4 Incredible Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Sunburn

Updated on March 13th, 2020

Love to spend some time outdoors relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature? But what about the damage caused by sun rays? Sunburns can cost you heavily resulting in red blotchy skin.  Sunburns are a common cause of vexation, especially in summers. These leave you all red and inflamed. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause you sunburns; you may get a sunburn while enjoying a beach trip when sea bathing and even when swimming.

People with sensitive skin are quick to pick it up while others can also get sunburns. Though there are many lotions and other chemical treatments available to treat them, they have little effect, and if your skin happens to be hypersensitive, then these may even cause an allergic reaction further damaging it.

Sunburn is common skin trouble caused due to the harmful effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Melanin is a pigment present in your skin that gives the skin its color.

When your skin surface gets exposed to the sun rays, your body increases the production of melanin which protects your skin from the damage from the UV radiations(1).

However, if you are out in the sun for long, your body is not able to produce so much melanin quickly as such the cells of your skin start getting damaged. In response to the effect of UV radiation, healthy skin cells get inflamed to remove the damaged cells. It is known as a UV stress response.

Also, the blood vessels in your skin start dilating causing redness. If you have sensitive skin with a fair skin tone, then you will be experiencing sunburn frequently. Using too many chemical products is not great for your skin in the long run; hence you must resort to using natural remedies like apple cider vinegar.

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Why use Apple Cider vinegar for Sunburn?.

Apple Cider Vinegar for sunburn

Apple cider vinegar is a potent liquid developed after fermenting apple juice. While initially apple cider vinegar was used in recipes to flavor them, it is now famous for its healing properties. It can help in treating various skin troubles and can also restore several health conditions. One such prominent use of apple cider vinegar is for treating skin burn.

Learn how using apple cider vinegar for sunburn is beneficial for you.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the inflammation and redness caused due to sunburn.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is known to have a soothing effect on your skin. Applying apple cider vinegar balances the pH of your skin that can cause inflammation(2) and redness. With restored pH levels your skin will feel cool and fresh.
  3. The toxins present on your skin can also irritate it further damaging your skin. You can evade the trouble by using apple cider vinegar which can effectively remove the toxins from your skin.
  4. Sunburns can also lead to blisters which can rupture and get infected. You can prevent it by using apple cider vinegar as it has strong acidic and antibacterial properties that prevent any microbial activity on the affected skin area thus reducing the risk of developing infections.

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How to use

Those who are aware of the power of apple cider vinegar, know that nothing is better than apple cider vinegar for sunburn treatment. It is a natural and effective way to efficiently resolve your troubles without harming your skin and does not even cost you much. Know how you can use apple cider vinegar for sunburn.

  • First, take a shower with cold or lukewarm water to clear off the toxins or chemicals present on your skin
  • Pat yourself dry
  • Now to a bowl add apple cider vinegar and water in the ratio 1:2
  • Dip a washcloth in the solution and leave it on your sunburned skin for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Repeat it to get rid of the inflammation and pain.
  • There are some alternative methods to it too
  • Add a cup of apple cider vinegar in lukewarm bathwater. Soak in it for about fifteen minutes to soothe your sunburned skin.
  • Also, you can add apple cider vinegar and water to spray bottle and use it when necessary.

Using apple cider vinegar on sunburned skin is known to give useful results. The soothing properties of it calm your burned and irritated skin. Further, its anti-inflammatory effect eases the redness and inflammation of the affected skin area.

While apple cider vinegar can alone treat sunburns but you can always add other natural ingredients to accelerate the healing further and get quick relief. Below mentioned are some other apple cider vinegar remedies for sunburn that you can try to ease the sunburn troubles.

1. Apple cider vinegar and aloe vera toner

apple cider vinegar and aloe vera as skin toner


Make a soothing skin toner that efficiently heals your damaged skin and nourishes it. Here is the secret recipe for this fantastic toner.


  • To a bowl add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and half a cup of freshly extracted aloe vera gel
  • Also, add two tablets of Vitamin E oil and a teaspoon of lavender oil
  • Mix all the ingredients and use a cotton ball to apply the mixture on the affected skin

You will get immediate relief from the itching and burning sensation, and there will be a reduction in the inflammation.

This remedy is known to be highly effective because aloe vera(3) present in it promotes skin healing and has anti-inflammatory properties while lavender oil is known to be quite useful in treating sunburns.

Also, vitamin E oil is known to stimulate the production of collagen which promotes the generation of new skin cells and repair of the damaged ones.

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2. Baking soda along with apple cider vinegar

acv and baking soda

Another useful and quick remedy for sunburn is using apple cider vinegar and baking soda concoction.


  • Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a tablespoon of baking soda
  • You can also add in a few drops of peppermint essential oil
  • Apply this mixture on the skin surface damaged due to the sun rays and leave it on for five to ten minutes
  • After that wash it with water

Baking soda has antiseptic properties thus when used along with apple cider vinegar it quickens the healing of sunburned skin. Besides, the peppermint essential oil added to the mixture has a cooling effect that provides immediate relief from the burning sensation.

Word of caution

People have been using apple cider vinegar for sunburn for its remarkable results, but it is essential that you must use it with care. If not used correctly, this extraordinary remedy can hurt your skin. Here are a few points that you should be mindful of:

  • Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and can cause burns if used in undiluted form. Hence, you must adequately dilute it to prevent any such trouble.
  • People who have sensitive skin must do a skin patch test with diluted apple cider vinegar to know their skin’s sensitivity to it. Rub a small amount of diluted apple cider vinegar on healthy skin. If it causes a burning sensation or inflammation, then wash it off immediately with soap and water.
  • Also, apple cider vinegar should not be used in skin areas that have deep cracks or wounds. It is because the acidic nature of it will cause intense pain and burning.
  • If you wish for quick results, then buy organic apple cider vinegar which is unfiltered and has its mother intact.

Sunburns are common but if not taken care of, can lead to fatal conditions like skin cancer. Hence you must take appropriate measures to keep your skin protected from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. When outdoors, apply an ample amount of sunscreen, wear a hat and if possible clothes that completely cover your arms or leg.

Even then, if your skin gets sunburned, then apple cider vinegar is there for your rescue. It is a known sunburn remedy that can provide you with quick relief from the inflamed and irritated skin. Use apple cider vinegar for sunburn and ease the discomfort quickly.


1. Do sunburns turn into a tan?

Yes, sunburns can eventually turn into a tan. However, the prolonged damage due to sunburn can prevent developing a tan too.

2. Does coconut oil help sunburn?

There is no scientific proof that coconut oil can treat sunburn. However, topical application of the same can ease the pain. Applying coconut oil can lessen the itching and reddening of the skin as well.

3. Is baking soda good for sunburn?

Yes, using baking soda for burns can help. It helps in balancing the pH levels of the skin. And, by doing so, it eases the pain, inflammation and redness.

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