Yogurt for BV: Does It Really Help?

Updated on December 26th, 2019
yogurt for bv

Bacterial vaginosis is one such infection that almost every woman must have experienced at least once or twice in her entire life. Due to its unusual smell, itchiness, and everything else, most women do not see a doctor.  But you have to consult a doctor to get an appropriate diagnosis of your situation.

Some of the common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are extreme pain during coitus, a burning sensation while passing urine, and blood discharge. However, not all women experience these symptoms. So women who are inclined to home remedies can surely give it a go. When it comes to treating bacterial vaginosis using home remedies, out of all, yogurt for BV works wonders.

How Effective is Eating Yogurt for BV?

Benefits of yogurt

Yogurt contains natural probiotics(1). It is a safe and pocket-friendly option utilized by women around the globe to treat bacterial vaginosis. The lactobacillus that is present in the yogurt helps balance the ratio of good and bad bacteria in the vagina.

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What Kind of Yogurt to Consume for BV?

Not all types of yogurt contain probiotic. Hence it is recommended to have unflavored, plain yogurt for BV as flavored ones are processed and won’t have much impact on BV.  Otherwise, you could also try yogurt tampon for BV. Just soak your tampon in yogurt and slowly insert it into your vagina and let it sit there for a while. You can remove it in an hour. Do not go to bed with a soaked tampon in your vagina.

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What Are the Other Home Remedies to Treat BV?

 1. Probiotics

Probiotics Benefits

There are a lot of probiotic supplement options available in the market. Based on a study conducted in 2014, taking probiotics once on a daily basis can help in treating and preventing bacterial vaginosis.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Another study conducted in 2003 found that a daily intake of 1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide for 7 days could help women who are suffering from bacterial vaginosis(2).

3. Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil benefits

Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, which effectively help not only in treating bacterial vaginosis but also preventing it in the future.

When is the Right Time to See a Doctor?

Of course, the sooner, the better. However, you should consult your doctor if:

  1. You are pregnant, as bacterial vaginosis is connected to preterm delivery, low birth weight, or in case of any other maternal complications.
  2. You have an unbearable burning sensation or pain while passing urine, itchy vagina, blood discharge, or other related vaginal symptoms.
  3. They have tried home remedies for more than 10 days and see no signs of improvement.
  4. Even when they are not sure whether they have bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. If untreated or improperly treated, vaginal infections can lead to some pretty severe problems.

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What Are Things to Avoid During BV?

1. Do Not Have Unprotected Sex

If possible, sexual intercourse altogether during BV, or ensure to have protected sex. Using condoms greatly reduce further complications in BV.

2. Do Not Wear Tights

Wearing breathable clothes during BV is extremely important. Try to wear 100% cotton and breathable underwear during this period.

3. Do Not Scratch or Rub Your Vagina

Women experience a lot of itchiness and irritation during BV but try not to scratch your vagina as it could only increase the reddishness and complications.

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4. Do Not Use Perfumed Soaps to Wash Your Vagina

Perfumed or scented soaps are a strict NO. Use only those products that say “Intimate”  else, by using bathing soaps or bars in your private area, you could only complicate things.

Even though this treatment has been used by women around the world, there are not enough studies conducted on the usage of yogurt for BV, and also the results of the studies conducted are not broad enough to be ascertained. Nevertheless, using yogurt to treat bacterial vaginosis has been one of the effective home remedies.


1. How Long Does It Take for Yogurt to Cure BV?

Well, there isn’t any specific timeframe. However, you can try this remedy for 10 days. If you do not see any improvement, then immediately consult your doctor.

2. What Kind of Care Should Be Taken During Periods?

While you are on your periods, avoid inserting anything (tablets or soaked tampons) into the vagina as it could complicate things. If possible, consult your doctor for a better understanding of the situation and treatment.

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