The Best Yogurt Brands With High Nutritious Value and Delicious Taste

Updated on May 19th, 2020
yogurt brands

Many of us skip snacking on savoring foods between meals or during the day to stay fit and avoid overload of calories in the body. Most of us also kill the cravings of our taste buds. But, does it have to be that way. No! There are a lot of healthy options that you can eat anytime during the day without worrying about any negative consequences. Yogurt is one such dish that can curb hunger, satisfy taste buds, and also enrich the overall energy.

Yogurt Brands

There are many brands in the market that are famous for yogurt. But there are only a few who deliver high-quality yogurt, with a focus on quality. Below listed are a few such brands.

1. Yoplait

Tasty and healthy are two fundamental things that you can expect from the Yoplait yogurts. With a history of more than five decades, Yoplait has been continuously working in enriching the products and their quality.

Focusing on enriching the quality and delivering the best, the brand also reduced the amount of sugar. They also removed artificial sweeteners from the Yoplait Original. To match the habits and make it easy for the customers, Yoplait is delivering the top quality yogurt products which come in three types eat it, drink it, or slurp it. It also has excellent options for lactose-free products with exciting flavors of french vanilla and strawberry.

If you want to have a whip to go with the bread or just yogurt to make you feel full, Yoplait can deliver it all with all the essential nutrients.


For over 75 years, DANNON has been delivering some of the top quality yogurts. Their vast experience also made them in developing one of the healthiest and tastiest products in the market with the best cultures and probiotics.

Whole Milk Yogurt from DANNON is a non-GMO and gluten-free product that is an excellent source of calcium and other essential nutrients. They also offer plain yogurt, which is a perfect addition to dips, smoothies, and a variety of baked goods. The company also offers fruit on the bottom, low-fat, and creamy yogurt.

Most of the products from DANNON are WIC approved, which can add more trust to their nutritional value and quality.

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3. Siggi’s

Siggi’s yogurts are a perfect way to thick, creamy, and high-protein yogurt from native Iceland. The craving for such delicious and healthy yogurt is also the reason behind the founding of Siggi’s. The founder started it by making a recipe which just tastes like home.

To preserve the authenticity of taste and health benefits, the brand does not add any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, or favors. Besides, their products are made from milk collected from family farms.

Siggi’s also offers Skyr, a product which has rich in proteins and essential nutrients in comparison to other yogurts. The product is also highly delicious, with a thick and creamy flavor. The company also offers plant-based and drinkable yogurts. They also have a separate line of exciting products for kids.

4. Noosa

The brand Noosa is known for delivering some of the finest yogurts in the market. Their products are made with whole milk, and most of their products also contain one of the best wildflower honey that gives it a unique taste.

To ensure customers experience the best taste and with numerous health benefits, Noosa takes its products 36 quality assurance tests. To make every spoon count, they maintain the texture, consistency, and cultures in their yogurts.

Noosa also has a unique collection of double flavors that are just yum.

If you are confused about which brand or yogurt product you should buy, then below are some tips to consider. 

  1. Check for low-fat yogurts.
  2. Avoid yogurt products that may contain high amounts of artificial sweeteners.
  3. Proper protein content – Yogurts are a good source of lean protein. So, make sure it contains appropriate amounts of it without overloading the daily requirement.

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Yogurts are some of the best sources of healthy proteins and various nutrients that we may not get from a regular diet. Besides, it is also a perfect snack that can curb hunger and food or snack cravings at the same time.

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