Heal Sinus Infection With These Acupressure Techniques

Updated on March 17th, 2020
Acupressure for Sinus

Sinus infection, typically, is the growth of foreign bodies on some regions of the face, known as ‘sinuses.’ These foreign bodies can belong to any infectious species such as a virus, bacteria, fungi, or even the phlegm and body fluids.

When this extra stuff obstructs our respiratory process, it gets tough for us to breathe normally. Sinus, not as severe as asthma, can get relatively intense.

Sinusitis is a widespread condition, with around 24 to 31 million reported cases across the US each year. Chronic sinusitis is known to affect roughly 12.5 percent of individuals. In the United States, more than 1bn US$ are spent yearly on the purchase of various over-the-counter medicines for sinusitis. Sinus infections account for 16mn medical appointments and 150mn expenditure on prescription drugs.

You’ve long been suffering from chronic sinusitis that comes and goes without notice and fails to respond to medications? Well then, here’s some vital information that can help you break the shackles of sinus congestions and associated symptoms(1).

Acupressure for sinus is being recommended more and more by medical experts around the world to wholly and quickly improve your symptoms and help you breathe comfortably again.

Walkthrough this brief post to understand how acupressure can bail you out of sinus troubles.

    1. How Does it Work
    2. How to Get Started
    3. Pressure Points for Sinus
    4. Tips and Tricks

Can Acupressure Help Treat Sinus?

With acupressure, the key is to apply the correct amount of pressure on the acupoints associated with your ailment.

You can stimulate the acupoints associated with sinus to experience some extreme changes in your nose, forehead, and face.

Applying firm pressure on your acupoints can aid in clearing blockage along the meridians, hence restoring the fluid flow of qi in your body. Numerous people across the United States count on acupuncture to improve significant symptoms associated with sinusitis such as nasal congestion(2), pain, pressure, and headaches.

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How does Acupressure Help Cure Sinus?

As per traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), our health is based on the flow of energy (qi) through the body. The power runs along meridians, i.e., the invisible pathways on which the concept of acupressure is based.

It is believed that qi keeps our body in the right balance and promotes its natural self-healing ability. A disrupted or blocked the flow of energy can harm our emotional and physical well-being.

In an acupressure session, several thin needles are gently inserted into the skin for stimulating certain points, depending upon the symptoms you are experiencing. As per TCM, the stimulation aids in clearing the blockages and reinstating the normal flow of energy through the body. The process helps resolve symptoms of sinus infection such as nasal congestion, pain, pressure, and headaches.

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How to Get Started with Acupressure for Sinus?

Ensure that you’ve identified the appropriate pressure points for sinus relief. There are just around 0.5mm in diameters and, therefore, you need to be extremely precise. Start with pressing the point with a ballpoint pen (lid on) or the index finger.

In case you don’t feel any sensation, try some other spots around the same region until you start to experience a little soreness. It is recommended that you stay patient and keep the pressure moderate.

You might need to practice acupuncture multiple 2 to 4 times a day on the same acupoint for several days before you start to get positive results. Acupuncture can, at times, be a slow but steady healing point. To get the most favorable results, ensure you stay calm and breathe gently during the process.

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What are the Numerous Acupressure Points for Sinus Treatment?

Several pressure points for sinus pain in your body are associated with different sinusitis symptoms such as the stuffy nose and nasal congestion. Some of the critical acupoints for sinusitis are given below:

Pressure Points for Sinus Congestion

1. Welcome Fragrance

To get instant relief from sinus infection and allergies, you can use your fingers for stimulating the acupoint called “Welcome Fragrance” (LI-20) on either side of your nose, right where your cheek and your nose meet. Make sure you apply moderate pressure using both your index fingers on both sides of your nose. Hold for 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Nostril Sides

benefits of Nostril Sides

Reach the bottom of your nose and firmly touch the sides of your nostril. As you identify the acupoints on the nostril side, exert firm pressure on the acupoints for around 2 to 3 minutes with the fingers of both your hands placed at 90-degrees to your face.

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Pressure Points for Stuffy Nose

1. Behind the Earlobe

One of the most vital locations for treating stuffy nose is at the back of your earlobe. Behind the Earlobe, Acupoint can be found right behind your earlobe’s center. Applying moderate pressure at this point will offer significant improvement of stuffy nose symptoms. The more you practice this process, the better relief you will be getting from any acute or chronic stuffy nose.

2. Third Eye

Your Third Eye Point can prove extremely beneficial to get substantial relief from runny or stuffy nose. The point is located right between your eyebrows. Apply moderate pressure on your Third Eye Acupoint with two fingers and gently rub the region for around 2 to 3 minutes.

Pressure Points For Nasal Congestion

1. Thumb and Index Finger

He Gu

For severe pain and sinus problem, particularly acute nasal congestion that makes it extremely difficult for you to breathe, use this acupoint. Start by holding the joint between your index finger and the thumb and apply firm pressure on it. Hold in the position for some 2 to 3 minutes. This technique comes in handy for reducing the pain, irritation, and severe congestion in your nose.

2. Base of Skull

Start by holding your head in your hands. Place the thumbs directly behind the ears. You can feel the skull with your thumbs and reach the base of the skull. Now the thumbs must be at the back of your ears and the bottom. Press both the acupoints deeply and gently rub the points for 2 to 3 minutes. Practice this technique daily for reducing and preventing headache, cold, and severe nasal congestion.

3. Hollow Point

At the backend of your skull where the head and neck are joined, there’s a large hollow area. Start with applying firm pressure on the acupoint right at the center of the hollow region. Firmly put the middle finger on it and use from pressure for about 4 to 5 minutes. Feel the changes that take place in your nostrils. Along with relieving nasal congestion, this technique aids in reducing mental stress and headaches.

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Tips and Tricks for Sinus Pressure Relief

  • Breathing exercises come handy in regulating sinusitis. Ensure you do pranayama every day for about 10 to 15 minutes. It helps to postpone and minimize the risk of sinus for a longer time.
  • Performing respiratory exercises each day turns out to be extremely beneficial to get long-term relief from the sinus infection. Also, these respiratory exercises have the potential to resolve several underlying health conditions from within.
  • Pranayama and yoga are highly recommended to maintain a clean throat and nose always.
  • If you are prone to allergy from temperature and dust, make sure you keep yourself away from these, since these can lead to sinus infections and several other health conditions related to the nose.
  • Make sure you cover the mouth as well as your nasal area while dusting and cleaning your home.
  • Breathe fresh air and circumvent exposure to pollution, dust, and other sinus-causing entities.

Sinusitis can genuinely be a troublesome condition which, if left untreated, can become a chronic ailment. Also, it can lead to various other disorders such as hair fall, grey or white hair, stress, insomnia, and more.

While a lot of treatment options are available that claim to treat sinus and prevent its occurrence again, most of them fail to deliver long-term results. Resolving sinus can turn around to be extremely tricky.

Unlike most internal diseases, sinus cannot be cure with specific remedies and, therefore, it is one of those few disorders that attract the attention of the proponents of different alternative medicines and treatments.

Acupressure for sinus helps improve symptoms as well as prevents it from becoming a chronic condition. You can follow the acupuncture options discussed in this post to get symptomatic relief from sinus, pain, and nasal congestion. Just ensure you consult a licensed and experienced acupuncturist and abide by the treatment prescribed to you.

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