How To Cure Aerosinusitis

Updated on January 29th, 2020
home remedies to cure aerosinusitis

Aerosinusitis goes by various names under various conditions. Scuba divers call it the sinus squeeze, while medical practitioners have classified it under the term name of Barotrauma of the sinuses or even Sinus Barotrauma. Here given few tips to cure aerosinusitis naturally.

But no matter what name you give this condition; the symptoms are always the same, occurring under the same type of conditions all the time.

Aerosinusitis is usually caused due to the difference in the pressure levels inside the cavities of the human body as compared to the air pressure outside it(1).

It is mostly characterized by severe headache and in some condition pain in the facial regions as well. Toothache, ear ache as well as nose bleeds are some of the other symptoms associated with this condition.

Aerosinusitis has been usually found to occur while aircraft ascent or descent as well as while scuba diving or even while traveling through high altitude regions.

This condition is actually an indicator of other sinus related issues that a person might be suffering from upper respiratory tracts infections or have had a history of sinus or respiratory infections.

Those who suffer from nasal polyps and other nasal passageways are found to be at a risk of developing this condition as well.

There are certain ways that can help you minimize the intensity of the headache or avoid it all together. If the following steps are taken before embarking on a flight or before you go scuba diving, they have been known to be quite effective.

Natural Remedies To Cure Aerosinusitis

Take Medication

Sinus infection medications have been known to be a huge help in minimizing the headaches as such using a nasal decongestant spray is useful in combination with taking a cold tablet an hour before the flight or before you go diving.

Also, keep some antihistamines handy, in case you start a headache.

Hot Showers


Hot showers work as vaporizers and help with any decongestion that you might be having in your nasal passageways.

As such consider taking a long hot shower before you leave, breathing in the moist air as a preventive measure.  If you have the time and the expenses to spare, a spa works even better.

Diet to Follow

Eating something extra hot and spicy makes sure that your nasal passageways are unblocked, as such, you should consider having a wasabi or a jalapeno based dish just before you leave.

Also, make sure to avoid all kinds of dairy products and ensure that you are properly hydrated. Drink up lots of water a few hours before you leave.

There are also certain things you should keep in mind, if you are flying and have been experiencing the symptoms of cure Aerosinusitis.

Make sure to all kinds of alcohol and alcoholic products as well as caffeinated drinks since they have been known to be triggers for headaches on-flight.

Drinking water during the flight keeps you hydrated as well as keeps your immune system working thereby reducing the chances of a headache. Chew some gum as it helps with keeping the facial muscles working thereby reducing chances of getting a headache.

If you are diving, make sure to get out for some air as much as possible as that will keep the pressures inside and outside your body balanced thereby minimizing the chances of a headache.

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