With Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Updated on March 11th, 2020
Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

One of the most popular toners used worldwide for skin is Apple Cider Vinegar. It has been used in ancient times for medicinal purposes but has eventually made its way to skincare. The effectiveness of this vinegar is due to the fruit acids- malic and acetic acid that are known for antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar treats premature aging of your skin, wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, or acne. Here’s a list of some of its benefits.

Nutritional Facts

One hundred grams of Apple Cider Vinegar provides the following nutrition:-

Calories 22
Total Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 5 mg
Potassium 73 mg
Total Carbohydrate 0.9 g
Sugar 0.4 g
Protein 0 g

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

1. Fights Foot Odor

Foot Odor

Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in acids that help in balancing the pH levels of the skin. The antibacterial or antifungal properties help in fighting off the pungent smell from the feet. The antifungal properties of Apple Cider Vinegar help to get rid of an Athlete’s foot that often causes a bad odor(1).

Apple Cider Vinegar toner also prevents the bad odor caused by harmful bacteria.

2. Rich in Acetic Acid

As Apple Cider Vinegar converts the sugars present in apples into acetic acid during fermentation, This is one of the most important ingredients of Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar is first prepared where the crushed apples are exposed to yeast that converts it into alcohol.

Then, bacteria are added to the prepared alcohol solution, which ferments the alcohol further and converts it into acetic acid. ACV contains traces of proteins and enzymes with friendly bacteria and is responsible for many health benefits.

3. Kills Harmful Bacteria

ACV can kill pathogens, including bacteria. Traditional uses of ACV include using it for disinfecting and cleaning, removing nail fungus, lice, and ear infections.

Studies show that Apple Cider Vinegar, when used as a food preservative, curbs the growth of bacteria like E.Coli from growing in the food. It is a natural alternative to prevent your skin from acne and bacterial infections.

4. Prevents and Reduces Wrinkles


Skin tends to lose its elasticity with age. You can control the occurrence of wrinkles by following a night regime of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. It can be used to tighten the skin and protect it from pollution and harmful elements of the environment.

5. Treats Acne

Apple cider vinegar toner is very effective in reducing acne. Acne is a result of clogged pores. The only way to reduce your chances of acne is to reduce the bacteria that clog the pores on the skin.

A study reveals that the organic acids in apple cider vinegar have a peeling effect. It kills the bacteria that causes acne, reduces swelling, and reduces scarring caused by acne(2). Its antimicrobial properties protect the skin when used as a skincare routine.

6. Treats Acne Scars

Apple cider vinegar toner has multiple uses for the skin. It helps in reducing scars caused by acne or marks. It has a high content of acids as it is prepared by fermented apples. It is rich in citric, acetic, lactic and succinic acid.

A 2014 study concluded that the succinic acid reduced inflammation caused by Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium that was responsible for causing acne. It also prevents scarring.

Using ACV will not only reduce scars but also repairs the damaged outer layers of the skin and promotes skin regeneration.

7. Cures Sunburn

ACV for Sunburn

Although there is no concrete evidence that associates apple cider vinegar toner with a sunburn treating, many people claim that using this toner reduces the redness, burning effect, and skin peeling caused by a sunburn.

8. Prevents Paronychia

Paronychia refers to an infection under the cuticle around your nails that occurs due to a bacterial or yeast infection. Soaking your nail in the toner is effective in treating it as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps reduce swelling and pain as well.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

The apple cider vinegar toner recipe is mentioned below-

  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tbsp water

Wash the affected skin and apply this mixture using a cotton ball. You could also use a spray bottle.

You can keep it overnight if you dilute it before application. Always maintain a 1:2 ratio proportion while diluting Apple cider Vinegar. It is considered safe to be used every day.

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Side Effects

Although there are no known side effects of using Apple cider vinegar toner, it is highly recommended that you consider the following.

  • Dilute ACV with water before applying it to your skin.
  • Applying it raw may cause severe burning, itchiness, and rashes. If any/all of these occur, consult a doctor immediately.

Bottom Line

Though plenty of products are available in the market that promise benefits for your skin, apple cider vinegar toner is affordable and has no side effects like other cosmetic products. It’s simple to use, fuss-free, and an effective remedy against foot odors and skin rashes.


1. Can apple cider vinegar help to lose weight?

Some people recommend ACV for weight loss. Mix 2 tbsp of ACV with water. Consume it thrice daily, preferably before meals.

2. What are the best DIY apple cider vinegar toner recipes?

The best way is to utilize green tea and apple cider vinegar as a toner.

Mix 1 cup of cooled green tea with 1 tsp of ACV and apply it to your skin. Leave it for a maximum of 15-20 mins. Repeat every day for the best results.

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